Development Log - Post 3.2 release

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Development Log - Post 3.2 release

Post by RoyBatty » Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:09 pm

There is new developers log detailing bug fixes and other changes post release of 3.2

Patch 3.2.1
Fixed 204 statics around the wasteland
Added Start Menu so you can select DC or NV start (Thanks HcG xGrill!)
Fixed inverted sex checks in Knight Captain Dusk greetings (Thanks sandbox6!)
Fixed the switch in the pitt to be enabled if you talk Wernher down
Fixed limbs and health to be restored after leaving the Anchorage Simulation
Fixed Broken Steel missing voices (installer oof)
Fixed Missing subtitles for Maggie in Megaton when asking about who takes care of her
Fixed Missing voice line for Doc Mitchell when returning your stuff
Fixed Initiate Pek not following the player after rescuing him
Fixed Microwave Emitter using the wrong ammo type
Fixed Poisons added by TTW not applying to melee weapons
Fixed Doctors in DC to not use duplicated topic lines for "I think I'll tough it out"
Fixed Ghoul variant clothing specular/alpha issues
Fixed Cake disappearing when it's cut (we hope)
Fixed Missing loading screens in Anchorage Simulation
Fixed Ticket Terminal in DC Train Station to give the correct ticket
Changed Ticket Terminal Hacking option to give complementary tickets after passing it
Fixed the Overseer returning to the party after exiting it and going up the stairs and through the door
Fixed Havok material in meshes\clutter\junk\sscratetall.nif (thanks Hermit!)
Fixed Havok material in meshes\clutter\junk\sscratetallstatic.nif (thanks Hermit!)
Fixed Doctors not healing if your health was 100% and limbs were crippled
Fixed Happy Trails radio not being turned back on when going to Vegas before Honest Hearts is completed
Fixed Locked Terminal crashing (thanks jazzisparis!)
Fixed a3-21's plasma rifle missing sounds
Fixed Major Knight's repair dialogue with Confirmed Bachelor, really! (thanks sandbox6!)
Fixed Seagrave Holmes' rivet city supply hello when not in the RCHangar
Fixed Brock's Muddy Rudder hello's when not in RCDeckLower
Gave Seagrave Holmes a copy of Vera Weatherly's key so he doesn't get stuck in her room
Fixed Aqua Cura to heal over time in hardcore
Fixed Irradiated water to have food sanitizer effect
Fixed Dirty water to have food sanitizer effect
Fixed Anchorage simulation enemies so they can't be cannibalized
Fixed Cannibal perk to reward -100 karma for cannibalizing a corpse
Fixed Talon random encounter hitmen mismatched head/body (thanks Qwinn123!)
Fixed bug with power armor training topics in the Citadel
Created textures\dlc05\effects\dlc05smokelinesdarkrpt01
Fixed Alien body part data
Fixed Alien dismemberment pieces
Fixed Alien impact decal set
Fixed rehire responses for karma checking companions when having the charisma Bobblehead
Made Cass ignore her karma checks if you have the charisma Bobblehead
Fixed meshes\dlc05\clutter\robotpod\dlc05robotpod.nif mesh issues causing memory corruption
Created textures\dlc05\effects\ (thanks WeiJieSen!)
Fixed file path of AliensRobotDeactivate idle to DLC05\Creatures\MaintenanceRobot\IdleAnims\SpecialIdle_DeactivateLoop.kf
Fixed quest items from Tranquility Lane not being removed
Fixed open and close sounds in DLC05MZDoorBig01CoreScene
Fixed DLC05LvlRobotMeleePod to point to the Enc list instead of another Lvl list
Fixed TTWZetaRobotsActivatorScript05 which was causing a bug with the Robot Assembly Area in Mothership Zeta (oof)
Fixed Zeta Combat Droid skeleton (thanks Jamilla!)
Fixed Zeta Maintenance Droid skeleton (thanks Jamilla!)
Fixed meshes\dlc05\creatures\maintenancerobot\h2hholster.kf (thanks Jamilla!)
Fixed meshes\dlc05\creatures\combatdroid\1hpholster.kf (thanks Jamilla!)
