What Things do You Like in TTW

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What Things do You Like in TTW

Post by CrusaderTheFirst » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:32 pm

The title says it all. TTW does a bit more than just simply combining fallout 3 and new vegas with the new vegas engine, it makes both games a bit more fun with the extra stuff like a few subtle references to new vegas in the fallout 3 portion (and vice versa but I'm not sure), rebalancing weapons, etc. I ask what things do you like that TTW does.

Personally, I like that you can choose to have new vegas style speech checks in fallout 3, it's so much better than percentages.

I also like the fact that enemies and vendors have fallout 3/new vegas weapons in both portions.

Lastly, bobbleheads, you can choose to have them boost your skills and special or boost stuff like health and damage, either of those are much better in the long run than getting caps from a snow globe. (Plus personally, bobbleheads are nicer to look at.)

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Add some of the great mods

Post by Royhr » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:42 pm

Add some of the great mods that add even more places to explore and you have one massive game experience. If you thoroughly play through both FO3 and FONV as well as all of the DLCs you could play this game for months and maybe still not totally complete it. Best of all it's replayable again over and over. No doubt it's one of the best games if not the best game out there.... yes  And I'm saying this without even playing it for awhile since I'm waiting on the 3.0 release before venturing off on another full blown adventure... smiley

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