Eyebots, what kind of propulsion do they use?

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This pic shows the vents. But

Post by paragonskeep » Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:40 pm

This pic shows the vents. But I wonder what the non antenna thingys are? Maybe they are linked via "SCIENCE" to the hover aspect of the Bot.

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@jlf65: Exactly, four points

Post by Decker » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:27 am

@jlf65: Exactly, four points of vectored thrust roughly symmetrically spread around the airframe would allow an eyebot to move in any direction or hover in place.. but yeah, nothing like that can be seen in the front. Maybe the front vents are concealed right after the lower edge of the front grill, that could work. However, cannot find any pictures where one could see from below the area right after the lower edge of the front grill.

@paragonskeep: Those protruding non-antenna bits look like capacitors or vacuum tubes perhaps. To point towards Tesla Science! levitation they would propably instead have to be coils though.

No way to solve this mystery conclusively I guess. I would consider the vectored thrust version a more plausible option though, because it would be internally consistent with the rest of the Fallout setting. Not once ever does any of the lore say that pre-war RobCo Industries had anti-gravity tech at their disposal - All of the other hovering RobCo bots do have obvious thrusters or ducted fans, no anti-grav . I mean, instead of the mono-wheeled securitrons, the RobCo CEO House would surely have built antigrav warbots for New Vegas if the tech indeed was so simple it could be massproduced for the eyebots..


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Re: Eyebots, what kind of propulsion do they use?

Post by traskmau5 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:49 pm

I always figured they used some mini repulars on their undersides :P

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Re: Eyebots, what kind of propulsion do they use?

Post by Decker » Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:48 pm

Repulsors, as per the Iron Man of Marvel, or Repulsorlift as per Star Wars, are both scifi-magic devices just as unplausible/difficult/impossible as anti-gravity tech. Also, if mass-produced and disposable RobCo Eyebots can have repulsorlift, so could and surely would any other robots or vehicles of pre-war Fallout. However, there are no other examples of this, other than Zetan Alien robots or the post-war Think Tanks of Big Mountain - Both of which were obviously not within the reach of pre-war corporations.

I would guess that Eyebot antennae are there simply for enhanced radio reception, which is one of their primary default functions; Receive a radio broadcast and blast it out of the speakers while floating past pedestrians.

If Eyebots were indeed hovering with a superstrong magnetic levitation pushing against the weak earth geomagnetic field, this would use absurd amounts of power (there would be no energy scarcity happening in the world with this kind of tech around) and the resulting highly localised magnetic anomaly would also severely disrupt radio reception, not to mention subject anything near or below the eyebot with potentially lethal levels of ionising radiation - It could not be a street legal robot design.

As fas I can tell, an Eyebot is somehow pushing air downwards to stay up in the air - You can actually see a small dust cloud in Fallout 4 under an eyebot, at least. Considering all of the tech that was known to be available pre-war in the Fallout setting, I do still consider a small air breathing nuclear rocket (with clean non-radioactive exhaust) to be the most likely explanation that checks all the necessary dots so to speak. There's no direct evidence about this though, nothing specific written in the lore.

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Re: Eyebots, what kind of propulsion do they use?

Post by RoyBatty » Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:41 pm

They are powered by mini-brahmin and propulsed by their excessive flatulence.

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