NV Items to Be added to FO3 and FO3 DLC

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NV Items to Be added to FO3 and FO3 DLC

Post by chucksteel » Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:28 pm

This is a list of NV specifics Items and, the number of them that are out in the NV world. If I'm missed someting please let me know. 

: ----CHEMS----


14 Cateye Done

21 Fixer Done

24 Super Stimpak Done

10 Rebound Done

20 Steady Done

12 Antivenom Done

8   Turbo Done

27 Hydra Done

0   Slasher

0   Rocket

4   Atomic Coctail Done




0  Wasteland Omelet

22 Absinthe

0   Rum & Nuka

0   Caravan Lunch

0   Fire Ant Meat

0   Fire Ant Egg

0   Ant Egg

    Human Remains (only in mutant gore bags)

0   Bloatfly Slider

10 Brahmin Meat

6   Irr.Brahmin meat

36 Brahmin steak

14 Brahmin Wellington (In the ultralux)

9   Coyote Meat

0   Coyote Steak

63 Dog Meat Done Done

2   Dog Steak (In the ultralux)

35 Molerat Meat (Vanilla FO3 and FNV)

    Fire Ant Fricassee

7  Moonshine (Not sure because there is Moonshine in PL)





**  Doctor Bag Done

18 Weapon Repair Kit Done





6  Deathclaw Egg Done

22 Empty Jet Inhaler

** Scrap Electronics Done

** Duct Tape Done

** Egg Timer Done

1  Dog Hide

11 Create and place some new snowglobes?

0   Radscorpion Egg (I can add Radscorpion Egg Clutches Have the models made for NV Interiors)





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