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Perk Purchases

Post by hemonecrophagia » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:13 pm

Im wanting to play tale of two wastelands, and Im looking for a NV mod that would be similar to fallout 3's revamped leveling mod, for those who arent familiar with it, it is a mod that adds an option into the side of the pip boy stats', special, and perks screen to use points whenever you wish, this is useful as the mod has the ability to continuously gain xp beyond the cap, in other words If I have max stats, but have over 200 perks from a mod, I would like to keep being able to obtain those perks,

what I would like to see if there is no mod equivalent or simlar:

A mod that features an option such as a merchant, or an option on the pipboy perk screen that would let you buy the perk with caps,

Why caps, because you still gotta have the skill requirements, so your stats will still influence the perks obtainable, and honestly I would want it to still be challenging with a feeling like I worked hard towards the perks, maybe implement a price growth after so many perks are bought,

example; first 05 perks are 1000 caps each, another 1000 caps added onto that total after 10 perks obtained(2000 for 10, 3000 for 15, 4000 for 20)

As far as specials added, have a limit of 10 points, use a certain amount of skill magazines to buy special points, so 10 pugilism mags gives you one special point,

heck even just make the merchant a craft table instead,

would be more convenient to activate on the pipboy though...

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As far as uncapped stats go,

Post by MattDB » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:14 pm

As far as uncapped stats go, there's Limitless Stats (, which will allow you to go over 10 on SPECIAL stats, 100 on skills and uncaps your level. There's also Delay Level-Up ( which makes leveling non-forced, like the mod you mentioned. I do not know wether they're compatible or not.

EDIT: After some testing, they do seem to be compatible somewhat. Now and then, however, I got a bug where I had no skill points show up for selection, this was fixed by hitting R while on the screen. Also, Unlimited Traits Remade did not seem to work (second edit, I installed te DarNified UI patch without the base mod, will probably work).

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