Amazing Detail with NMC

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Amazing Detail with NMC

Post by FalloutAddict » Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:23 pm

Hi all, 

Just a few pics to show some the new NMC that was updated on 08/03/2015. I'm using both the FO3 and NV versions. and Roy's conversion package scripts.  The quality is even better when in game. The combined texture packs come in at 3.19gb, so, yes it is large.  I can't remember what all NMC are texturing but, these objects seemed better to me. I'm thinking about addiing the Poco Bueno packs as well. So more to come.

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If you want the hi-res ones,

Post by RoyBatty » Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:06 pm

If you want the hi-res ones, get the Ojo Bueno ones.

Also be aware that they cover a lot of the same textures.



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I usually use the lowest

Post by EnderDragonFire » Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:42 pm

I usually use the lowest possible NMC files, and then overwrite with the Ojo Bueno pack. It seems to cause less lag than using Large NMC with Ojo Bueno, with little quality loss. I guess it comes down to personal preference. 

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Do the mentioned Ojo Bueno

Post by Royhr » Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:50 pm

Do the mentioned Ojo Bueno textures only affect the NV side or do some of the textures actually get used on the DC side?

There are quite a few files offered....

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Both games use a lot of the

Post by leafonthewind » Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:49 am

Both games use a lot of the same assets, though not entirely. So Ojo Bueno will affect some DC textures, though far from all of the textures.

As a side note, its generally best to pick and choose texture files when using multiple texture packs, to ensure there is no clashing occuring (though Roys tool does a good job of limiting such clashes between the two versions of nmc).

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Just to save others the heart

Post by horredtheplague » Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:18 am

Just to save others the heart palpitations--there were no new NMC textures uploaded on March 8, 2015. Still the packs from 2013; big note at the bottom of the page to point it out.

The Ojo Bueno files will appear all over the place just like NMC, in both wastelands and even in some DLC (not sure about Zeta e.g.). Naturally ones like the Novac pack won't go far beyond the city limits.

Like EnderDragonfire says, it's a matter of personal preference what you use. That and system specs of course. And like RoyBatty says, several are repeats. Best to know ahead of time what you're getting into.

If you have the hard-drive room to extract the textures (Ojo's are in FoMods already), I recommend viewing at least some of the key ones like dirt, rocks/canyons, roads, etc (in the Landscape folder). Things you're going to see all the time, all game long. I recommend choosing a full 'set' instead of a few tex from each pack per set. By 'set' I mean like all the tex of a kind (the rocks in Ojo, the dirt in NMC, and so on). Sometimes a mix-n-match combination can look really funky in game, but done just-so might possibly make a masterpiece. You'll know your own tastes better than anybody else.

Choose which texture set you like best, and answer yes/no (for overwrite) appropriately. Or, better yet--once you decide what you like, delete the textures from the set you don't want. Then make new install packs from what's left over. Then you can forget about all the brain-melting questions during install and instead go drink a Nuka-Cola (or maybe 3, long extraction) while the computer slaves away.

P.S: Saw the mailbox pic you posted--IMHO Ojo has a better rust texture than NMC (in particular his normals map). See for yourself! One of my favorites are his "Ultra" High-Res Autos--ultra grungy they are, just what you'd expect after a couple centuries/so.

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Actually NMC did upload some

Post by RoyBatty » Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:18 am

Actually NMC did upload some new textures, they are some fixes for things several people pointed out were bugged.