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Project Nevada is known to

Post by RoyBatty » Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:18 am

Project Nevada is known to cause the slowing down over time.

If you follow the performance guide and adjust the initial heap it should help with container/barter/pipboy lag. What happens is the heap becomes very fragmented and the memory managing gets slower.


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Roy you're awesome, totally

Post by Chriserz » Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:35 pm

Totally missed the performance guide, I already had NVSR/NVAC etc but I never set the memory heap and set multithread or the unloaded cells.General performance/fps seems to have gone up with the addition of no performance slow downs, played through pretty much the whole pitt DLC with those performance changes to the .ini's and it worked a charm!

Thanks again Roy, you legend!

Even managed to record some decent gameplay with the changes as a test recording and FPS still seemed solid enough.May a link here later If I decide to upload it to youtube to test the quality.


Also I think I may of had a small conflict from the old Amidian book of steel, updated it to the newer "compatibility" version and the accompanying ttw patch aswell a newer FO3 outcast armour texture(Whatever I had installed before was literally making the outcast and winterized armour nearly flourescent white, it was absurd, this fixed the textures and also replaced the enclaves with a higher res version.) Apparently the newer version I got cleans up so .ESP conflicts or something along those lines so that may have helped some too...only downside is it messed with the stats on the outcast armour and removed the PN enhanced vision off of the Outcast's helmets...and dramasitcally lowered there value, increasing there DR and removing the passive effects ( ie +1STR or Rad res).... anyway small price to pay for the Dark knights of the wasteland not to look like knights in shining armor lol...

Also....a suppressed AWP with BLEED and AP rounds make for great Enclave huntings! :D

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