Good moment to go to the Mojave

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Good moment to go to the Mojave

Post by McBuckett » Sat May 29, 2021 1:21 pm

It may be a dumb question but when would be a good moment to head towards the Mojave, as of writing I have done Fallout 3's main story, DLC's found all the locations including TTW's Columbus Circle, and collected almost all the bobbleheads. But I'm unsure what to do as I haven't spend as much time in Fallout 3's base game than New Vegas

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Re: Good moment to go to the Mojave

Post by Decker » Sun May 30, 2021 7:58 am

I usually play through the DC side of things first (including DLCs), after which I perform a voluntary 'equipment reset' of sorts by stashing some of my favorite gear loadout in the TTW Train passenger car's lockers (these are safe for long term storage of items) - Before I pull the lever on the train for the first time, I only have a reasonably covert attire with a concealable weapon or two on my character. I just feel that this works better for the story plausibility of the game. This is just my personal opinion, everyone is free to make their own story, play their own way.

As for when exactly is it a good moment to go to the Mojave; that could be starting whenever your character is at least tough enough to defeat multiple supermutants - This is necessary to get to the train. Other than this fact, it is all IMHO simply personal preference and player choice.

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Re: Good moment to go to the Mojave

Post by Laclongquan » Sun May 30, 2021 11:27 am

IN general, I go to Mojave (or Vice Versa, from Mojave back to Capital Wasteland) when I am finished with all the quests in the land. Back and forth bring a sense of disconnect because each land has its own thematic direction, its own style. Mojave is more about story, writings, quests and weak combat, while Capital Wasteland is more about combat and exploration, less about writings.

In particular, if you completed CW and go to Mojave, you would have been too strong for its combat level. EVEN IF you use the below mod.
One recommended method to go MOjave is use Benny humble you and steal your stuff mod. That would reset XP, level, levelup perks, bobblehead rewards, and take all your inventory to drop in a safe in Benny room.

YOu would have done Mojave almost fresh start other than what quest-perk you already have, like superior defender for example.

IF you go from (start in) Mojave back to Capital Wasteland, you will have to spend 1 hours to do what that mod did.

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