A World Of Pain FO3

Mod releases and conversions.
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A World Of Pain FO3

Post by RoyBatty » Sat Jul 05, 2014 4:11 am

A World of Pain 4 Fallout 3 by DJ Mystro - Harderman - Roy Batty

A World Of Pain adds new areas and "rumble zones" to DC. The areas are designed to be difficult and offer increased challenge. This mod was created by DJ Mystro and is a fantastic addition to the Capital Wasteland and works well in conjunction with DC Interiors and Busworld.

I ask that you download and endorse the original mod on the nexus in a show of appreciation for DJ Mystro's work

It can be found here http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/17965

You may want to fire any followers before traveling to DLC's, I'll fix them following you some time in the future.

They will go to the Muddy Rudder or the Atomic Wrangler depending on which wasteland you are in at the time.

Fire any followers before uninstalling the mod.

If you want to create a low loot, low monster, or no MK II weapon patch (or combination there of) feel free to do so.

This won't be the final release as there is always something more to do.

It is REQUIRED to make a Merge patch with FNVEdit 3.1.0 or higher

[collapsed title=Download Links]

AWOP4FO3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByyDLPnmgtNVRXNzR0ppcHBVRVE/view?usp=sharing

JIP CCC Avatars https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByyDLPnmgtNVTVE3ZS1SdzVPdjA/view?usp=sharing


[collapsed title=Change Log]

- Initial Release -

Some weapon names changed to use MK II lore friendly naming.

.32 caliber pistols replaced with .308 revolver.

.32 submachine gun replaced with .308 submachine gun (like an HK51).

Weapon stats and prices adjusted to New Vegas levels.

Weapons with barter skill fixed to use Guns skill.

Big Guns skills books replaced with Guns and Bullets books.

All Shotgun Shells replaced with 12ga or 20ga depending on area difficulty.

.32 cal ammo replaced with .308 ammo.

Containers with Shotgun Shells have new containers with random 12ga or 20ga.

Containers with .32 cal ammo have new containers with .308 ammo.

New leveled lists for containers which contained Shotgun Shells or .32 Cal ammo.

New food items now have hardcore effects and integration into the Old World Gourmet perk and Food Sanitizer.

Some food items had their Food Sanitizer effects fixed.

- Update 1 -

Types of some food were corrected, and some beverages had pickup and putdown sounds added.

Chinese Assault Rifle MK II pick up and put down sound added.

Ammo lists fixed for Chinese Assault Rifle MK II, Overcharged Plasma Pistol, Defective Auto Plasma, and Auto Plasma.

Many NPC's stats fixed.

Companions set to scale with the player.

Added forms have been given master index to make merging the .esp into the .esm easier.

- Update 2 -

Food items now heal over time instead of instantly.

Whiskey (Fresh) was given dehydration for hardcore mode.

Sniper Rifle MK II was given DummyNVKnife object effect to show increased crit in Pip-Boy.

Weapons checked for Ammo Lists and added where applicable

NPC's inventories checked to make sure they have some ammo for above changes.

- Update 3 -

Painstakingly explored every Cell to make sure all containers were accessible and that there are no misplaced objects, terrain, or NPC's.

Added weapons to the various leveled lists for perks, challenges, hold out and misc.

Went through all the dialogues, notes and messages and corrected any spelling/grammar errors.

Strength/Skill requirements for added weapons.

Replaced silenced 10mm pistols with 10mm pistol and silencer mod.

Replaced scoped .44's with .44 revolver and scope mod.

Replaced wasteland fungus types with pick-able TTW versions.

Fixed footlocker in Talon Subway which was being blocked from access by collision mesh.

Fixed some items falling through surfaces in Springvale Sewer and Friendship Asylum.

Fixed blocking volume in Cell Block B that prevented enemies from attacking the player.

Fixed un-lootable books in Friendship Asylum.

Fixed activatable Terminal in Friendship Asylum that did nothing.

