Awful Performance in TTW 3.3

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Awful Performance in TTW 3.3

Post by kirito34 » Mon Apr 18, 2022 7:10 am

As the title says, I get extremely poor sub 60 fps performance in some areas/directions in the Capital Wasteland section of TTW. I have all of the performance and stability mods installed, NVTF, JIP plug in, and other common performance mods.

I used to have no issue getting a constant 60fps in a modded NV WITHOUT TTW so I'm confused as to why my fps is so bad, It'll jump all over the place from 75 to 60 and then lower, its never stable even if I cap it to 60fps. I've tried looking everywhere and followed various guides from people like GamerPoets etc and I'm close to the point of uninstalling and giving up.

Specs: GTX 1050 I5 7400 8GB RAM 2TB HDD Windows 10 (Most Recent Update 17/4/22)

All power options are set to maximum performance as well as in the Nvidia Control Panel.

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Re: Awful Performance in TTW 3.3

Post by RoyBatty » Thu Apr 21, 2022 11:13 pm

Remove OneTweak and play in fullscreen.

Don't use old guides, only follow our installation guide. Those old guides are out of date.

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