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Version 2.9.4b

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Alpha Download v2.9.4b
Manual Installation
Load Order
Change Log
Hotfixes <- You need these

The Team has Completely rebuilt TTW from the ground up. We have an all new one step installer and the download has been greatly reduced in size.

By downloading and running this installer you agree that you understand the following:

This is an ALPHA, we have done out best to fix most major bugs before opening it to the public, but there will still be bugs, and some may be game breaking.
EVERYTHING is subject to change. This may on occasion require you to start a whole new game. We will do our best to keep forced restarts to a minimum, but it may happen.
Use of mods, especially in large numbers, can lead to unforeseen problems. We suggest you keep your load order short until we declare the alpha phase over. During beta phase, we will start focusing on mod compatibility and troubleshooting. If you choose to run TTW with large amounts of mods, be warned that the development team will probably not have the time to help you resolve your issues.
This version requires all Fallout 3 downloadable content and all Fallout New Vegas downloadable content: The Pitt, Operation Anchorage, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, Mothership Zeta, Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runners Arsenal. The easiest way to acquire all DLC content is to purchase Fallout 3 Game Of The Year Edition and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition.

Courier's Stash (Courier's stash includes all pre-order packs: Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack, Tribal Pack) is now optional.

TTW no longer alters any of Fallout New Vegas's original .esm's or .bsa's so at any point you can turn off TTW just like any other mod and, go back to vanilla FNV. From a modder's perspective this is a good thing because you can use the GECK to mod vanilla FNV as you could before you installed TTW.

Legal, English versions of all Fallout 3 patched to 1.7 with all DLC content (or Fallout 3 Game Of The Year Edition) installed on your computer. Pirated games WILL NOT WORK with TTW. Yes, really.

Legal, English versions of Fallout New Vegas patched to 1.4 with all DLC content (or Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition) installed on your computer. Pirated games WILL NOT WORK with TTW. Yes, really.

You MUST NOT be using any of the following mods:
Mission Mojave Ultimate Edition (MMUE)
New Vegas Error Corrections (NVEC)
Better Game Performance (BGP)
At the moment the above mods are completely incompatible with TTW, as they delete/disable content from the game that TTW needs.

The installer requires the latest version of .NET Framework (4.5 for Windows 7 and up, 4.0 for Windows XP)

To find out which version of Windows you are using, open the Start menu, right-click on "Computer" and select "Properties". In the center, look for "System Type".

Make sure you have none of your Fallout 3 files set to “read only” in their properties.
About 40GB of free space to allow the installer to run. Give or take.

If you still get an error while running the installer, you should search our site for the error message.

The optional file TTWOptions (which contain some settings that affect Super Mutant toughness, xp rebalance, etc) requires the use of a mod called The Mod Configuration Menu.

Upgrading Instructions
If you are upgrading from an older version of TTW , you need to:

If your last install was with a mod manager, use the mod manager to uninstall the old version of TTW.
If you installed manually, and as a double-check, go to your \Fallout New Vegas\data\ folder and move the following files out of the folder (don't fully delete them until you're sure the new version of TTW is working):
All "Fallout3" .bsa files
All "TaleOfTwoWastelands" .bsa files
All "TTW" .esp files that came with the installer
Run the installer as described in the next section of this page
Tell the new TTW installer to install to a new, empty folder
DO NOT tell the installer to install directly to your FNV directory
DO NOT tell the installer to install to a folder where you previously installed TTW
When you are installing the FOMOD, make sure to OVERWRITE ANY OLD FILES
If you have upgraded from TTW version 2.0a or later, you do not need to make a new character.

Installation Instructions
Launch the installer .exe file by right-clicking on it and choosing "Run as Administrator". THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.

When the installer loads, make sure it has found the correct location of both your Fallout 3 and, Fallout New Vegas Installs. If not use the browse button to navigate to the correct game directories.

In the install location field, use the browse button to navigate to your preferred TTW installation directory. DO NOT INSTALL DIRECTLY TO YOUR FNV DIRECTORY.

Click Install.

Watch the log and the progress bars to see how things are going.

The installer can take between 10 to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your computer. Primarily, it is based on your hard drive speed. For example, users with solid state drives, fast processors, and lots of ram will have about 10 minute install times.

