ISO - Sleep Overhaul

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Adonis VII
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ISO - Sleep Overhaul

Post by Adonis VII » Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:49 am

As part of my Ingestibles & Survival Overhaul I've been reworking sleep and the Well Rested system.

The rate at which sleep is restored now depends on what you are sleeping on.
* Bed: x1
* Mattress: x0.8
* Makeshift Bed (the cardboard box): x0.5

Sleep based abilities now scale on the amount of sleep restored.
* Well Rested: duration is x1.5 the hours of full sleep equivalent, eg. 12 hours Well Rested for 8 hours slept in a bed.
* Irradiated Beauty: 12.5 Rads removed per full hour of sleep equivalent, e.g. 100 rads for 8 hours slept in a bed.

Well Rested additionally restores 25% more sleep.

If the disease system is active
* Well Rested conveys an additional 10% disease resistance instead of XP.
* dirty versions of bedding now have a chance of causing an infection based on the amount of missing HP (taken as a proxy for open wounds).
* Sex can gives you Syphilis (or Lockjaw if it's with Fisto).

Overall I'm happy with the changes as a base to make the player think more about when and where they should rest when combined with no fast travel play through.

What I'm rather stuck on however is what to do with the other sleep perks:
* Home on the Range: Able to sleep at campfires (lvl 8, Survival 70)
* Roughin'it: Well Rested outside (lvl 28, Survival 100)
* Deep Sleep: Well Rested anywhere (lvl 22)

Not only is Roughin'it underwhelming, it is completely overshadowed by Broken Steel's Deep Sleep. I'm considering moving Roughin' It's benefit over to Home on the Range and just disabling Roughin' It (It's also somewhat confusing with the Roughin' It Bed Roll). Deep Sleep could be made to work indoors only, but would need some other mechanic/buff to make it interesting. There is also the additional possibility of each perk buffing the Well Rested effect in some way, but I'm not sure what is best thematically or make it worthwhile to care about well rested outside of the disease mechanics.

Any crazy ideas?

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Looks very complex, i

Post by SaymonKopolsky » Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:34 pm

Looks very complex, i personally don't like but i will waiting for ingestibles overhaul.

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