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Cannibal Tweaks Mod

Post by Puppettron » Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:53 pm

edit 7/13/14:  updated esp, details at bottom of post


***this has been updated to include an MCM and a .txt readme, which should cover most questions.***

the Cannibal mod has everything i could ever want in a cannibalism mod (mostly because i mod mainly for myself and then say "hrm, other people might like this").  what it does, in a nutshell is as follows:

  • adds a born cannibal trait that allows you to start eating corpses as soon as you're made (well, as soon as you get to choose traits)

  • adds The Craving, a diabolical addiction to human/near-human flesh that isn't treatable by modern science, and progressively gets worse the longer you go without a fleshy meal.  the only way to beat The Craving is to outlast it, but you're always prone to relapse.  the only way to pacify The Craving is to eat more, but eating has diminishing returns...  there will be a point where you can't hold back The Craving no matter how much you eat, and the only way to regain some control is to avoid eating people for a while.

  • increases the penalties for cannibalism -- increases the karma penalty to 10, adds reputational penalties as well, which will fluctuate based on how often you've cannibalized and where you are.

  • added a perk to the Devourer of Nations challenge that gives you a better pick-me-up for eating people

  • added a challenge for eating ghouls and supermutants, much like the Devourer of Nations challenge

  • added a couple of extra perks on the ghoul/sm side of cannibalizing

  • made bloodpacks more sustaining for cannibals with hematophage, added a feed option on dead humans/non-feral ghouls to hematophage

  • adjusted cannibal food to be better for cannibals

  • added a chance to find human flesh in graves

  • made it possible to accidently become a cannibal from consuming bloodpacks

  • and probably a few things i'm forgetting that i kinda take for granted nowadays.

what i didn't add:

  • pip-boy icons for stuff.  i can't art, and don't much feel like it

things that may cause incompatibility issues that you may need to merge patch or bash around:

  • i've made actual changes to the Cannibalism (Cannibal), Hematophage (MS09Hematophage), Ghastly Scavenger (GhastlyScavenger) and Dine n' Dash (CannibalChallengePerk) perks.

  • the Devourer of Nations challenge reward script has been changed from ChallengeHighXPScript to CanDevChlgSCPT

  • the ingestibles Strange Meat (Strangemeat), Blood Pack (BloodPack), Human Flesh (HumanFlesh), Strange Meat Pie (StrangeMeatPie), and Human Remains (NVCannibalFood) have been altered.

  • every dialog entry that requires Cannibal perk has been altered to also include Born Cannibal (CanCannibalTR) trait

  • all diggable graves have had a levled list added to them.

  • the GraveContScript (which is what runs when you dig up a grave) has been altered to allow the Fertilizer Shovel from PL to also be used, because it seemed silly to not have it.

if you want to know how everything works, either open up the file in your preferred edit program or geck and look, or if you'd like a abridged version, try this:

[collapsed title=Hidden text] explanation of the craving states:

standard craving is more for self-punishment than anything.  after you get The Craving, you'll find

it harder and harder to keep it at bay, because you can only get so much satiation from eating.

solace can be found in being a civilized cannibal and eating cooked cannibal food, or becoming a

hematophage and quelling your hunger with blood.  the craving stages are long, satiation is short

and less effecive the more corpses you consume, meaning that there will be a point where eating

will no longer sate your hunger and you'll have to try to hold off until your corpse counter gets

small enough to allow satiation.  the only way to beat the craving (until you catch it again) is to

struggle through all 5 stages -- and becoming sated has a tendency to reset your stage timer.


Dog-like craving, named after Dog the Nightkin, is more like a race against your hunger.  You'll 

need to keep your corpse counter as high as possible for as long as possible to stay sated.  

hematophages and civilized cannibals will find more satiation in their foods, but the corpse counter 

counts down quicker, and if it gets below your sated level, you'll catch the craving effects until you 

build it back up.  To beat The Craving (until you catch it again) requires you starving it out 

through all 5 stages, and becoming sated has a better chance of not resetting your stage timer the 

further along you are in The Craving and the more corpses you have stacked up on your counter, 

although there's a chance that it'll come back 1 stage weaker.


for a full explanation of the mechanics (warning, there's math.  it's just algebra, but it's still math), 

we'll start with the shard mechanics of the craving states:


every time you consume a cannibal food, whether or not you're a cannibal, the script logs it as your

corpse counter.  if you're not already Craving, it then rolls a percentile vs your craving chance.

your craving chance is your corpse counter times your addiction multiplier (default 10), capped at