When the installer finishes it will ask if you would like it to make a FOMOD; TTW is much easier to install with a mod manager - see below for recommendations. If you would rather do a manual install (not recommended) see the instructions in the next section.


- RECOMMENDED: Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) can handle the install perfectly, even on lower-end systems. If you have issues and are sure you are on FOMM you can swap out the exe with this LAA patch.

- Works, with caveats: Mod Organizer works fine with TTW, though you'll have some learning to do to get the hang of it if you don't already use it. Use UIO for your HUD mods.

- NOT recommended: Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) does not handle large mods well, and tends to generate errors and crashes when installing TTW, even on very high-end computers.

- NOT recommended: Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) 0.13.21 is no longer supported for use with TTW due to FOMM being actively developed again. Seriously, just upgrade.

Make sure your mod manager is closed. Navigate to the TTW install directory and move the FOMODs (TaleOfTwoWastelands_Main.fomod, TaleOfTwoWastelands_Options.fomod) to your FOMM FNV mods folder (C:\Games\FalloutNV\mods by default)

Open FOMM and click on the "Package Manager" button. A new window should open and you should see two new FOMODs (Tale of Two Wastelands - Main files, Tale of Two Wastelands - Optional Files). Install Main Files first and the Optional Files afterward.
NOTE: FOMM will become "(Not Responding)" and freeze for a while when installing the main TTW fomod, that is because the size of the fomod file is huge and FOMM needs to unpack and move several GB of data, this takes time. Do not close FOMM until it finished and loses the (Not Responding) status.
You're done! If this is your first time playing TTW, start a new game, otherwise load an existing save and enjoy A Tale of Two Wastelands. Additionally, you may want to download other TTW-compatible mods that are listed in the TTW Mod Releases Forum or the TTW Mod Conversions Forum. You may also want to read the FAQ.

Manual Installation (not recommended)
If, for some reason, you can not install the TTW .fomods with a mod manager, as described in the previous section, then you will need to copy the files manually.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND MANUAL INSTALLATION because it makes TTW difficult to remove from your game directory if you want to uninstall or upgrade TTW later.

That said, manual installation may be required on some older systems with 32-bit operating systems and low amounts of RAM, simply because mod managers just don't work well on these older systems. So here are the steps:

Step 1
Copy everything that is generated by the TTW installer (except the .fomods obviously) to your \Fallout New Vegas\Data\ folder.

Prepare to copy the files and folders in such a way so that the .esm, .esp, and .bsa files generated by the TTW installer end up in the \Data\ folder, and keep the subfolders (\music\, etc.) the same too.
Copy EVERYTHING except the "fomod" folder from the "Main Files" folder into your NV data folder
Within the "Optional Files" folder, there are various sub folders.
Each subfolder represents a separate add on.
Inside these subfolders is a "Description.txt" that explains what that mod does.
If you decide you want a mod, copy all files and folders (Except "Description.txt" "FileList.txt" and "Image.bmp" these are used solely for the fomod) into your FNV \Data\ folder.
Step 2
You need to make an edit to your .INI files so that you start the game properly. This is normally done by the .fomod when it is installed but sometimes for some reason a manual edit is necessary:

The files you're looking for are C:\Users\YourName\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\Fallout.ini and C:\Users\YourName\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\FalloutPrefs.ini
You may also want to make the changes in FalloutDefault.ini in the game folder as well, if you use the normal game launcher for some reason. Using that launcher overwrites Fallout.ini with the values in FalloutDefault.ini every time it's run.
Make these changes:
SCharGenQuest = 001FFFF8
sIntroMovie = (yes this one is blank on purpose, it needs to be blank)
bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles = 1
Mod Organizer: If you're using MO and want to add the .ini edits, open the ini editor inside Mod Organizer.