Fixed note that was added to player inventory and was unusable.

Fixed misplaced door in Grayditch Auto Services that caused Z fighting in a wall. (Requires new save)

Fixed Terminal with wrong model in Crystal City

Fixed un-lootable book in Zeus's lair.

Fixed hard to activate Ammo Box and Briefcase in Beastlord's Lair.

Added Icon to Vonda's Perk

Added a few more Map Markers

Added Doctors Bags to various areas and Reward Containers for hardcore mode players.

Changed 4D Storage Device names to match AWOP NV ones, and adjusted values. Capacity for Gen II Device adjusted to match AWOP NV version.

Done - Add companion Perks;

1) Sneaky Survivalist for Vonda : +10 sneak, +10 survival

The Warden already has a Perk called "Pain Lord"

- Update 4 -

Done - Change the two companions to use the New Vegas companion wheel system.

Done - Clean up dialogue tree's, they are a complete mess and The Warden's is broken.

Done - Fix several "Patients" in Friendship Asylum that refuse to attack the player (Package and/or Faction issue).

Done - Make "Ghost" guards semi-transparent and disintegrate on death as DJ Mystro intended.

Done - Try to fix Ghost Guards weapon projectile from causing massive slowdown/frame lag.

Done - Unused dialog topics, NPCs, AI Packages, and other stuff removed.

Done - Cut Dialogue restored.

Done - Many AI packages fixed.

Done - More spelling and grammar corrections.

Done - Added dialogue lines for companions.

Done - Fixed dialogue conditions.

Done - Merged esp into esm.

- Update 5 -

Done - Critical Dialogue fixes.

Done - Weapon Rebalance and First person view with Assault rifles fixed.

Bonus - A few cells are now optimized as well as they can be.

- Update 6 -

Done - Weapon Rebalance

Done - Weapon Mod Support

Done - Minor tweaks to various stuff

- Update 7 -

Reverted to normal form lists instead of scripts

Added better form list integration

Optimized a couple more cells

Reoptimized a couple cells

Went over all persistent flags

Optimized and repaired all navmeshes

Fixed some dialogue conditions

Fixed companion dialogue result scripts

Fixed/Added some container sounds

Rebalanced a couple of weapons

Renamed a couple of weapons

Fixed some errors/terrain in a couple cells

Added proper DR/DT actor effects to many enemies

Fixed shotgun ammo loot list

Changed Vonda's Sneaky Survivalist perk to Hardened Survivalist (+10 DR, +5 DT)

Warden's Perk now has proper Regeneration

Boss Regeneration now works

Fixed NIFZ lists in Super Mutant Creature forms

Fixed traps in Friendship Asylum

Fixed Automatic Railway Rifle to really be automatic, can't fix the reload animation perfect sorry.

Fixed other stuff I can't remember


[collapsed title=Todo List]

In Progress - Optimize Cells to increase performance and reduce crashing with texture packs

Add audio and north markers to cells

Fire followers automatically when starting DLC content


[collapsed title=Credits]

--- A million thanks to ---

DJ Mystro for creating A World Of Pain and giving me full permission to work on AWOP DC and NV.

Harderman for the Transparent Ghosts and disintegration effects.

JaxFireheart for his conversion script

Drithius for inspiration

TJ for his support and suggestions

Gribbleshnibit8 for his support and help

ChuckSteel for encouraging me to mod in the first place

TTW Team for being awesome

Shardoom for bug reports and suggestions

Puppettron for being who he is


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Y'know, I've never used AWOP

Post by Andr0idOS » Sat Jul 05, 2014 5:04 am

Y'know, I've never used AWOP and wasn't particularly interested in it, but spelling mistakes are one of my biggest pet peeves. Downloading, will report any bugs/spelling errors :P


You make quality stuff Roy, I appreciate you sharing your work with us. Thanks.

