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Tailor Maid for T4 or T3?

Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2021 1:19 pm
by LordChauncy
Greetings I was wondering if there are any conversions for the Tailor Maid outfits for T4 or failing that, ones that use the T3 texture.
I believe back in the day I used Exnem and there was a conversion but I think thats a different texture map than T3/T4/T6

So i recently began a play through of TTW.
First off I am just amazed by the wizardry used to create this masterpiece. I mean I don't really know what to call TTW? Calling it a "mod" just doesn't do it justice. So I've been going through my nexus download history to try and recreate my ideal versions of FO3 and FONV.
This time around I wasn't going to bother with body replacers.
But lo and behold as soon as I looted a raider I remembered that magic white t-shirt that everyone in the wasteland wears.
So I had to fix it. Sure I could just not loot raiders, but just knowing it was there bugged me.
I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a name for that.
So I tried the vanilla body replacers from Jokerine, as a kind redditor recommended
a bit rough, but did the job, but that neckseam.
Oh wait necklaces, that fixes that. ... escription
Then I just happened to kill a raider in blastmaster armor and the body ended up inverted as I looted it I saw it, dear sweet Jesus, I saw it!
That mangled horrific boot of a foot on the vanilla armor, this will not do.
So I found this for the males
I noticed it said seamless, yeah right but downloaded and what do know that neck seam is gone
Is there one for females? Why yes, yes there is.
But wait thats for Type 4.

So that gets me to now, I have my game pretty much set and have been playing enough that I am lvl 29 (almost perfect right around the corner)
I have downloaded a bunch of T3/T4 mods and pretty much have enough stuff to either convert or replace most of the custom armors I have added save for the Tailor Maid outfits (Leather Armor with shorts, Regulator armor with shorts etc) I really dig those outfits because they make alot of sense in the NV setting. In my mind Sunny Smiles is always wearing a Gecko Skinned Regulator Duster with shorts on to keep cool in the desert heat.
Obviously I would prefer a female skin that uses the vanilla maps but that doesn't seem to exist, but a conversion would do.
So does such a thing exist?