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10mm Submachine Gun Iron Sights

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:10 am
by Ghost8909
Mesh edit of the 10mm SMG and all it's mods, as well as the GRA Sleepytyme unique, to give a proper set of iron sights. Optional TTW/WMIM version with Sydney's Ultra 10mm SMG, and the Pre-War one in Operation: Anchorage.

I've always loved the 10mm SMG. But ever since I first played New Vegas, I found a problem with it. A problem that's lead me to use it less than I did in Fallout 3. That problem was that, in Fallout 3, since there wasn't any ADS, the rear sight was never modeled. And despite Obsidian adding in ADS to New Vegas, they did not edit the 10mm SMG mesh to include them.

I decided that, since I'd been dabbling about with mesh editing, and starting to get my bearings on how to do this properly, I'd give it a shot.

I took the rear sight and "rail" (for decoration), from the Combat Shotgun, and also enlarged the front sight a bit.

Please do leave me a post if you find the sights are off (I didn't touch the Sighting Node, but I could've miss-aligned the meshes, I guess)