Fixed Sunny Smiles giving wrong ammo in a couple dialogue lines
Fixed missing Zeta silent radio voices
Fixed AMBRCaveCrumbleNear01 audio path
Fixed AMBRCaveCrumbleNear02 audio path
Fixed ProjectileGauss flags
Fixed Molotov Script to not create an infinite loop
Fixed NukaCocktailScript to not create an infinite loop
Fixed TTWGaussImpactFunctionScript to only place the explosion effect on actors
Aquired missing texture textures\effects\ (thanks WeiJieSen!)
Created TTWColumbusCircleZone encounter zone
Added TTWColumbusCircleZone encounter zone to Columbus Circle and Columbus Station worldspaces
Fixed Over Compensation perk to subtract 1 instead of add 1
Fixed MS17 (Violin) radio dialogue from three dog to check the "bad" condition correctly
Fixed Man-Machine interface challenge form list
Fixed havok material in meshes\clutter\junk\nv\ductape.nif
Fixed havok material in meshes\clutter\junk\nv\scrapelectronics.nif
Fixed havok material in meshes\clutter\junk\nv\sporepod.nif
Fixed havok material in meshes\clutter\junk\eggtimer.nif
Fixed havok material in meshes\clutter\junk\laundrydetergent01.nif
Fixed havok material and shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\knife01.nif
Fixed shader flags and split properties in meshes\clutter\junk\nvcandlestick.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\bigpot01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\bigspoon01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\bucket02.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\camera01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\coffeepot01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\cookingpan01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\cuttingboard01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\dinnerplate01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\drinkingglass01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\firehosereel01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\fork01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\ivstandempty.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\metalpot.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\microscope01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\milkbottle01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\nvatomiccocktail.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\opthamoscope01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\ovenlamp.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\pressurecooker01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\roadblock01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\shotglass01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\spatula01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\ssbottle01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\ssbottle02.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\ssbottle03.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\ssbottlecap.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\ssbottlecap02.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\sslamp01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\sslamp02.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\junk\surgicaltubing.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\museum\emptyframe01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\museum\tornpaintinglg01.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\museum\tornpaintinglg02.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\museum\tornpaintinglg03.nif
Fixed shader flags in meshes\clutter\questitems\informationkiosk.nif
Fixed Behemoth kill challenge to not award "That lucky old sun" achievement
Fixed bug in train trip not updating worldspace correctly
Fixed bug in worldspace detection
Fixed bug in Grunt perk list that accidentally put Stab Happy in it instead of Syndey's 10mm Ultra SMG
Fixed vertex colors in meshes\dungeons\wastelandhomes\wastermstairsdoorway02.nif
Updated VendorMerchantContainerScript to remove New Vegas ammo from vendors' local containers on their death
Fixed Composite Recon armor to have less durability, DT, and weight
Fixed EnchReconArmor to have correct effect name, now Recon Armor instead of Initiate Armor
Fixed Commando Armor to be set as light and use the correct audio template
Fixed Defender Armor to be set as light and use the correct audio template
Fixed Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor to be set as light
Fixed Road Rascal Leather Armor to be set as light and use the correct audio template
Fixed Sharp-Dressed Raider's Armor to be set as light and use the correct audio template
Removed Commando Armor from NVTravelLightBadArmorList
Removed Defender Armor from NVTravelLightBadArmorList
Fixed Oasis Exile Hood to have 1 DT
Added VATS attack to Spanner
Added Power Attack animation to Spanner
Placed a few Vault 87 suits
Placed a few Vault 92 suits
Placed Cursebreaker in Andale Smith's Basement
Placed Spanner in Zeta Research Lab
Placed Shock Hammer in Old Olney Powerworks
Fixed Paladin Hoss and the Brotherhood Paladin from teleporting to the player, really, honest!
Robo-Thor armor dead NPC placed on a cliff directly south of Dunwich near the region border
Removed Kamikaze perk fix from TTW (and YUPTTW) because it doesn't work
Fixed bizarre crash with the Sink CIU dialogue
Restored zeta holotape 17 dialogue (Thanks Dracomies, Hermit and CireVA!)
Fixed shader flags, node order and removed unused strings in meshes\armor\combatarmor\m\mark2combat.nif (oops!)
Removed Right Glove/Left Glove flags from NV Space Suit (thanks miguick!)
