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Mod releases and conversions for Current versions of TTW
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Re: The Regulators

Post by Daeymon » Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:27 pm

RoyBatty wrote:
Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:39 pm
We are aware of the navmesh conflicts here and are looking into it.
Great to hear. Then old news from your prospective :)

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Re: The Regulators

Post by UsagiPyon » Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:34 pm

Final Edit* 16/04/19
Just finished the mod today and it was hell alot of fun and the perk was sweet.
Although I did encounter several possible mod bugs or engine bugs, they were minor at best.
I had TTW Regulator version 1.4 on a fresh run.

1.The door to the HQ was marked red and I am considered as trespassing.
The items inside the cells were all green but I can't use the bed because I was flagged as trespassing.
2.The quest marker do not update upon killing the main target boss of the contract and looting his finger of the fugitive does nothing as well.
However you can return back to HQ and complete the contract via the terminal.

3.After I kill the main target boss and loots his finger of the fugitive, I save and was then promptly killed by a sneaking deathclaw behind me.
So I reloaded the save and upon doing so I can't complete the contract via the terminal. I reloaded again to confirm and true enough I can't complete the contract.
The contract seems to have to be done in one shot.

4.The brahmin herd was not outside the HQ when I first reach it but reloading the save makes them appear.

5.Not sure if this was intentional or not. When you accept a contract and immediately use the terminal to reset the location with more enemies, it spawns two bosses in which you can get two finger of the fugitive. The additional one becomes redundant after you complete the contract.

6.Sonora Cruz's neck glitches out from her regulator combat armor. I did not use any body replacer for this fresh run.
7.I get the perk only after 48 contracts (mod description says 47 but no big deal) were completed and after which if I continue to accept another contract via terminal, it sometimes do not give me the quest but the terminal shows that I have already accepted the contract.

Below is my load order and I am using the latest JIP LN NVSE 55.10
[X] FalloutNV.esm
[X] DeadMoney.esm
[X] HonestHearts.esm
[X] OldWorldBlues.esm
[X] LonesomeRoad.esm
[X] GunRunnersArsenal.esm
[X] Fallout3.esm
[X] Anchorage.esm
[X] ThePitt.esm
[X] BrokenSteel.esm
[X] PointLookout.esm
[X] Zeta.esm
[X] CaravanPack.esm
[X] ClassicPack.esm
[X] MercenaryPack.esm
[X] TribalPack.esm
[X] TaleOfTwoWastelands.esm
[X] YUPTTW.esm
[X] Functional Post Game Ending.esp
[X] AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm
[X] AWorldOfPainFO3.esm
[X] Regulators.esm
[X] AnotherInteriorMod.esm
[X] A Trail of Crumbs.esm
[X] Sortomatic.esm
[X] TTWInteriors_Core.esm
[X] TTWInteriorsProject_Combo.esm
[X] CASM with MCM.esp
[X] TTWInt_FPGE_Patch.esp
[X] FyTy - Companion Framework.esp
[X] DLCSortomatic.esp
[X] DarNifiedUINV.esp
[X] Enhanced Item Info.esp
[X] JIP MiniMap.esp
[X] The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
[X] The Weapon Mod Menu.esp
[X] BLEED.esp
[X] SortomaticIngredientLoader.esp
[X] TTW - AWOPNV.esp
[X] TTW Quick Start.esp
[X] FyTy - Robotician.esp
[X] MCCRosalia.esp
[X] FNV Vlad's Weapon Emporium.esp
[X] MMP.esp

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