Project Nevada Patch

Mod releases and conversions for Legacy versions of TTW
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Project Nevada Patch

Post by Thatchor » Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:05 pm

Provides compatibility between Project Nevada's features and Tale of Two Wastelands by:

- Removing duplicate weapons, ammo, and armor along with adding PN's chargeable weapon feature to select Fallout 3 weapons.

- Adding enhanced vision modes and visor vision to appropiate headwear.

- Allowing certain FO3 characters to perform cybernetic surgery and the ability to find PN's implants in the Capital Wasteland.

- Rebalancing food and drink to comply with TTW's standards and PN's. (WIP)


I kept a few PN weapons that some people may consider "duplicate". One are the lever action rifles and the replica repeater. I mostly did this because they aren't as strong as the "unique" Lincoln Repeater, and they have a different texture (well the lever action rifles do anyway). Now, probably a little bit more controversial is that I kept the alloy-steel weapons and the dragoon weapons. I kept these because they used the cleaner Operation Anchorage texture and you couldn't get them outside the of OA. All duplicate ammunitions and armor were removed too.

Jax made an awesome Cyberware addition that he never released and I incorporated into this. Essentially what it does it add all PN's implants into the Capital Wasteland and allows specific doctors to perform surgery with a surgery manual (some don't need it). Oh, and some surgery manuals have been placed in the wasteland too. He did 99% of the work on this one. I only added one implant he missed.

The rebalanced food is currently half implemented. PN Rebalance adds dehydration factors to many foods. I need to readd all of these. For now, you will not become more dehydrated when eating food than you would in vanilla FNV. PN also lowers the amount of starvation that many foods heal. Currently this patch uses TTW's values.

Feedback is appreciated. Criticism is optional. Questions will be answered. Enjoy!

[collapsed title=Installation and Load Order]

(1) Extract

(2) Drop it into your Fallout New Vegas Folder

(3) Put it after an PN patches closer to the bottom of your LO and activate with your favorite mod manager

(4) ?????

(5) Profit


[collapsed title=Future Plans]

(1) PN Rebalance adds dehydration factors to many foods. I need to readd all of these. For now, you will not become more dehydrated when eating food than you would in vanilla FNV.

(2) PN also lowers the amount of starvation that many foods heal. Currently this patch uses TTW's values.

(3) I plan on adding Mothership Zeta implants. I initially scrapped the idea, but... I get bored easily and I'd like MZ to be FO3's answer to Old World Blues.

(4) I need to look over FO3's quests to see if you give characters weapons and if PN's weapons would fit into the requirements. An example is during the Project Purity quest; you can give Daniel a pistol, but PN's pistols do not count.


[collapsed title=Compatibility]This will be incompatible with anything that modifies food items from either game. Load this after any mod that does so to retain PN's benefits. It may also be incompatible with anything that modifies specific aspects of the Replicated Man quest from FO3. I can't really think of anything though.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=Change Log]

Version 1.4

Fixed incompatibilities with TTW 2.4. It should no longer cause a menu hang. I also "finalized" the food rebalance:

  • Regardless of if you have the food sanitizer equiped or not, PN's food healing and variable food (good/bad, spoiled food, etc) will work if you have the respective option on or off.

  • Most consumables will have radiation. The food sanitizer will increase the amount of healing done (which is pointless if you have food healing off anyway) AND it will decrease the amount of radiation you gain from consumables by 20% (which makes more sense) AS WELL AS increasing the amount of starvation food heals (introduced by TTW).

  • I kept TTW's food values intact. PN decreased the value that some food healed starvation and also added some food dehydrating as well. This will no longer be present. All food/drink uses TTW's values. If many people request it, I will use PN's values rather than TTW's (including dehydrating food).

  • All TTW/FO3 specific food have been addressed appropiately.

Version 1.3

The last release actually broke the food healing because I incorrectly removed the stash packs. Luthien was a champ and had a backup and fixed everything for me. So, once again, stash packs have been removed.

An implant in Vault 106 was unreachable. It should be reachable now.

Version 1.2

Removed crap pack requirements.