Step 3
Set your load order with a mod manager. Your load order MUST BE:


The Courier's Stash packs are optional.


everything else

Change Log

Hide Click to expand the full change log
v1.1a (public release)

Placed repair kits in DC
Placed NV chmes in DC
Made diggable graves in DC require a shovel
Created TTW specific load screens
Updated main screen to show "Tale of Two Wastelands"
Updated Deathclaw assets with appropriate NV assets
Fixed the River City bridge not extending when approaching with dad
Made Eulogy Jones' door a little easier to click on (only handle was available)
Made DC fungi harvestable
Fixed first-person textures on DC weapons
Fixed iron sights on appropriate DLC weapons
Created unique reinforced and reinforced mk2 Talon Company armors
Made DC Super Mutants properly yellow
Tweaked and updated most leveled lists and merchants (should be done)
v1.2a (public release)

Fixed some errors with companions and weapon confiscation in the fort and on the strip
Included a new readius compatibility file which SHOULD help fix some of the problems associated with using the readius
Fixed being unable to buy tickets in the Mojave
Updated the travel script a bit
v1.3a (public release)

Fixed an installer bug that would occur if the registry points to the wrong location
Made the installer not feel the need to copy over the DLC .bsa files every time the installer runs
Fixed missing dialog and made sure robots use the appropriate voices depending on wasteland
Updated the train station script and created a helper quest that can be used for alternate travel methods (to ensure that cross-wasteland variables, radio stations and the like are properly set)
Certain Boomers no longer use Three Dogs Sunglasses
You can now pick the glowing green mushrooms in DC for a new harvestable "Glowing Mushroom"
Implemented a new poison and food recipe which require "Glowing Mushroom"
Placed a ticket to New Vegas hidden in Union Station, if you can find it (not hard) your first trip to Vegas is free and comes with a complimentary bullet to the head!
Fixed raiders using bumper swords (and looking like morons...)
DC Super Mutants also no longer use bumper swords (Because of the inappropriate license plate)
v1.31a (hotfix)

Fixed a bug that would occur if your TTW directory is the same as your FNV directory
v1.4a (public release)

Fixed some enclave not using the proper armor leveled list
Fixed some Broken Steel perks being duplicates of FNV perks
Enclave no longer has a chance to carry LAERs due to balance issues
Fixed some problems with Paradise Falls door scripts not working
Fixed Girdershade crashes
Fixed Tree LOD in the D.C. wasteland
Overhauled form lists so that perks and challenges work with cross-wasteland and cross-DLC content. For example, the simulation weapons in Anchorage will now benefit from the grunt perk.
v1.41a (public release)

Added an XP reduction plugin to the download list. It increases XP required to go from 1 to 50 by 100%
v2.1a (public release)

Full system overhaul for more efficiency REQUIRES A NEW GAME
Better mod compatibility (requires a bit more effort to convert FO3 mods, but they ultimately work better)
Cleaned up some remaining references to .32 and generic shotgun shells
Downgraded Combat Shotgun to 20ga, 75 skill
Fixed Pitt armor being marked as heavy rather than light like all other raider armors
Fixed ordinance and bombshell armor giving big guns skill
Made Almost Perfect use 'SetAV' instead of 'ModAV' so that 'GetPermAV' returns the proper value (Almost Perfect will now allow more implants)
Cleaned up some weapons still using big guns
Fixed some ingestibles being labeled as big guns
The New Vegas space suit and helmet may be used in place of the astronaut suit in Mothership Zeta (needs testing)
Hematophage allows hunger and dehydration restoration from blood packs
Removed the "Recover" flag on the Rebound effect, should make rebound actually regenerate AP
Added some new recipes
Samurai Helmet now gives DT instead of DR
Mechanist costume is now heavy instead of light
Pulse weapons now properly effect ALL power armor
Rock-It-Launcher no longer is labeled as using 5mm ammo and no longer causes Fallout to crash and burn
Fixed a bug where the tier 3 nuka-grenade recipe was unlocked while having only 2 schematics
Mothership Zeta now properly unequips ALL weapons, to prevent animation errors when being abducted
The installer now saves an install log txt file to the TTW install directory for troubleshooting purposes
Fixed dialog related crash with Eden, Fawkes, Gallows and probably others
Tesla Cannon now bounces and insta-kills Vertibirds, the bounce may be removed...
You are fully healed on your first trip to New Vegas
The Wasteland Survival Guide perk reward now gives a boost to Survival
Unique weapons and armor can no longer be used to repair their non-unique counterparts
Lyons' Pride Power Armor acts as a disguise for BoS (both west and east coast)
The Size Matters perk now gives a 10% boost to accuracy and damage when using heavy weapons
The Ghoul Ecology perk now properly affects ONLY ghouls
Sarah Lyons now gives you Lyons' Pride power armor when starting Take It Back!
Aqua Pura now properly restores dehydration and should scale with survival skill
The installer now outputs an install log
The installer no longer requires you to press enter when extracting BSAs
v2.2a (public release)

