.308 Assault Rifle Mod

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.308 Assault Rifle Mod

Post by cabark03 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:50 am


I’m a big fan of CETME/HK91 rifles and wanted to change the caliber used by the assault rifle to .308. I changed the weapon states and “withassaultrifleNPC/supermutants/etc, so those combatants now carry .308 instead of 556. I upped the damage from 18 to 40 but might tweak down a little. I replaced .308 JSP with .308 Match with spread reduction and the right abbreviation to boot.

Where I’m struggling is understanding how to change loot containers to show 308 more commonly even early on in the game.

So I think I would like to make vendors sale more at lower level, not an obscene amount just more like 40-50 rounds.

I would also like to make the loose 5.56 magazines at the Supermart (On counter) and at Springvale School (in ant cave) change to .308 as well. I imagine other NV 556 rifles will eventually be encountered so I don’t want to reduce 556 funds that much. I just want a better supply of 308 early and maybe even make large rifle primers available at Moira’s or something.

I’m new to nodding and am using FNVEdit. I just copied override the weapon and level lists to a new esp I created to leave the original files intact.

Any advice in where to look and what changes to make would be much appreciated. also if you think I’ve overlooked anything that might cause I problem please let me know.


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