Version 1.1     

The food sanitizer and PN's food healing will now work with each other nicely.

[collapsed title=Spolier: Cyberware Change]You can now get the Wired Synapses implant by turning in Harkness to Dr. Zimmer OR if you help Harkness, you can kill/pickpocket it from Dr. Zimmer. Don't worry, you can't get two.[/collapsed]

Version 1.0     

Initial Release.


[collapsed title=Credits]

JaxFirehart for 99% of the Cyberware work. And for TTW. But no one uses that so who cares. :P

Gribbleshnibit8 for general assistance and a core to work off of. And for having a name that I need to return to a previous page to check the spelling of.

Imperious for the initial work on the helmet visions.

Luthien for telling me how to properly remove masters.


[collapsed title=Permissions]You can do whatever you like with this patch, although I don't know what you'd want to do with it, but a notification would be appreciated. Oh, and credit us.[/collapsed]

Project Nevada Patch for people who don't use PNxEquipment

Project Nevada - TTW 2.7.3 Patch

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Sweet! This is perfect for a

Post by morlund69 » Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:23 am

Sweet! This is perfect for a basic-ish PN patch.

If you think nothing is impossible... try slamming a revolving door. Yeah.

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Thanks! If you try it out,

Post by Thatchor » Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:46 am

Thanks! If you try it out, let me know how it goes and if I missed anything.

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Just a heads up that this

Post by Thatchor » Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:27 am

Just a heads up that this patch is also compatible with NVEC. NVEC doesn't appear to remove the duplicate items from the the game when run with TTW, but this does. Just load it after NVEC, but before the NVEC-PN-TTW super patch.

I'll be making make a patch that also brings stealth suit abilities/vision to the proper armors/clothing from TTW. I know there's a patch that adds the visions to the power armor helmets, but it doesn't add it to some other the other things that FO3 has. ETA is currently unknown, but depending on how busy my week is, I'll try and get it out by the weekend.

Comrade Dispenser
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With this and NVEC installed,

Post by Comrade Dispenser » Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:02 pm

With this and NVEC installed, I'm having an issue with not being able to change the Project Nevada Rebalance settings, any idea what's causing that? It's really annoying to not be able to adjust any of that.

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My mod doesn't touch the

Post by Thatchor » Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:12 am

My mod doesn't touch the menus in anyway, only form lists really. Do you have Project Nevada - Extra Options installed? There is a known bug that sometimes causes the PN Rebalance (and Core) menus to disappear if you have Extra Options installed. My mod doesn't cause it, but there is a fix here.

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Released here is the vision

Post by Thatchor » Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:06 am

Released here is the vision patch. The original is done by Imperious. I just added additional armors (He only did power armors mostly).

Also, here is a combined patch of the vision additions and the equipment duplicate fixes. It requires PN Core and Equipment Modules.

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I'm continuing to work on a

Post by Thatchor » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:02 am

I'm continuing to work on a more complete PN patch with Gribble's aid. All four modules of Project Nevada will be covered (Core, Cyberware, Rebalance, Equipment). I need some opinions on things however.


[collapsed title=Core Module]

In the Core module, almost everything is already compatible and works perfectly. Zeta's cyro grenades and mines will won't "right off the bat" with the grenade hotkey, but in the equipment module patch, PN's cyro grenades are replaced with Zeta's anyway so it won't be a problem.

With First-Person Visor Overlays and Enhanced Visions, almost everything, if not everything is done. All FO3 power helmets have the correct vision and visors, and all other armors from FO3 have been giving a correct overlay.

The Chinese Stealth Suit has been given the enhanced stealth field ability. Does anything else need this?

As for chargeable weapons, should some Fallout 3 weapons be given this ability? A3-21 Plasma Rifle comes to mind, and the Metal Blaster from the Pitt. Opinions please!


[collapsed title=Cyberware Module]

With the Cyberware module, should the doctors in FO3 be made able to perform surgery? Should some implants be able to be found in the Capital Wasteland/moved to the Captial Wasteland? Operation Anchorage Reward?[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=Rebalance Module]

Rebalance has no conflicts as far I can tell. Depending on how you configure it, it may make things too easy / too hard in one of the wastelands, but not the other... I'll look over food changes and add any FO3 exclusive foods to an appropiate food classification list. I don't believe there is too many.


