Peculiar frames for peculiar settings.

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Peculiar frames for peculiar settings.

Post by Tacitvrno » Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:29 pm

So i get about 30-45 fps in TTW if i set graphics setting to medium but 60 if i set it to Ultra, its specially notable in exterior areas. I mean, i'm not really complaining, but i found it funny. Is this normal? I have an old nvidia card. xD

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Follow the performance guide

Post by CVB_Taihou » Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:49 am

Follow the performance guide here.
And....try disabling the shadows. I play without them.

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It could depend on if your

Post by Mystical Panda » Sun Jul 01, 2018 2:59 am

It could depend on if your using Ultra textures; the engine won't have to downscale the textures before rendering, otherwise there could be an extra step or two before the 'scene is up'. Also, some cards have an 'optimum' resolution for displaying images, and anything above or below that value could cause a reduction in fps; this can be independent of your general system specs as it's inherent specifically to the gpu.

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