Installer overhaul, should have better XP compatibility now
More concise and clear install status message
Now writes the TTW install log to: Documents/My Games/TaleOfTwoWastelands
Fixed a navmesh issue outside Rivet City Market
Fixed some broken ONAMs in .esm files
Updated master list in optional files
Fixed Rock-it-Launcher again (though I'm sure it'll just break again...)
v2.4 (public release) changelog includes all of the following:

2.3a (development snapshot)

Fixed some remaining items that have DR and shouldn't
Rewrote entire installer in C#
Transitioned to FOMOD format
Fixed a bug where robots weren't working properly
Properly injected Tri-Beam Laser Rifle, Tesla Cannon and Heavy Incinerator from BrokenSteel into FalloutNV
Began to implement NVSE enhancements, NVSE is not required, but TTW will benefit from its installation
(NVSE) Implemented a method of determining which worldspace the player is in, for modders
Rebalanced Power Armor a bit
Implemented an east coast exclusive APA1 allowing remnants armor to remain unique.
Fixed Nukalurk Sushi not showing up
Removed hardcore modifications for Anchorage, needs no longer decay while in simulation
Fixed missing Broken Steel voices
Fixed bug where you could not leave Anchorage
Fixed Vault 112 Robobrain having the wrong voice
Fixed strange looking letter statics in DC
Fixed DC random encounters showing up in NV
Fixed StashPackOptions not showing the Stash Pack selection menu
Fixed a statue missing a mesh in DC (link) (link)
Hellfire troopers should now only carry Hellfire Armor, and nobody else should anymore
Wasteland Survival Guide retextured to "Scout Handbook" to help fix continuity errors
Fixed NPCs getting stuck outside Rivet City Market
Fixed Lever action rifle and Lincolns Repeater not being in Cowboy / Old Vaquero lists
Fixed unable to see world map from citadel
Fixed Zeta crashes when removing equipped items on abduction
2.31a (development snapshot)

Fixed Scavengers have no intro dialogue
Fixed Drone Cannon has no skill or Strength requirement
Drone cannon is now an energy weapon
Fixed outcasts being marked as evil
Sydney no longer follows you after completing the quest (needs testing)
Cyborg perk now gives 5 DT, 10 Rad and Poison resist, and 5 E Weapons, still OP
Fixed Boone making location based comments in DC
Fixed Zeta crushers giving massive amounts of XP
Fixed dogmeat talking to you sometimes...
Fixed installer not moving Fallout3 Sounds and Video
Fixed installer not building FOMOD
Fixed FOMOD not installing optional files
Fixed FOMOD not arranging load order
2.32a (development snapshot)

Minor rewrite to boost efficiency a tad
Told 7Zip not to compress FOMOD (the bsas are already compressed, it was a waste of time)
Fixed issue when copying over Video and Music from FO3
2.33a (development snapshot)

Code thrashing trying to figure out install issues
Added a second FOMOD containing optional files
2.40a (development snapshot)

Added some error handling when copying files
Fixed the FOMOD sometimes skipping certain files
2.41a (public release)

