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Re: FiftyTifty's Robotician

Post by FiftyTifty » Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:10 pm

Deroxis wrote:
Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:43 pm
Been loving this mod, felt great to charge the Enclave with Liberty Prime and 3 Sentry Bots, felt less great when Liberty Prime proceeded to walk through a building a walk in circles.

Ive experienced a few issues with this mod, none of them are really "game breaking" as you made it very easy to reset their AI with packaging and putting them back down but they can get frustrating:

- Robots will hit eachother quite often if you have more than one at a time, triggering them to attack eachother. They are also prone to attack other friendly NPCs even if they are hit by an explosive or stray shot (Liberty Prime was getting sprayed by 3 gatling lasers and missiles at one point).

- Protecteron is extremely slow, will find it impossible to keep up unless you move at walk speed

- Robot parts, or atleast sentry parts will disappear if you attempt to activate a second one instantly after the first (it will be "consumed" and disappear). After the first time though I just learned to close and reopen the pipboy, which fixed it

- Sentry Bot loves to fire missiles at you. The amount of times my sentry bots have decided it would be a smart idea to fire a missile into a hill or building, hitting me in the proccess and sending me into the stratosphere is in the 100s now. I think my favourite is the Museum of History, if there is a supermutant in range to shoot you, you can expect a missile in the back in about 5 seconds.

All in all though I really, really love this mod and it provides quite an efficient and enjoyable replacement to followers.
Yeah I tried to figure out why that was happening. I set all the robots to have their factions set to allied, but they still lay into each other. I'll look further into it.

I couldn't find any tutorials on speeding up animations, so that's just how it is unfortunately. There might be a way to script them so that if they're actively following you but stray too far away, they get teleported to you, but it would look really bad.

Probably should remove the missile launcher from the sentry bot, and replace it with a minigun.

Life is currently hectic, and I need to reinstall Windows to fix some bizarre shite I'm having with older games. I'll get this fixed once I've moved into my new place, but it'll be a few weeks.

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