Ranking the DLCs

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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Post by RoyBatty » Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:14 am

I disagree, NV's DLC is better than the game itself, except Honest Hearts.

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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Post by paragonskeep » Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:21 pm

I agree Roy, my only complaint with the FNV DLCs is that it assumes you play them in order.
If life is but a test, where's the damn answer key?!?!?

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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Post by Death_Reaper56 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:25 pm

Ence wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:49 pm
I can only say one thing - all DLC's is boring and annoying. You will not lose anything if you do not play them. The developers have not invested soul in any DLC's.
This is a load of crap.

Peter Curtin
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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Post by Peter Curtin » Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:45 pm

I just went through Dead Money for the first time. I'll just say that Dead Money in Hardcore mode and set on Very Difficult is no joke. Very tough to survive, impossible to just run and shoot your way through.

I also very much liked the themes, the backstory, and the NPCs who tied into the main FNV game.

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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Post by fear_town » Tue May 07, 2019 7:45 pm

1) OWB - Every time I watch Venture Bros I want to replay it.
2or3) DM - Creepy "ghosts", skeletons or men? Love the ties to OWB.
2or3) OA - A video game in a video game based on history but is more based on video games cause of Chase. Too funny.
4or5)PL - Creepy hillbillies, more holes in the brain. Always reminds me of Cthulhu type vibe for some reason.
4or5) MZ - I guess I just have a thing for the sci-fi vibe. Pew pew, alien blasters.
6)Pitt- Love putting them slaves down. Can't let The Pitt fall into ruin can we?
7/8/9) HH LR BS - I guess in that order. Didn't seem as whimsical and fun, so still fun, but always the last I do.

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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Post by s0mbo1 » Sun May 12, 2019 10:06 pm

1. Old World Blues: Fun, Fun, FUN, it fits in with the zany side of Fallout, and writes silly characters well.
2. The Pitt: Encapsulates what makes Fallout at its best great on the other side. A genuinely interesting moral decision and great atmosphere.
3. Mothership Zeta: Interesting mix of zany and serious. I wish Paulson was more written and DLC was longer, because he was perfect. Also, Mothership Zeta Crew
4. Lonesome Road: I love that Ulysses based his name and plans on Ulysses S Grant rather than Odysseseus, and the atmosphere is great. Also, it forms the basis for Dust. The problem is that the decision at the end feels meaningless, and it clashed hard between wanting to give your character a backstory and retaining the traditional Fallout blank slate.
5. Point Lookout: Incredible atmosphere, a fun zany quest. Feels empty at times, and somehow for its size feels small in terms of amount of content. It feels like it was supposed to have the monsters of the FO4 DLC but they stopped partway through.
6. Broken Steel: Yay for continuation, some interesting new items. BORING story, Sarah Lyons put into a coma until the end for no reason, and she really should have gotten development instead of being shelved. Wasted Potential.
7. Dead Money: Well written, interesting choices and characters. Annoying as all hell gameplay, not as much atmosphere as it thinks it has.
8. Operation Anchorage: If I wanted to play CoD, I would play CoD, or any other shooter with modern mechanics. Why is there a short CoD minigame with this game's lack of shooter mechanics.
9. Honest Hearts: Wasted Potential the DLC. Beautiful location, bad writing, lack of interesting things to do. I wouldn't hate the writing as much as I do were it not for Russell by Someguy. Russell takes all the ideas from Honest Hearts and does them better. The haunted veteran, better. The redemption story, better. The final battle, better. The Western themes, BETTER.

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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Post by Postal-Dude » Tue May 28, 2019 4:14 pm

1. The Pitt - Very cool location, NPCs, quests, weapons
2. Point Lookout - Love swampy island areas, cool NPCs, weapons, good main quest, a new world to explore
3. Old World Blues - Cool retro future cyber setting, interesting quests and locations
4. Lonesome Road - Very cool quest with interesting locations and a very interesting expansion of the courier lore + "nuke" outcome
5. Honest Hearts - interesting enough new canyon to explore with the cool main quest NPC, some quests are meh though and locations 08/15
6. Broken Steel - Just a extension of the main FO3 game but quite well made with some interesting new sidequests and locations
7. Mothership Zeta - The theme and location is really cool and unique and it also boosts some of the most interesting weapons, drags out too way long though in my opinion
8. Dead Money - The story and NPCs are freaking cool but the gameplay is absolutely not my taste and I often even skip this DLC... Just no fun for me. Cool Holo Rifle weapon.
9. Operation Anchorage - Most boring and tunnel shooting FPS ever. Story is not really there. The only thing I like is, that you actually get to know some of the war lore before the Fallout

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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Post by Ragnor » Mon Nov 18, 2019 1:12 pm

1. Old World Blues -everything i love over there and wacky sense of humor, all dark and light as Fallout game should be
2. Lonesome road- awesome voice acting awesome looking true expansion to Courier Story
3. Point Lookout- Cool idea
4. Gun Runners(i know i know) -adding various ammo types made energy weapons more viable like Optimized cells improving whole game even more in TTW
5. Mothership Zeta -Cool stuff , Wacky story , Nice NPC and item addins to game like Samurai Equipment and stuff
6.Broken Steel - Oki i guess brings more enemies and a bit extra content
7. Dead Money - Cool Concept and nice spooky place but it took me out of the game for a while
8 . Operation Anchorage -Doing it for really durable Armor beside it its just simulation in simulation,Story is Ok with small ok ...
9. Honest hearts - Its just bland and 50% walk simulator between places personally least played stuff from all DLCs!Totally doesnt zip with in fallout universe more like cowboy movie ....

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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Post by Laclongquan » Thu May 27, 2021 5:03 pm

The Pitt

I am surprised that so many like being slavers. Me, a slave revolt is just the thing. And when the Trogs overrun Uptown, or tried to, I kill 70% of them, with the rest being stolen by Ashur who defend the courtyard, and various surviving raiders (who are spawned because after getting the baby I sweep all the uptown)

The fun? Sniping the horde of trogs. While it's not as satisfying as sniping in Zeta hangar, it's close enough.

The loot? With my inventory at that time, the loot is not the point. Le horreur, I know! 8-)

In actuality? The raiders' corpse yield much stuffs. Plus Harris and Friday store inventory still hold what they have the last time~ While we lose the service of two shops, I dont plan on getting back here very often anyway.

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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Post by Laclongquan » Wed Jun 02, 2021 3:56 am

Ranking Capital Wasteland DLC areas In order of how soon to play it

Point Look Out
Should have done this DLC as soon as possible. The main enemy type drop shotguns and lever action rifles, cheap weapon, so going in with high level just get you cheap loot.
Also, has high number of dirty water and foods, so if you are a strict hardcore player, this provide much needed resources compared to capital wasteland.

The Pitt
Should have done when assault rifle start appearing on shops and enemie's hands in CW. Because the main guns in this area is assault rifle. also getting to the train tunnels get past some serious wildlife so~
And the final loot is power armor, so you are going to go back to CW to get training.

Because it's likely you, like me, havent got to Main Quest's part where we get PA training, this DLC is the obvious place to go to get training. And when you already have two dlc and a few chunks of MQ already, your level should be middling 10-20s and have some Guns skill. The final fight with Outcasts there should be quite tough for early levels, considering they wear PA (but doable with AP ammo and MG).

Because of the first, and forced, fight, it's better to go with some skill point into Unarmed. Even if you chemmed up to the grill at start just to raise capability, it's still better to have around 50 at that point so you can actually use Uppercut on those 2 shielded aliens. After you get back equipments and chems, it's easier, but the first fight can be said as toughest in the whole game.

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