Created a new train station for DC with its own quest, 3D models, etc. (this was a BIG project involving many people)
Fixed the optional files being empty (for some reason they were all the right size, but all 0's instead of actual code)
Fixed the use of TTW added uniques (Mr. Burkes 10mm, Competition Revolver)
Enclave Soldiers no longer use recharger weapons (felt out of place)
Fixed some conflicts in MoreCookingItems and OutcastTrading
Fixed Hellfire being heavy instead of light like other power helmets
Fixed door in FranklinMetro02
Added audio markers to FO3 DLC
Yao Guai hunter is no longer location specific (link)
Fixed hellfire armor never spawning
Hellfire troopers now always spawn with a heavy incinerator and hellfire armor (link)
Restored vanilla FO3 Chinese Assault Rifle sound (link)
Fixed underwater citadel (link)
Fixed and updated TTW Worldchecker scripts/quests/functions
Completed changing Big Guns bobblehead into Survival bobblehead, including new unique mesh (link)
Removed some script on bobbleheads dealing with a legacy Misc Stat and achievements
Fixed lack of music in Broken Steel (link)
Made CharGen BB Gun not use first person IS animations (link)
Fixed Rivet City Broken Bow Clutter Ownership (link)
Fixed V101 Start Tutorial Brahmin Skull Reference (link)
Removed non-functional companion wheel on temporary companions (link)
Fixed water around the Jefferson Memorial is not clean after main quest (link)
Fixed Star Paladin Cross' Dialog Loop (link)
Fixed Mechanist and Antagonizer helmet meshes for ground models (link) (link)
Fixed Unusable doors prevent transitions to certain areas (link)
Fixed Cannot hire Clover when playing as a female PC (link)
Fixed some dialogue and lip synch issues (link)
Fixed Combat Shotgun reload sounds not obeying Rapid Reload (link)
Fix for ENB users where the alpha channel is somehow 'forced' through despite shader properties or lack of alpha properties in .nif.
Fixed Aqua Pura missing meshes (link)
Fixed Butler robot missing dialogue (link)
Fixed slave outfits not being recognized in the Pitt start quest (link)
Added mushroom smoothie item that trades radiation for limb healing, for the desperate (link)
Temporarily disabled the Pitt ammo press (link)
2.5a (development snapshot)

Updated missing meshes, merged all v2.4 hotfixes (there were a lot)
More work on Zeta bugs and issues
Fixed various Preorder Pack Issues
Fixed issue with MZ and PL (link)
Fixed issue with MZ aliens (link)
Fixed various issues (link)
Fixed GOAT issue (link)
Fixed Bobblehead issue (link)
Fixed unique weapons repair issue (link)
Fixed issue with Linden's Power Armor (link)
Fixed issue with Tribal Garb (link)
Fixed issue with "That Gun" / 5.56 pistol
Fixed issues with luck bobblehead (link)
Fixed advanced power armor (link)
Fixed survival bobblehead (link)
2.6.3a (public release)

Re-write BSA build/patch process
Various BSA fixes, meshes, textures etc.
Improve Installer logging process
2.7a (public release)

Complete rebuild on the installer. All files should build properly. Scorpion's changelog is below:
All patches included
Faster checksum format and smaller patches
No more external programs used (BSAOpt: GONE, 7Za: GONE, xdelta3: GONE)
Removed several external dependencies (fewer DLLs tagging along)
Fixed progress bars not displaying correctly on Windows XP
Fixed a bug that would increment progress when retrying after an error
Fixed install continuing after an "Abort" dialog is selected
Better logging: lots of debugging detail in the file log, only pretty tabbed output in the user log
Patching now ignores voice files completely: smaller patch databases, faster installs, happier non-English users
Fixed a bug where MD5 instances weren't being disposed (memory leak)
Fixed several original bugs in the patch generator and managed bsdiff implementation
TTW-patched masters are now checksum verified if they already exist
FOMOD building is now done entirely within the installer. Plus, you get a fancy new progress bar!
Fixed the window freezing while waiting to cancel an install
Fixed 32bit users being unable to verify the patch databases
Faster file verification for patching
Rewrote the diff creator and patcher for a performance increase
Fixed possible crashes in file patching
Updated BSA#, which includes fixes for some showstopping bugs that would completely break your install
Slight performance boost in drawing the progress bars
The installer now checks for NVSE and downloads it if allowed
Fixed issues that prevent the Voice/SFX BSAs from building in certain cases
Added a warning when the installer is not run as an Administrator
Added a check to BuildSFX so it won't open files unnecessarily (speed boost)
BuildSFX now asks for confirmation before overwriting some files
Skipped files won't be logged (no more huge logfiles)
Added a handler for application level exceptions (silent crashes should get an error log)
Building FOMODs is now done with Fast 7z setting instead of Ultra
Fixed issues that would break BSAs with rename dictionaries
Includes all missing 2.6.3 fixes
Citadel ground/water fix (link) (link)
Zeta crash fixes and other various Zeta fixes
Anchorage glitches fixed (link) (link)
FormID lists fixed (link)
Pitt Ammo Press finally fixed (link)
Dogmeat eyes fixed (link)
Courier's stash issue fixed (link)
Updates to optional files
Update and fix of Starting in NV plugin (link)
Update to Reputations plugin (link)
Update to Speech Challenges plugin (link)
Updates to More Recipes plugin (link)
Updates to recipes, including breakdown recipes for obsolete ammo (link)
Harvestables in the Capital Wasteland (link)
Weapon mods for FO3 specific weapons (with icons!) (link)
2.7.1a (public release)