Added Alloy Steel Combat Shotgun to Shotguns Form List and Grunt Form List
Corrected .32 Match to display .32 M like the other Match ammo
Fixed bug in Regulator challenge
Fixed Free Labor to not award "In a Foreign Land" achievement
Fixed The Replicated man to not award "Artful Pocketer" achievement
Fixed Following in His Footstep to not award "Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal" achievement
Fixed Wasteland Survival Guide to not award "Lead Dealer" achievement
Fixed The Power of the Atom to not award "Old-Tyme Brawler" achievement
Fixed Unsafe Working Conditions to not award "May my Hand Forget its Skill" achievement
Fixed Zeta Workbench script to not award "Eureka! achievement just in case a mod uses it
Readded meshes\clutter\reloadingbench\reloadingbench.nif which mysteriously was left out
Removed New Vegas Hunting Rifle mods from DC vendor lists
Removed New Vegas .44 Revolver mods from DC vendor lists
Fixed hit reaction dialogue of all actors
Fixed player hit reaction dialogue better
Fixed Mesmetron attack animation
Fixed Microwave Emitter attack animation
Nerfed Agility Bobblehead to only give 5% faster speed
Fixed Taste of Life Challenge
Fixed Taste of Death Challenge
Fixed bug with Deputy Weld speech not resetting
Fixed Set Lasers for Fun perk challenge rewards
Fixed Goalie Ledoux dialogue package
Fixed Bryan Wilks (Those!) dad discovery to use a global so it doesn't get reset if you find Fred before talking to him (not retroactive)
Fixed elevator panel to play the sound in the Washington Monument
Fixed Still repair dialogue with Margeruite not being offered (not retroactive)
Fixed "I hope you can find my Nadine" greeting for Catherine
Fixed "Hello, traveler!" greeting for Tobar
Fixed Bottlecap mine crafting skill to "none"
Fixed skill requirements for added poisons
Fixed SEC to MPC crafting skill to "none"
Fixed LOD
Fixed some challenge description typos and omissions
Fixed textures\clutter\projector\ (thanks kingtobbe!)

Thank you to, Hitman, Farlarzia and jason213 for the many bug reports
Thank you to PHANTASM for the wonderful pre-menu loading screens
Patch 3.2.2
Fixed 198 statics around the wasteland
Fixed all doctors in DC to work correctly (thanks for testing and bug report lilmoefow!)
Removed modulates voice flag from Scorched Sierra power armor
Fixed Toughness perk load screen descriptions
Fixed Life Giver load screen descriptions
Removed weight from Alien Biogel
Removed weight from Adapted Alien Biogel
Changed Simulation Chinese Stealh Armor back to DR for balance reasons
Refixed object palette and texture paths in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\fireworks\nvdlc01fwevent.nif
Refixed object palette and texture paths in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\fireworks\nvdlc01fweventloop.nif
Fixed object palette in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\fogwall\nvdlc01fogwall01.nif
Fixed object palette in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\fogwallfx01.nif
Fixed object palette and alpha property in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\groundfog01.nif
Fixed object palette in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\groundfog01corner.nif
Fixed object palette in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\groundfog01tip.nif
Fixed object palette in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\groundfog02cornertohalfviz.nif
Fixed object palette in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\groundfog02tohalfviz.nif
Fixed object palette in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\groundfog03cornerhalfviz.nif
Fixed object palette in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\groundfog03halfviz.nif
Fixed object palette in meshes\nvdlc01\effects\groundfog03tiphalfviz.nif
Fixed slave Carter to be lootable on death
Fixed slave Frank to be lootable on death
Added BrotherhoodFactionOutfitWarningScript to Elder Lyon's Robe
Removed duplicate entry from FactionGearNVBrotherhood
Changed Metal Cooking Pot misc items in Tranquility Lane into moveable static versions
Fixed children of atom to use correct dialogue
Fixed looping dialogue bug with Moira after blowing up Megaton that was introduced by fixing The Power of the Atom achievement bug
Fixed LootGardenHose5 spawn chance
Fixed LootCoolantComponent spawn chance
Fixed LootAmmoLiquidNitrogen counts
Fixed mirelurk meat starvation restoration to only work in hardcore
Fixed New Vegas start bug where the train won't work
Fixed radios in New Vegas not playing when starting in vegas
Fixed Cindy Cantelli to be neutral karma
Fixed Dad to have a custom .32 pistol with infinite ammo because of some engine issue where he would run out, even though an NPC
Reverted Very Hard XP gain to New Vegas
Created Fallout 3 Very Hard XP Gain temporary optional (this change was not intentional and was accidentally left in)
Refixed meshes\armor\wastelandsettler02\m\outfit.nif so it was weight painted correctly and other issues fixed (thanks Jamilla!)
