Thinking about buying TES oblivion goty deluxe.

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Thinking about buying TES oblivion goty deluxe.

Post by idmfan » Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:57 pm

New to TES. if oblivion floats my boat, then I'll play SSE or morrowind.

A few questions:

1. Can I beat the game without magics and bows? (melee run viable?)

2. Are STEP guides ok to follow?

3. Overall worth buying? thinking about this and Grim Dawn (a diablo like rpg)

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Re: Thinking about buying TES oblivion goty deluxe.

Post by RoyBatty » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:34 pm

Yes you can beat the game entirely with melee.

I would do a first run with the unofficial patch, the mod that delays the DLC, stutter remover and nvac (yes you can use NVAC with oblivion).

I would avoid following any of the STEP guides for it until you've played the game vanilla.

Definitely worth buying/playing.

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Re: Thinking about buying TES oblivion goty deluxe.

Post by Madrias » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:38 pm

Definitely worth it, I've sunk a lot of time into Oblivion and Skyrim, but Oblivion always holds a special place in my heart for being the first Elder Scrolls game I played, and honestly, the first game to get me properly into PC gaming.

Melee is definitely a viable strategy, actually. I've done many different play-throughs where I limited myself to melee, and found it not to really be limiting at all.

I'll also second just using the unofficial patch and the DLC delayer. (I haven't ever used the stutter remover or NVAC, so... I can't speak from experience on those or not, but I'd assume if Roy's saying they're good, then they're good.)

You need to do a vanilla play before you start pouring mods in, in my opinion, because the vanilla game is decently balanced, and mods can dramatically alter the balance, but once you've played the game once, well, there's a reason I live by the motto "Mod it Until it Crashes, Fix the Crashes, and Mod Some More." You'll want to be using a mod manager (I'll leave more experienced folk to give their recommendations on these) just because otherwise you'll have a bunch of junk in your game folder making it nearly impossible to clean up and try something new.

But Oblivion is definitely worth buying, especially with the DLC. Skyrim's pretty good, too, though it's more action-RPG and less actual RPG.

Morrowind is more closely related to having Character Sheets and a Dungeon Master, complete with the dice rolls in the background. You won't see any, but the RNG can be quite nasty early on. That said, of the three, it's got the best story (or so I've heard. I've never actually gotten very far in Morrowind) and, as said, plays the most like an old-school pen-and-paper RPG.

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