80%.  if the roll is under your craving chance, then you get The Craving.  if you weren't already

a cannibal at this point, it awards you with the Accidental Cannibal perk.  If you gain The Craving,

the script also removes 8 corpses from your counter


the Accidental Cannibal perk grants you the bonuses and negatives of being a cannibal, without the

ability to devour corpses.  Accidental Cannibals who don't wish to go full cannibal will be forced

to find their cannibal foods elsewhere if they want to sate The Craving.  (hint, blood packs are

cannibal food, strange meat is easy to find if you know where to look, and all cannibals have a 

chance of finding human flesh in graves)


The Rep Script keeps track of your acts of cannibalism divided between the DC and NV wastelands.  It

keeps these values separate after it initializes, for what i believe to be obvious reason.  If you

activated the mod on a game in progress, well, the game itself doesn't track acts between wastelands

so it's possible that you might get screwed a little on initialization.

if you activated this mod after traveling to the Mojave, the Rep script will immediately run,

applying all your "corpses eaten" misc stat to your new vegas counter; however, if you haven't left

the DC area yet, it'll just pile them into the DC corpses column.

every three days, the script fires to adjust your standing with the NV reputations.  Since everyone

knows everything you did normally, there's really no justification to keeping your cannibalistic rep

a secret, or just counting the number of times you've been caught.  Luckily, the rep script won't

fire this set until after you've gone to the Mojave the first time, so if you're still in DC, eat

heartily, for no one cares (yet).  When that block fires, though, it checks which wasteland you're in.

if you're in the NV wasteland, it will decide whether you'll gain or lose infamy, based on the number

corpses you've eaten - via the pc misc stat "corpses eaten" and the stored amounts for the two

wastelands.  if you've got some unaccounted for (if corpses eaten > nv corpses + dc corpses), then

it's going to give you infamy, otherwise it's going to remove some of the infamy it gave you

previously.  it keeps track of the infamy it gives and will not remove more than that.  when it gives

infamy in this manner, it gives you a base of n/5 - i infamy, where n is your NV corpse count and i 

is your previous infamy gained.  if it reduces your infamy, it removes a base of 5.  it starts with

goodsprings reputation, then runs through all the applicable reputations in the NV, adjusting the

infamy gain or loss based on the size of the reputation.

if, however, you're in DC when the script fires, it removes double the normal amount, no matter your

corpse count, on the idea that running to the opposite coast is plenty of distance to let people

forget some of your actions.

a special note should be made of the White Glove Society.  normally, the rep script treats them like

all the other factions.  but if you've worked with mortimer to go back to cannibalism, then all the 

rep script does from there out is remove it's infamy, bit by bit, as word spreads about how great a

a person you are.  it doesn't add fame, however, because you're already idolized by that point, so

that'd be a pointless gesture.


this is the extent of the shared mechanics between the two craving states, so now we're on to state-

specific mechanics.


Standard Craving:

All cannibal food has a cannibal effect on it, which is just a script that updates the craving quest

and sets your satiation time.  when eating normal cannibal food, it will add to your satiation timer

180s - ac^2/m, where a is your Craving Stage + 1, b is your corpse counter, and m is your

satiation mult (default 3).  so if you're at stage 2, you've got 6 corpses, and your mult is 3, it

would be 180s - (3*6^2)/3 added to your current timer, or 144 seconds.  if you really do the math

or have a way to graph it, you can figure out where you become insatiable at any craving stage.


while you have bodies in your corpse counter, it's running a timer that starts at 1minute times your

corpse counter times your craving stage times your corpse multiplier ( 60cdm where c is Counter and d 

is Craving Stage and m is multiplier ), and when that timer hits 0, it removes 6 - D corpses from your 

counter, then sets your timer again to 60cdm.  it's set up to not remove more counters than you have,

and no more than you had when the timer started.  on a normal playthrough, my ctimer is cycling once

or twice an hour, since my multiplier is 1.


While you're craving and unsated, there's a timer running on your Craving Stage (why yes, i like

timers, how'd you know?  i also like switches and counters), set at a base of 10m per Craving Stage

Divided by your Degen Mult (600dm).  when that timer hits 0, it bumps you to the next stage.


while you're craving and sated, you get the Craving Sated effect and have your craving effects

dispelled.  the Craving Sated is just a name-only effect to sit in your pipboy and remind you it's on.

also, there's the timer mentioned in the first paragraph.  when that hits 0 the game throws another 

percentile die.  if it rolls under 5, and you're not on Stage 5, then it bumps you up a stage and 

resets your craving timer.  if it rolls over 5, and under your stage plus 3  times 10 ( 10(d+3) or a 

span from 40 to 80 ), it resets your timer to the base time (600dm).  if it rolls above 10(d+3), then 

your craving timer picks up where it left off.


