TTW Main Menu Screen Replacer

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TTW Main Menu Screen Replacer

Post by Kinderblut » Sun Aug 22, 2021 3:21 pm

Recently I stumbled across a hardrive with installation files from an older version of TTW. In it was a main menu screen replacer from the 2.9.4 forum (now hidden).
It isn't available on google or any other mod site, meaning no known author attached, so I thought it would be worth sharing it here. Obviously it's just a texture file, so no incompatibilities.

While the already included TTW replacer for 3.xx is awesome, this particular main menu screen has always been my favourite.


I've also included the main title text on the left ('Fallout: Tale of Two Wastelands') extracted from the TaleOfTwoWastelands - Textures.bsa, for those who are using the file cleaner / bsa archive packager for NMC's texture pack. Simply drag and drop the files from the download link below into your data directory.

Main Menu Screen Replacer: ... sp=sharing

Recommended mods to go with it:

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Re: TTW Main Menu Screen Replacer

Post by kvltivation » Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:50 pm

Thanks for making this, it is just what I needed after NMC changed the main menu. Cheers!

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