Help with mod, No Pip-Boy in Power Armor

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Help with mod, No Pip-Boy in Power Armor

Post by W0lfwang » Fri May 17, 2019 3:59 am

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask for some help to upgrade my mod No Pip-Boy in Power Armor ( ... ption&BH=3 ). I know here are some of the best moders out there and I'm seeking advice and help, I have tree questions:

-Is there any way to equip an armor or remove it without the item making any noice?
Solid project equip weapons without triggering the weapon sound, so I think it's possible but I do not know how.

-Is there any way for a script to recognize the color of the HUD selected? I love to match the color of my West-Tek holographic control panel with the player selected HUD but I do not wish to create 4 different versions of my mod, I want my mod to adjust to the in game change, Is this possible? Maybe check the game setting ini or something like that?

-Can anyone help me creating a custom animation like the one NoPipBoy remover haves? I want to change the animation so it only shows the pip-boy raised skipping the animation entirely and only showing the final position of the Pip-Boy, I will do it myself but my computer cannot handle blender.

That's it, if anyone can be kind enough to help me I will appreciate and, of course, credit the person in my mod, thaks everyone!

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