Dog-like Craving:

One of the updates that cannibal food does to the craving quest is increase your corpse counter.

this is the only part of that update that has an effect on Dog Craving.  However, if you're a

civilized cannibal and/or a hematophage, foods affected by those perks give an increased amount to

your corpse counter -- cooked foods give double and blood gives 5 times.


you can only get sated by having a corpse counter higher than your sated mark, which is set at

6/m(d^2), where d is your craving stage and m is your sated mult.  if your counter is below that, you

suffer the effects of whichever stage of The Craving you're on.


while you have bodies in your corpse counter, it's running a timer that counts up.  when it passes

1500 seconds divided by your craving stage (1500/d), it removes counters equal to d*c/s, where s is

your sated mark (so the entire formula is d*c/(6/m(d^2) where m is your sated mult).  so the higher

your counter and craving, the more counts are removed.  at Stage 5, your counter timer is maxing out

at 5 minutes, and if your sated mult is at the default of 3, it's removing 1/10th of your counters

every time it hits, and you need to stay above 50 counters to remain sated.


your Craving Timer is set to a base of 600d^2, or 10 minutes times the square of your craving stage.

like above, when that hits 0, it'll bump you to the next stage and reset the timer.  at stage 5, this

is 250 minutes, which is a long time in game to be craving.


While sated, you'll get the Craving Sated effect, just like in standard.  when it wears off, then we

roll a percentile.  if the die rolls under 5, you'll get the craving bumped and the craving timer

reset, unless you're at stage 5, then it'll just reset the timer.  if it rolls 100, then it knocks

your craving down a stage and resets the timer.  if it rolls over 100 - c, then it'll pick up where

it left off, and if it manages to miss all those numbers, then it resets your timer.  essentially,

you have a 20% chance of getting bumped up, a 1% chance of getting knocked down, and your chance to

reset gets smaller the higher your counter is.


update:  6/23/14

  • added new craving mode:  Dog-like craving.  explanation above in the hidden text

  • added simple cooked cannibal food recipes, for human flesh, strange meat, and human remains.

  • added a recipe for cannibal food from Phillipe in the UltraLuxe

  • added a checkbox to MCM to turn off canni while in OA

  • made MCM menu change state depending on your craving mode

  • set default satedMult to 3 -- 3 is closer to what i had in mind when i conceived the system, you're free to set it however you want though

  • set the rep quest to not run until after you clear doc mitchel's

  • set satiation maximums for standard craving independant of food consumed -- standard maximum is 10 minutes,

  • civilized cannibals go up to 20 minutes, and hematophages max out at an hour

  • reduced threshhold for Green Pork Glows, now only takes 100 devoured mutants and ghouls to achieve.


fixed the food scripts so that the the sated effect doesn't pop on momentarily if you can't be sated

folded the satiation max timer script bits into the craving script, to cut down on bulk.  also fixed where eating foods not included in the particular food script won't use the perk/mcm option's max -- i.e. before, if you had hematophage, your max satiation was set to 3600 seconds, but if you ate anything but blood packs, it would cut your satiation down to 600, no matter how much you had before.

added MCM entries for satiation timer, craving level, degeneration timer, and corpse counter, which just provide mouseover text detailing your current numbers for those things.  if you'd like to keep some mystery, you don't have to mouseover them.

Update 7/24/14:

  • Fixed dog-like craving when OA negation is on, dog-like craving now properly pauses while in simulation

  • Folded most of the rep quests into a single rep quest, did not fold in White Gloves, NCR, or Legion, due to specific peculiarities of thost reps.

  • Found a new way to do location checks (thanks jax!), so now the citizens of the Mojave will only be worried about the people you eat while in the Mojave.  If you're in a DLC or DC, they will never know.  Also, the rep quest updates its corpse counter every time you overtly cannibalize -- using activation points from perks on corpses.

  • Made changes to Dine and Dash:  Once you complete the small challenge Doggie Bag (devour 20 mutants/ghouls), you will be able to dine and dash on mutants and ghouls as well.  Dine and Dash now hits you with a half-sized ingestible while giving you a human/mutant remains.  Butcher option added to Dine and Dash allows you to butcher the corpse and take 3 remains instead of dining.

  • Added Mutant Remains and a recipe for Green Ham (No Eggs) to cook them into, for you civilized cannibals.

