Project Nevada - Equipment Compatibility Patch

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Project Nevada - Equipment Compatibility Patch

Post by ashjay101 » Sun Jan 10, 2021 10:52 pm

At long last, here is a compatibility patch between Tale of Two Wastelands and Project Nevada's Equipment module. There are various issue when using these two mods together such as duplicate weapons, leveled/form list issues, and more. This mod removes the re-used fallout 3 weapons and items, merges the leveled/form lists, reverts any attempts by PN to overwrite Fallout 3 items, and makes a few other minor adjustments to ensure no issues between the two mods. Be sure to let me know if you encounter any issues and I will deal with them asap. Hope you enjoy :)

---Load Order---

For this to work correctly, your must load this AFTER Project Nevada - Equipment, which can be downloaded here:

This mod was made using FNVEdit and GECK
This compatiblity patch was made by me and did not incorporate anyone else's work outside of the two main mods, Project Nevada and TTW

Download: ... sp=sharing

Nexus Download:

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Re: Project Nevada - Equipment Compatibility Patch

Post by RoyBatty » Mon Jan 11, 2021 11:48 pm

PN is deprecrated and better mods exists for 90% of it. It is still inadvisable to use PN, use this at your own risk.

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