TTW 3.3 Fast Trouble on the Homefront

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TTW 3.3 Fast Trouble on the Homefront

Post by erafox » Sat Apr 30, 2022 12:40 am


In vanilla game "Trouble on the Homefront" quest can only be started after "The Waters of Life" part of the main questline. This mod removes the restriction - "Trouble on the Homefront" can now be started after 5 days have passed since you left Vault 101, regardless of the MQ stage. It starts exacly the same way - by picking up "Vault 101 Emergency Frequency" radio signal.

Wait a minute, what about the dialogue with Vault residents, referencing MQ events?
No need to worry - the initial dialogue option with Vault Security Officer is changed dynamically, according to the MQ events - I have used bits of existing voice acting for this character, so everything should blend in nicely. This is the only dialogue I could find, which specifically mentions the events of "The Waters of Life" quest. If you know of any others, please let me know in the comment section.

But wait! There is more!
As a secondary feature of this mod I have restored Vault 101 PA System radio. In vanilla game you can tune on it during your return to the Vault, but will hear nothing. This seemed like an oversight to me, because there are special radio annoucements for "Trouble on the Homefront" quest, which can be seen in GECK, but are never heard ingame. With this mod you'll be able to hear Overseer's annoucements in all their glory.


There aren't any known compatibility issues at the time.

CREDIT to qwerty for the f3 version

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Re: TTW 3.3 Fast Trouble on the Homefront

Post by Laclongquan » Sat Apr 30, 2022 1:09 am

I remember there is one or two dialog lines referred to dad being dead.

I agrre that this quest need pushing up early.

But there is a need to edit dialog lines to make it logical.

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