[collapsed title=Equipment Module]

Equipment Module was pretty easy and all work is done for the most part. Any weapon that PN added from FO3 was replaced with FO3 variant. Simple. Ammunition was replaced too. I personally had a problem with the bashed patch readding some things back into the loot lists, but that's an end-user problem. Merged patches work great.

Most of the weapons and armor will appear in the CW just fine. I'll double check the lists though. Should mods be able to be added to the FO3 weapons? (I need to check this as they might already exist, it's getting late and my brain isn't fully on).

Gribble doesn't particularly like a lot of the PN weapons (I only enjoy the crowbar and the Flammer pistol personally), but I feel that it'd be in the best interest as a whole to keep the weapons in. I'll more than likely make an optional alternative version that removes the equipment (maybe an MCM menu that removes them in game for complete control; I know little about such menus though, but hey, a learning experience is always nice).


Okay, well that's about it guys. I'm open to any suggestions and comments. The only thing that will be somewhat hard to implement is the Cyberware module into the CW, but I'll wait for your opinions before starting that.


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Core is fine, yes, there was

Post by Gribbleshnibit8 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:33 am

Core is fine, yes, there was never an issue with that except with the stealth on some armors and overlays of course.

Jax actually did some work on cyberware iirc. He'll probably comment here in a bit telling you what he did and maybe even offering the patch files he made for you to incorporate. We had decided a while back on which doctors would and would not be able to perform surgery either by default or by book (less education in DC).

Rebalance is going to require only a bit of work. Again iirc there was only 1 DC specific food item that was left out of FNV, and then TTW adds a few that need to be covered, all should be classified as fresh foods.

Equipment was always the biggest hurdle, and the reason I never got around to making a patch. TTW will eventually be adding modable weapons, so I don't feel any need to support that, and there is a patch on here for WMX-ified Fo3 weapons as well. My solution for weapons is you can actually remove them from the plugin once the data is converted. It's already going to require a clean save with loss of all PN Fo3 weapons for anyone who uses this patch (new game recommended).

As far as weapon removal, I actually don't even like the flamer pistol. However, I too started making an MCM options thing to allow switching, and the issue comes up as this:

If you add an option to a Leveled List (LVLI) to reduce the spawn rate, you reduce the amount of loot/weapons that can be found. Setting it to chance none 100 means that it will never spawn anything, and if it is selected as the list to be used and says nothing, you get no gun. To counter this it would have to be nested inside another LVLI that contains another LVLI with the opposite chance none value. So when you disable one weapon it enables the other, that way if the LVLI gets picked by the game to spawn an item, it can produce something. This is a TON of work and not fun at all.

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I'll wait for Jax's response

Post by Thatchor » Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:25 am

I'll wait for Jax's response before I play around with Cyberware Module. For equipment, like mentioned before, I got all original FO3 PN-added weapons removed. I changed Operation Anchorage's weapons characteristics for some reason I can't remember (something to do with the Alloy-Steel Weapons PN added), but I'll change them back eventually. I ended up keeping PN's stats on the FO3 weapons; my logic being that it should it's a PN Patch and should remain true to PN vs TTW balancing. I could make an alternative plugin to keep FO3 stats, or an MCM option.

As for the other equipment, I could always just make a plugin that flat out removes all weapons and/or armor that PN adds. The more I think about it, the less I feel we need to make the equipment dynamically enabable/disabable with MCM. Couldn't we just use the AddItemToLeveledList function to add the items to the list. Of course this couldn't be undone, and if a player didn't like their choice, it'd be up to them to start a new game. The dynamic option would be ALOT of work. I'll check into since I don't mind tedious work too much. If I could at least get all the lists created, would you mind creating the MCM menu or at least giving me a template to work off of (preferably the later)? Like I posted before, I have little knowledge when it comes to MCM, although I have been meaning to learn configuring mods with it.

Oh, also, how do you feel about chargeable FO3 weapons?

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