Operation Anchorage 2 : winter warfare

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Operation Anchorage 2 : winter warfare

Post by wasdwasd12 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:23 pm

hello hello hello everybody it is nice to be posting here today I'm hoping you were all staying safe with the coronavirus will I have an idea for a very very long time I know I did not have the skill or resources to probably make this but you know what ideas are allowed to be shared here and I like to share an idea with all of you very close and dear to my heart.

when it comes to fallout 3 I believe my favorite DLC is Operation Anchorage I know the team here has done amazing work incorporating operation Anchorage for tale of two wastelands but I always felt that that was one of the many DLC that has so much potential a fall out. Because in the world of fallout the military has a very large presence and they don't dick around when it comes to military response.

I was thinking would anyone ever like operation Anchorage to be redone. I mean we're in a very cold region with limited supplies it just seems a little bit unrealistic that we were able to kind of go through the hole simulation here especially if people pick a science build.

So I have an idea I was going to write up a story that would show it very different operation Anchorage.

okay so basically the story will go like this as soon as the lone wanderer gets to the outskirts where he is greeted by the brotherhood. The landscape will look very different it will actually look like a military base you know military cars and vehicles nearby and a lot more ghouls in the military outfit fighting the super mutants and the brotherhood. And I was also hoping that there be buildings that the lone wanderer can enter nearby that has fighting in the inside basically before they even get inside the bunker the whole area is going to be transformed like there's going to be a large amount of stuff that the lone wanderer does before even getting into the damn bunker.

This way you get more action and fighting even before you start the damn simulation.

okay so the quest will update where the lone wanderer has to help a sniper take out some of the super mutants on high so he would enter a building to the left and he will fight along a brotherhood member that recruits him and fight through super mutants as he clears out three levels of the building of super mutants.

inside the building he can find terminals and information on the simulation and how that it was going to be considered the new normal for training the military you know matrix-style movie training.

And if the lone wanderer had a lockpick of 75 there could be a lock door where he can enter and find a terminal with a password that he can retrieve that will be useful later to him in the simulation.

So yada yada yada fighting the rest of the two floors and getting to the brotherhood sniper he can pick up a rifle and he can pick off a few super mutants on rooftops that are in the nearby area. basically when he gets to the top of the building I'm not saying the roof but the third floor inside the building the brotherhood sniper he gets close to get killed and a radio near his body starts speaking and then a dialogue scene comes up and the lone wanderer explained he was taken out so the other guy on the radio ask him to start sniping.

so we go through the process of sniping and then he returns to the battle at the ground floor. I would like some of the layout to still remain the same as they fight towards the construction site but when they get to the construction site more content will be added before they can get into the bunker.

Basically the construction site won't be there but a kind of.... DC armory style building will be there and they make their way inside and they start fighting through the building while avoiding super mutants and haywire military robots.

and as they continue to fight through the lone wanderer can explore the area to find military computers with old world records of soldiers who had their experience in Anchorage log for index he can read how they all handle the war and some other miscellaneous stuff about their lives that way the lone wanderer can at least relate to the people who died in combat.

(it's just there's not really any lore when it comes to operation Anchorage you know I mean there's not even more about the simulation and its creation like how is this made like why is there only one pod like you know just a lot of stuff that just made all appear kind of rushed and too easy you know)

Okay so basically the building will have to basement style levels. The first level will be the level I described with the haywire robots in the super mutants in the terminal entries and offices. the quest will update where the lone wanderer has to find a key card that they can use to access the restricted area of the bunker to get to do the simulation.

The second level once they reach their we'll have like some kind of Vault but it won't have a number on it.

once they enter then we'll have the area that looks like the bunker we won't need to really change anything because then he'll kind of makes sense that this area is kind of like a bunker in a vault because it just seemed kind of unrealistic that a construction site would just have a simple elevator that wasn't even fully finished that led into the bunker you know.

here in the bunker I was hoping that some of the areas could be updated more to have more terminals and have more living spaces cuz it's with a goddamn military bunker has to be computers or has to be places to sleep or has to be a training area there has to just make it look like it was livable and since has a bunker there should be evidence that there should really be not loud be a lot of damage you know unless it's like when a vault react your fucking goes you know nuclear then I can expect some damage. But it just also seems like there's no evidence that there were any fighting inside the bunker so how could it be damaged on the inside.

well as I was saying you know do you know the area from fallout 3 Vault tec headquarters where they kind of have that setting inside the building where you find access to all the bolts in the vault computer I was thinking like we have something like that added to the area of the bunker because it was in kind of show that the bunker has that amazing computing power to have a simulation big like the matrix because there's no evidence to show that a little computers and they are big enough to have that powerful kind of simulation.

but the layout of the bunker won't be changed too much from the original variant I was just thinking some more stuff added to give the bunker more life to the show that this was a high-tech military bunker.

(okay this was a lot of typing on my part so I will add part 2 of operation Anchorage not too much will be changed once you get into the simulation just more content added basically to make it feel like you know not just basically two men could take on the entire Chinese army especially the part where you start out it just seems a little bit on a fucking realistic. but hey I know that some of my grammar maybe a little bit all I just really kind of got into the typing mood.

Let me know what you think of this idea now I'm not askin nobody to make this is just simply a idea I wanted to share with all of you again this idea I don't expect anyone to make I don't expect anyone to work on it for me I just had an idea I really really wanted to share with all of you and get your opinion on the matter. I will type up the other part of it later)

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