Converting TTW in Different Language Guide

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Converting TTW in Different Language Guide

Post by Anro24 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:44 am

Hey i want to share a Guide to change TTW to each Language .
Every know that the TTW are only compatible with US Uncut Version. So as Example German version are straight incompatible and some other Language Version too.

I spend several weeks to find a way to convert the game save to other Language and now i want to show it.

My english is not the best excuse me.

First Step
Install Fallout 3 and New Vegas in your native Language
Copy from Fallout 3 all esm you dont need more the Voice is to much work to get work because the Voice path is different in TTW
Copy from Fallout New Vegas all esm in a Seperate Folder and Rename the FalloutNV.esm to whatever you want esm
Install both games then in English and Run the TTW Installer

Second Step
Copy the DLC esm from New Vegas back in your Folder and overwrite everthing. DONT do it with the FalloutNV.esm
The DLC Esm are 100% identical to the US version dosent matter which Game Version do you have the only Different is Fallout.esm but we cant translate this files. Resaving this esm break your game.

Copy all Fallout 3 esm in your Fallout 3 installation and overwrite everthing

Now we need to build the Perfect Translate Files which we later need to Translate TTW
This step take serveral Hours
For this Step you need FNVEdit, Fo3Edit, TTW Conversation Script and the ESM-ESP Translater

Click on Fo3Edit and check each Plugin
After you are done Expand the Latest Plugin and mark each category except Script
Right Click and Choose Deep Override in a New Plugin. Name the plugin like you want
Do it with each plugin
After you are done save the plugin and copy it in your Fallout New Vegas/Data Folder

Open FNVedit Check each Plugin include The new plugin and TTW. you dont need to check the PreOrder

Press Right Click on the New Plugin and Select Add Master
Select each plugin as Master
Right Click again and Sort Master
Exit and Save the Plugin

Download and Install the TTW Conversation Script
Open FNVEdit and check the New Plugin
Now do right click on the New Plugin and select apply Script
Search for TTW Conversation
Apply this script
This take up to 5 hours but it create a perfect File for Translation
after its done exit and save

Open the new Plugin in the ESM-ESP Translater
Mark everthing, Right Click and Choose Translate = Original
Apply Everthing and save the translation
Do this same steps with all Fallout NV dlc and the Renamed FalloutNV.esm
you can now delete the new plugin and the Renamed FalloutNV.esm they are not anymore nessecarcy

Translate the TTW Files exclude TTWYUP with the Translation file for Fallout 3
Translate the TTWYUP with all Fallout NV translation files
Now Download this Helper.esm ... znO_CiI4G5
translate this file with the Renamed FalloutNV.esm translation file

Load Helper.esm after FalloutNV.esm and before all DLC and TTW files. this is VERY IMPORTANT
the game should be to 98% in your native language. only Union Station and Cut Content aswell the worldswitcher are still english

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Re: Converting TTW in Different Language Guide

Post by NEROX001 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:13 am

Hi brother, is there any possibility that you make an explanatory video? :roll: I did not understand very well.
I have a method to play in Spanish, but FNV is left with texts in English and voices in Spanish and FO3 with texts in Spanish and voices in English. :oops:
Greetings from Argentina. :mrgreen:
PD: this was translated with Google Translator :?

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Re: Converting TTW in Different Language Guide

Post by david88m » Sat Sep 12, 2020 3:08 pm

Thanks for this guide... I used this for converting on Italian language

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Re: Converting TTW in Different Language Guide

Post by XsauroxPlayer » Mon Mar 07, 2022 9:17 pm

is this still doable with version 3.3?

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Post by whithebunny » Sat Jul 08, 2023 9:58 pm

no muy como usar esto, pero quisiera saber si tu metodo aun sirve para jugar al español en la version actual, agradeceria una respuesta.
no se donde se ven los mensajes o si ahy respuesta aqui, pero si quieres y puedes responderme te dejo mi correo:

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