Fixed Tranquility Lane quest items to be removed when returning to Vault 112 (Really!)
Fixed Tinker Joe's "RL-3 doesn't seem to like you." response if you karma is too high or low.
Fixed Tinker Joe's buying RL-3 dialogue if the player has the charisma bobblehead and evil karma
Fixed some more doctor's dialogue conditions for having 100% health but damaged limbs
Fixed workbenches in Zeta to be dual with both craftng and ammo benches
Fixed liquid nitrogen weight
Fixed liquid nitrogen consumed percentage, now returns drained containers that can be recycled
Fixed New Vegas start to start Following in His Footsteps quest
Fixed Bannon's potmac attire hello to only work in the market
Fixed Defender Morgan to only call Casdin once
Fixed Bomb Collar random encounter faction to not track crime and be hidden from the player
Removed Bomb Collar random encounter Wastelander from CanBeMezzed faction
Overwrote sound in NVceilingFan with a silent one
Fixed Regulator spawn levels
Fixed Talon spawn levels
Fixed Outcast spawn levels
Adjusted 5.56 AP ammo spawn rates in DC vendors
Adjusted 5.56 HP ammo spawn rates in DC vendors
Adjusted Liquid Nitrogen spawn rates in lootable containers
Added LiquidNitrogenScrounger leveled list
Adjusted .32+P ammo spawn rates in DC vendors
Added Efficient Recycler recipe for Liquid Nitrogen
Gave wasteland Chinese General Hat 3 DT like the sim version
Fixed Daddy's Girl and Daddy's Boy loading screeen perk descriptions to match changes
Fixed Reilly's Rangers to not become hostile to the player if they die and the player is not the killer
Fixed Energy Weapon bobblehead perk to run on the weapon instead of the player
Fixed trespassing issues in Regulator HQ and Littlehorn and Associates
Fixed Glowing Mushroom activation prompts
Fixed hot plate orientation in Megaton home
Removed random encounter wastelander respawn flag
Removed extra clothing from Timebomb's inventory
Changed Desert Survivalist challenge to Wasteland Survivalist
Fixed Extra Corpse notes extra inserted lines
Fixed some grammar errors in a couple Extra Corpse notes
Fixed Tenpenny Suite vault theme locker to be static (remove your items first!)
Removed walls that blocked off storage area in Tenpenny Suite
Changed Grim Reapers Sprint to two ranks, rank 1 is 20 AP restore like NV, rank 2 is all AP restore like F3
Adjusted 5mm ammo spawn rates in DC vendors
Really disabled McMurphy and Jessup in Goodsprings Cemetary (Really!)
Fixed Dine and Dash to reward -100 Karma
Fixed Ghastly Scavenger to reward -100 Karma
Added landscape lod to DC downtown worldspaces which had none
Removed AI Packages from many dead creatures (thanks miguick!)
Removed some dead flags from a few creatures that weren't dead (thanks miguick!)
Fixed Lucky 38 NV Companion firing packages
Fixed Cannibal perks to not restore hunger when not in hardcore (thanks miguick!)
Fixed some incorrect and missing equip sounds (thanks sandbox!)
Removed AI Packages from many dead Actors in Fallout 3 and DLC
Fixed some incorrect Actor flags
Removed extraneous super mutant nifs in nifz lists of Fallout3.esm (Fallout3.esm should be vanilla again)
Added lights to fires in Grayditch
Added lights to fires around The Citadel if it's nuked
Fixed Harold to not have voice modulation (thanks jazzisparis!)
Fixed pipboy light to be turned off when taking the train the first time (thanks jazzisparis!)
Fixed New Vegas talking activators to have the no voice filter flag because all dialogue is pre-modulated
Patch 3.2.3
Fixed Abraham Washington's "Welcome to the Capital Preservation Society" greeting (thanks tgspy!)

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