Potential Fix for Out of Memory Errors with 2.7 Installer
2.7.2a (public release)

Fix for new weapon mods prices
AR/ Infiltrator/ Perforator Repair list
Fix for harvestables placement
Fixed Brain Fungus reversed anim
Small fix for ammo press
2.7.3a (public release)

.22 Revolver Mod icon fix
Various dialog fixes
Challenges for FO3
Faster NVSE check
Work on turrets
Fixed issues on Chinese Pistol Weapon mods
Added low tier weapon mods and ammo components to weapon vendors
Added low and mid tier to Flack/Shrapnel
Fixed Burke randomly dropping silenced 10mm but having the .22LR equipped
Fixed the Remnants Faction's opinion relying on Enclave DC Faction
Fixed Lag Bolt's Combat Armor giving Big Guns bonus
Fixed a mesh error on Union Station
Added icon for scout handbook
Fixed Super Duper Mart Protectron voice
Fixed RL-3 not liking your Karma in the No Karma optional
Mesh fixes for the Chinese Pistol
More tweaks for the Stash Pack optional
Fixed Tree LOD again
FO3 Weapons now respect Rapid Reload perk
Fixed various FO3 DLC actors using the NonPlayerDamageAdd effect and it stacking on top of itself
Minor tweaks to Charon's gun
2.8.0a (public release)

Fixed installer writing to your registry
Removed some ITMs and dirty edits
Merged the fix to In Shining Armor
Fixed Camel of the Wastes message
Fixed That's Mine! challenge
Fixed alien weapon list for alienated challenge
Fixes to Reputation
All "Alpha Download" hotfixes merged.
Charon Fix, Union station doors fix, navmesh fixes.
2.8.1a (public release)

Fixed an issue with TTW Reputations
Fixed an issue with TTW Stash Pack Options
Fixed an issue with OpAnch optional being in the wrong folder
Fixed the version number on the optionals pack
Renamed TTW.bsa
2.9.3a (public release)

Added some unique food item models for DC food items
Fixed DC Battle Music
Fixed Sewer Grate Mesh
Added DC advertitron
Created MCM Options file
Other fixes that were missing after the switch to Git from SVN
2.9.4a (public release)

Added missing Caravan fixes.
Removed duplicate items from Energy Weapon FLST
Removed duplicate items from Laser Commander FLST
Fixed My First Laboratory only addressing fo3 withdrawals
Rebuilt BSA to fix Trainstation mesh / LOD issues
Work on MCM script processing speed
2.9.4b (public release)

Updated TTW_Options to combat long load times.


(You Need These) HOTFIXES (You Need These): ... h0T2M/view

*Install these after you installed TTW correctly*

All the Hotfixes now come in an handy package. Get it here.
If you're using any of these mods: Difficult Journey, Improved Transportalponder, Start Up Menu. Just use the links on their names to get access to the fixes.
^^^^You need to get the Hotfixes that are linked above this message.^^^^


Mirror 1: ... t=download

Don't forget to also get the Hotfixes.

Mirror 2: ... t=download

Don't forget to also get the Hotfixes.

Mirror 3: ... t=download

Don't forget to also get the Hotfixes.

Mirror 4: ... t=download

Hotfixes: ... i1BQ1h0T2M

^^^^You need to get the Hotfixes that are linked above the TTW download links.^^^^

We have moved the installer off-site to Google Drive due to the extremely high volume of downloads we have experienced since the Fallout 4 announcement. Click on any one of the four links (they are all the same) and then click "download anyway" in the center of the screen.

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