ENB Supersampling

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ENB Supersampling

Post by Kurt91 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 5:30 am

EDIT: I figured out my main problem. It wasn't the ENB at all, but Darnified and oHUD not playing well together for some reason. Disabling oHUD fixed my issue. I did have a second question, so I figure I might as well leave it. Unfortunately, that does mean that my thread is now more about modding New Vegas in general, not specifically TTW. Sorry about that.


Quick question about ENB. I turned on the "Supersampling" option. Do I need to do anything special, or can I just start cranking up the resolution? I have the game on windowed mode, both for Alt-Tab functionality and for compatibility with my VR setup. The VR program overrides the game resolution and cranks it up much higher. Thing is, when you look at the window on the monitor, the window is larger than the monitor is. Not an issue for the one playing, but for anybody wanting to see what's going on, it's a bit of a problem. You can only see the top-left corner of the game!

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Re: ENB Supersampling

Post by katnerd » Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:24 am

Well, just to get the thread back on track about TTW: Gopher left a comment to me on one of his vids about how he was going to get to going over the OHUD patch. Apparently doing his FNC play-through distracted him.

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