Flout 76 Crafting - TTW Version Available

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Flout 76 Crafting - TTW Version Available

Post by bobbyclue » Wed May 29, 2019 7:56 pm

Link to Nexus - [https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods ... ption&BH=1]

What This Mod Does

This mod allows the player to break down most weapons, armors, miscellaneous items, and even some aid items into the base junk materials of Fallout 4 and 76. These components include steel, wood, screws, rubber, nuclear material, and many others. These components can then be used to craft other items, including most weapons and armors. Most of these new recipes require schematics, similar to Fallout 76. These schematics function much like the Powder Charge and Dog-Tag Fist schematics present in the vanilla game. They can be found in containers, out in the open, and being sold by vendors.

The Components

Exactly the same as those in Fallout 4.

- Acid
- Adhesive
- Aluminum
- Antiseptic
- Asbestos
- Ballistic Fiber
- Bone
- Ceramic
- Circuitry
- Cloth
- Concrete
- Copper
- Cork
- Crystal
- Fertilizer
- Fiber Optics
- Fiberglass
- Gears
- Glass
- Gold
- Leather
- Nuclear Material
- Oil
- Plastic
- Rubber
- Screws
- Silver
- Spring
- Steel
- Wood

Lead was already present in the vanilla game.


Virtually all weapons that are not unique or semi-unique can be crafted. Most "generic" armor and clothing can be crafted, including most power armor. Armors that classify as disguises require you to have some level of positive reputation with the associated faction in order to craft them. A handful of vanilla miscellaneous items may also be crafted. Bulk variants of components can be crafted in order to sell them at a better rate. Bulk components may also be bought from vendors. Campfire recipes that need heat now require 1 wood, as they do in Fallout 76. Most craftable items can only be crafted at a single type of crafting station.


You can scrap everything you can craft, along with almost every miscellaneous item and some perishable aid items. Scrapping can be done at any of the three vanilla crafting station (Campfire, Workbench, and Reloading Bench).


In order to craft most items, you must first have found the relevant schematic. Schematics can be found all over the map, both out in the open and randomly in containers. They can also be bought from vendors.


Items added by mods that do not have a patch will not be able to be crafted or scrapped unless that mod already added that feature itself. This mod should be placed fairly high in your load order, and needs to be loaded before Functional Post Game Ending if you are using it. It should be placed after YUP, as all relevant changes have been forwarded. This mod does edit leveled lists, so you will need to make a patch with Mator Smash, Wrye Bash, or FNVEdit if you are using other mods that edit the same level lists. If you do not know how to use these tools, GamerPoets has made excellent tutorials for them on Youtube.

Mods With Patches

- A Tale of Two Wastelands
- JSawyer Ultimate

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Re: Flout 76 Crafting - TTW Version Available

Post by unown » Fri Jan 03, 2020 11:00 pm

this mod is flippin lit homie. thanks for making it c:

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Re: Flout 76 Crafting - TTW Version Available

Post by Bloxyman » Sat Jan 04, 2020 10:06 pm

A few ideas:
- Saturnite Material for Saturnite items like the Cosmic Knives & Saturnite Fists.
- Zetanium Material for Mothership Zeta items like the Alien Weapons.

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