Images not showing up in forum?

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Images not showing up in forum?

Post by sosaythedice » Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:40 am

Hi, I made an account just to ask this question. I'm trying to look at the guide to figure out how to find the train to go to the Mojave but none of the images are showing up, just formatting text. For example, instead of an image, it will show something like "collapsed title=Walking across The Mall collapsed" (I got rid of the of the brackets and /'s so that it would let me post it). As I was making this post, I noticed this:

BBCode is ON
[img] is ON
[flash] is OFF
[url] is ON
Smilies are ON

Also, ealier, when I tried posting this with the formatted text, it didn't like that, and I got and error saying "you cannot use certain BBCodes [flash]. So I'm guessing there is a setting somewhere where I have to turn on flash. I already enabled it in chrome, but is there somewhere I have to enable it in the forum settings? I looked and could not find it!

Thanks for your help!

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