Help with scripting - alternate start mods for 3.3

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Help with scripting - alternate start mods for 3.3

Post by Kangarus » Mon Oct 31, 2022 11:05 am


I'm trying to script an alternate start mod for TTW 3.3 for personal use.

Basically, what I want to do is either substitute the vanilla TTW menu mod like with the Custom Beginning one, or port an alternate start mod for FO3 in TTW, such as the one with a Grognak in it for example. I'm hoping to RP my Lone Courier as either a synth (android) or a Chinese remnant, bypassing the birth scene but still starting in DC.

The scripting looks relatively simple, I am in the early days of learning how the scripting works, but it doesn't look too hard from what I can tell. I guess it's just a matter of altering some code. I am intending my self-made patches for personal use only, but I would like to eventually make my own alternate start mod for TTW, if time and future skills permit.

I would prefer to stay with 3.3 where I can. Thanks for your time :)

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