Start in NV or DC

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Start in NV or DC

Post by thermador » Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:01 am

This is an update/port of rickerhk's old mod "TTW Startup Menu".  I also merged in content from my old "TTW Starting in New Vegas" mod.  So basically this is two very old mods that only worked for TTW 1.x updated to work with 2.4.

Most of the work on this was really done by rickerhk so you owe him thanks for this, not me.  Also thanks to puppetron and rickerhk for help debugging.

Installation instructions:

  • Download the .esp file and enable it in your load order


[collapsed title=How it works - new immersive version]

How it works - new immersive version

  • When you start a new game, you will be asked where you want to start

  • If you choose "Capital Wasteland" you'll start with the Vault 101 character generation.

    • You can travel to NV later using the train station

  • If you choose "Mojave Wasteland" you'll start with the Doc Mitchell character generation.

    • Among the items that Doc Mitchell gives you (such as your pip-boy, clothes, etc.) are an old holotape, an old note (the scouting report), and an old picture (exhibit b).  These are three items from the Vault 101 chargen quests.

    • Once you listen to the 'old holotape' script will automatically complete all of the Vault 101 chargen quests, leaving the DC worldspace set up as though you just walked out of the Vault over there.

    • The script will automatically start the quest "Following in his Footsteps" with the objective "Travel to DC and investigate the town of Megaton."

  • For modders: This mod also correctly trips the TTWFunctions quest based on which wasteland you start in, and sets the globals too!  Also, it supports several different .ini values for SCharGenQuest including the TTW (TTWStart/001FFFF8), the vanilla FNV (VCG00/00102037), and the vanilla FO3 (CG00/0001F388).


WARNING: This is a proof-of-concept mod and should not be used for super-duper-serious game playing! TTW currently has limited support for starting in the Mojave.  Bugs may be encountered!  However, in my testing so far it seems like things work fine.  Over 500 people have downloaded it with no complaints.



[collapsed title=Changelog]

v1: new version uploaded that doesn't require .ini changes... d'oh! 

v2: EDIT 2014-01-18: new version uploaded with several bugfixes. (a) you can now load old savegames with this mod installed (b) you can now disable this mod and load the games you created with this mod active and (c) starting in DC and travelling to NV should work fine now with no hangups.  If you have the old version, you should upgrade ASAP.

Due to bug (b) above, beware that if you ever disable this mod (the old or the new version), you will be unable to load games that were created with the old version of this mod active.  I warned you!  If you really need to do that for some reason, try loading the game with the mod active, and using the console to "setstage CG00 85".  Of course, you will have to look up the baseID of the quest CG00, which is probably 0001F388.  So "setstage 0001F388 85" should fix it if you really really need to remove this mod permanently but still need to play the game with the character created while the old version you downloaded (pre 2014-01-18) was active in your load order.

v3: new immersive version uploaded based on comments from the team - thanks Risewild!

v4: updated to work with TTW v2.6+ - thanks to rickerhk and puppetron for help debugging.  non-immersive (pop-up menu) version no longer supported.



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OK I have now tested this mod

Post by thermador » Sun Jan 05, 2014 9:01 pm

OK I have now tested this mod pretty thoroughly, starting in NV, doing some quests, hoofing it to the freeside train station, travelling to DC, and starting the Fallout 3 main quest.  Everything seems to work fine.  


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excellent!  will give this a

Post by Puppettron » Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:27 am

excellent!  will give this a try

perms:  either a full fireworks display spelling out "Puppettron Made This" anytime a user accesses my content in-game, or just give me credit somewhere.

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You are my hero.

Post by Trm8r » Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:11 am

You are my hero.

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Added to "optional files" in

Post by thermador » Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:26 am

Added to "optional files" in SVN - added to trunk in r113, added to 2.4a branch in r114.  Or something.  smiley

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I did just find a glitch. I

Post by chucksteel » Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:02 pm

I did just find a glitch. I installed this and it works great but when I used an old save from before I installed it I got the menu. My game seem to think if loading a save from before I installed the mod it's a new game. 

not a big issue as I was just testing an update to TTWInt but I could see this frustrating people. 

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Actually I noticed that too,

Post by thermador » Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:29 am

Actually I noticed that too, just the other day.  I will have to write some if/else statements to fix it.

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Cool this is something I have

Post by chucksteel » Fri Jan 17, 2014 3:59 am

Cool this is something I have always advocated for in TTW and it works well. I feel it is important to give the player a choice just like the Pre-order pack options. 

Edit: even though when truly playing I would always start in DC. laugh

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New version uploaded, thanks

Post by thermador » Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:04 am

New version uploaded, thanks for the bug reports you guys. smiley

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Here's a little suggestion:

Post by rylasasin » Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:44 am

Here's a little suggestion:

In addition to the new game menu, what you could also do is attach a script to the fallout 3 vault door exit (or alter the current one) to give you the same menu.

That way, you could choose the Capital Wasteland start in vault 101, living your birth and childhood etc as a sort of prologue to your Mojave start.

Alternatively... this could be inserted as a "third option" to the new game options: Mojave Start Chood Flashback mode. Which goes like this:

It plays the New Vegas intro video like the Mojave start, then after benny shoots you, a screen pops up that says "As you lay in the dirt, your life flashes before your eyes..."

Then the Baby scene from the Cap Wasteland starts. You are born, your dad gives you your name, gene projection, skip forward a month, baby in playpen scene with your special, flash forward 10 years birthday party scene blah de blah, flashfoward again to the GOAT, then flashforward again to the vault escape.

Difference here and the normal cap wasteland cap start, Is that as soon as you open the vault door and exit into the cave corridor, you right away hear Doc Michael talk to you (in echo dream format, like the transitions in the cap wasteland start). As you walk down the cave corridor to the vault exit, instead of reaching the door and exiting to the cap wasteland you get another flash of light. This is followed by another messagebox that says something along the lines of "You feel yourself coming to as the dream of your past life fades away."

In this instance, all the stuff taken from the vault is removed (its a dream after all) and the Mojave start begins. This one mirrors the regular TTW Mojave intro though, with the Vigor tester skipped and stuff. 

Basically, it gives the player the immersive intro and backstory of the cap wasteland start to those who want to actually start in the Mojave for whatever reason (I usually do it for mod compatibility reasons). Basically, the best of both worlds.

Just an idea. :-/

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