Suggested Bug Fixes for inclusion ...

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Suggested Bug Fixes for inclusion ...

Post by Corbin » Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:40 pm

I have two sets of scripting bug fixes that I would like to contribute to TTW if allowed.

The first is for the Ghouls in DLC03 / DLC04.
-- Fixes the 'hyperactive' ghoul reaver in DLC03 / DLC04
-- Fixes the shaders not playing on load / reload of a SaveGame.
-- Fixes the GlowingOne's Rad Aura to work without a script attachment. No modifying scripts already attached from Bethesda required.
-- Also fixes the DLC05 shield shader problem. The shield flare effect now shuts down properly / no graphic distortion.

The second set is for the plants of harvestable type.
-- Gets rid of the 'game mode kludge' in the scripts.

Both zip files are 2K each ( contains ansi text files ).

If allowed, how would I go about getting them to you for evaluation?

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