How to export your LO (Load Order)

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How to export your LO (Load Order)

Post by Risewild » Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:51 am

I will show you how you can export your Load Order (LO for short) easily using Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM for short), Mod Organizer 2 (MO2) and Nexus Mod Manager (NMM for short). Mod Organizer (MO for short) users will not have any pictures because I never used MO and so I can't really get pics, sorry.
Vortex doesn't have an "export" LO option, so I will explain how to access the FNV's "plugins.txt".

So let's start with FOMM, it's as easily as click a couple of times.
All you have to do is:
  • Click on the Load Order option on the top of FOMM
  • Click on the Export option, that will open a Save As window
  • Just pick where you want to save your LO text file
  • Name it "Load Order" (or whatever you want)
  • Click Save.
Some pics to help, I guess:


Using MO:
  • You need to go to your ModOrganizer folder
  • Then to your profiles folder
  • Then go to your <current profile> folder
  • There should be a file called loadorder.txt, that is your LO

Using MO2:
  • You need to click the file icon
  • Then "Open Profile Folder"
  • There should be a file called loadorder.txt, that is your LO
Some Pics
File Icon:
Open Profile Folder option:

Thanks go for Gribbleshnibit8 for giving me the instructions for MO.
Thanks go for RoyBatty for giving me the instructions and pictures for MO2.

Vortex users have to manually access the plugins.txt.
To do this you have to look into your "*Main Drive Letter*\Users\*Your Username*\AppData\Local\FalloutNV\" for a text file named "plugins".
IIRC, the plugins.txt will only contain the plugins in the LO, not the actual order of the plugins. But it's better than nothing.

Question: You exported your LO as a text file, now how do you make that text file reach the TTW team?
Answer: It's easy, just use the site/service called
  • Open your Load Order text file you just made
  • Select all of text in it (ctrl+A windows keyboard shortcut, Cmd+A MAC keyboard shortcut)
  • Copy the selected text (ctrl+C windows keyboard shortcut, Cmd+C MAC keyboard shortcut)
  • Open the site
  • Paste what you copied in step 3 in the box under the New Paste (ctrl+V windows keyboard shortcut, Cmd+V MAC keyboard shortcut)
  • Press the Submit button on the site
  • Copy the link provided
  • Paste the link you copied on the chat or on a post
  • Done

NMM is not supported by TTW and is not even under development anymore. This part is here just for information and legacy value:
Do not use NMM with TTWShow
Now lets do the same using NMM:
  • Go to your NMM Plugins tab
  • Click on the icon that has a sheet of paper with an arrow pointing to the right
  • Click on the Export to a text file, that will open a Save current load order to window
  • NMM assumes you are lazy and already gives an automatic name for the text file, keep it or change it
  • Click Save
Some pics to help, I guess:


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