  • Reduced the threshold for the Green Pork Glows challenge to 100

  • Removed the Ghastly Regeneration requirement from Abominable Vore, replaced it with Ghastly Scavenger.  Still requires Level 20

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you know, it occurred to me

Post by Puppettron » Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:27 am

you know, it occurred to me that the whole "crime against nature" part of cannibalism isn't really in the game, no matter who i'm eating or where.  unfortunately the best fix i can think of would be faction negs to communities etc. as one gets more and more corpses into their bellies.  so that's just going to have to wait.  but if/when factions get added to CW, i'll be more comfortable releasing this, since there will actually be a penalty for having such powerful effects going on (they may not seem that powerful on paper, but try playing in HC mode and being able to heal everything just by eating corpses, and you'll see what i mean)

on the other hand, it also means i found a use for the faction system.

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updates so far:  added a

Post by Puppettron » Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:31 pm

updates so far:  added a cannibal perk to allow you to eat humanoid abominations -- i.e. everything that was human and is now not a human, sm, or ghoul. -- and included a activate on semi-dead ghost people so you could dog them up yourself.

got a script working to start flushing your rep down the tubes.  needs a little more work, need to look into actual spans of reputation so i can get an idea of how much to penalize with.  need to learn how to do arrays so i can set this up without making a script as long as my arm.  currently, it's just set to check your corpses eaten every 3 days and then give you a rep penalty based on that -- even though information about you travels at light-speed through the world, i figure 3 days is enough time to maybe fix some things.  thought:  might want to see if anyone's gotten a scrapmetal type quest for most communities so that you can repair your rep if you're worried about it.  won't include in my mod, but might be good suggestion.

more thoughts:  need to test with vanilla setup.  find other testers as well.  currently, with PN end-only HP, the whole thing works better than expected, but thinking it will be underwhelming under normal hp behavior.

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not that anyone's following

Post by Puppettron » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:09 am

not that anyone's following this thread, but if you happen to glance here...

so, i'm trying to dig into doing reputation work for this, which is a giant pile of annoying because there's so little information about it.  because the system kinda sucked, and because the geck wiki is lousy with information.  what it is i'm looking at doing is:

if i can figure out whether and when getting caught eating someone is actually a "crime against nature", i would like that to negatively and positively effect faction reps as word gets out.  because everyone in fallout knows everything you did, it'd just seem weird to go with a more realistic approach to information dealing. (also, information networking itself would have to be completely overhauled if i wanted a realistic approach and that seems like a huge undertaking for "i want cannibalism to work better")  so far, it looks like doing a generic addreputation 0 <1 - 5> would work for most of them, but it still seems like a lot of repeated scripting to hit all... what, 12 reps in NV?  and if i wanted to work for factions, i'd have to either make a threshhold gate to swap them to ally faction or give them their own rep, which would again seem like a lot of outside work for a singly-focused mod.

although, to be fair, i think it'd be funny as hell if a cannibalism tweak mod got really popular for the everything else i stuck in there working so well

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Post by chucksteel » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:12 am


just remember this!


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the terrible thing is, i

Post by Puppettron » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:52 am

the terrible thing is, i decided to look into the rep thing because i figured doing disease mechanics would be more work.

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i decided not to try to

Post by Puppettron » Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:20 pm

i decided not to try to figure out exactly where in the game i could catch someone catching the player cannibalizing, so i went with a total corpse count system.  i also stole from my karma splitting mod to divide up as much of the cannibalizing as possible to the two wastelands, and i was suddenly glad for the first time that i wrote that mod.

i then set the rep tracker to give neg rep for eating people, currently the only rep tracked is goodsprings, because i don't want the whole thing going if there's a problem somewhere.  there's also time and space based forgiveness of this neg rep in it too.

whole script is right here:

i think the only thing i have to do for this is finish testing this functionality, and then develop some cookbooks.

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after messing around with

Post by Puppettron » Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:25 pm

after messing around with addiction stuff, i decided to take cannibalism off the game's addiction system, and set up a quest and effect script to handle it.  i was having to tweak so much stuff to try to get the thing to work the way i wanted it, it ended up being easier to say "eff it, i'll DIY the sumbitch"  and then i forgot to close some loops in the script and ended up having to redo the quest so i wouldn't have to start all my testing over by losing all the data from starting fresh.  since it's working fine now, i get to play around with some values here and there to really start screwing with a reforming cannibal.

now, if i could only figure out how to set an event for when you happen to be surrounded by eatable bodies.

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;ref walk cell

Post by Gribbleshnibit8 » Sat Apr 12, 2014 11:39 pm

;ref walk cell

; get distance of dead bodies within radius around player

; if dead bodies within N units, increment counter

; if counter > threshold, cast withdrawal/symptomatic attack spell

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check out these scripts.

Post by Puppettron » Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:10 am

check out these scripts.  they're pretty badass:

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