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Lots of updates and a few

Post by RoyBatty » Mon Jul 07, 2014 6:44 pm

Lots of updates and a few changes were made.

First post updated with new version.


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RoyBatty wrote:

Post by tizerist » Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:42 pm



door textures in Crystal City as they are intended to be that way (I checked against my Fallout 3 install)


Hi Roy, I was the one who raised the door issue. The doors being in the F3 version was not the problem. The problem was they looked (in my opinion) mistakenly placed, and at-odds with the surrounding area.

This is down to how Djmystro used to build his areas in Fallout. He was fast. Boy, was he fast. But he made some mistakes due to this. Like the spelling. This was one of the last areas he built before retiring, so it remains in places unpolished.

Whether this makes any difference to you regarding changes in the mod is another matter altogether though. Just thought I'd point out those bits to you anyway.


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Yeah he did some cool stuff,

Post by RoyBatty » Tue Jul 08, 2014 3:03 am

Yeah he did some cool stuff, but I think he put more effort into this than he did into AWOP NV as far as trying to make it bug free. I mean... I could change the doors really easy but I have no idea if he really wanted them that way or not. I honestly don't want to try and bother him until I have a more major set of work done on both mods, at which point I want to seek his permission to add voice acting to AWOP DC.

There really isn't a lot of grammar and spelling errors in this like AWOP NV has. There is also not many glaring obvious things like wrong items, bugged containers or messed up terrain like in the NV version either. Not to mention the giant heap of dirty edits that it has.

What I can do is get you the formid's for those doors and you can change them yourself in FNVEdit, if that would be something you would want to do.


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Drithius: Thank you.

Post by RoyBatty » Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:43 am

Drithius: Thank you.

It's pretty fun, even if it's not on the same scale as the NV one is.

I was more than a little inspired to do this from your work with AWOP NV. I might release a little patch for the Fallout 3 version which has the text corrections, and the error fixes. I've found and corrected a couple of things in the cells, but I'm thankful it doesn't have the amount of weirdness the NV one does.

Oh and if you play this one, could you wait a bit for me to finish the companion changes. It will make sure they don't teleport to you in the DLC's or get murdered by the Securitrons at The Strip entrance. :)



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In crystal city vault-tec

Post by Shardoom » Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:03 pm

In crystal city vault-tec offices there is a terminal that has the visual of an old 'unusable' machine, however it can be used and actually contains a bunch of diary entries. Only actually found it by accident.


Can't be meant to be that way I don't think?

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Already fixed. There's an

Post by RoyBatty » Sat Jul 26, 2014 8:54 pm

Already fixed. There's an activatable one in Friendship Asylum's guard office that does nothing too, also fixed that one.


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Cool cool, thought you might

Post by Shardoom » Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:46 pm

Cool cool, thought you might have. It's just it wasn't in your OP as done or to be done so I thought I'd mention it just in case.

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First post updated with new

Post by RoyBatty » Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:21 am

First post updated with new version. This is an interim version until I complete work on the dialog tree's and add the companion wheel to The Warden. This version is not complete in those regards but the Companion Wheel for Vonda seems to work perfectly. I still need to clean up some of her dialog trees which are amazingly messy. The Warden's dialog have not yet been touched, there is a bug in them which is known which can prevent you from exiting the conversation. If you chose "Join Up" there is no exit from the conversation tree, so don't select that option.

Currently list integration is done via NVSE script commands, so it shouldn't break your game if you uninstall. When the mod is complete I will have two versions available, one with scripted lists and one with edited lists for those who prefer to make a merged patch. I'm not going to maintain two versions while it's still being developed.

If you do want to uninstall just be sure if you hired Vonda to fire her first. Again I recommend you do NOT hire The Warden or you won't be able to uninstall the mod.

This is an interim version to fix glaring issues so people currently playing it can enjoy the bug fixes and additions.

Note that the door fix in Grayditch Automotive Services won't be fixed if you've already visited the cell.

Cheers, and enjoy!


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