How do I access the pages?

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How do I access the pages?

Post by VinierAardvark1 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:26 am

Hello, I'm rather new here and wanted to install TTW because I've heard about it a lot recently.
Only problem from stopping me is the fact that I cannot access the Project Nevada patch, because I really enjoy using Project Nevada on New Vegas. I know the patch exists, but it won't let me access it.
Speaking of which, it seems that a good, good portion of the pages are blocked off from my usage. How do I go about fixing this to get my game properly set up?

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Re: How do I access the pages?

Post by Risewild » Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:20 am

If you're trying to access pages that are not accessible, that means you're trying pages that are outdated (made for the previous TTW version) and don't work with the new TTW. If you downloaded and installed those mods, you would break TTW. :shock:

If you're looking for the current patch for Project Nevada, you can find it in this thread

Read the first post carefully, since it explains how to use the patch. :D

Also, only Project Nevada "Core" and "Extra Options" are compatible with TTW at the moment. "Cyberware", "Equipment" (most of it already exists in TTW, from FO3 anyway) and "Rebalance" modules are not compatible and there are no patches for them.

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