[Req] special encounter tracking

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[Req] special encounter tracking

Post by Laclongquan » Mon Dec 20, 2021 3:31 am

After playing some fallout3 original i notice the super useful feature of tracking special random encounter by quest and by alert sounds when going nearby.

You just dont know how much se you miss going through cw unless you use those mods. Its not often seen, but se is way more easieŕ to meet than experience in ttw suggest.

Unfortunately, three random encounter mods in f3 doesnt work directly in ttw. It need works
1 mods random encounter field guide mod, introduce active quest and appear new optional quest when a se activate nearby and completed when goto that site. This is nicely neutral in f3 but not so good in fnttw because it doesnt show completed objective
2nd random encounter mod add a quest with a list of all quests and all sites. This work better in fnv due to quest screen. It would encourage exploration in ttw more than in f3.
3rd. Random encounter alert mod. Similar to 1st mod this one just play 2 alert sound if a se activate nearby. It might be too subtle in ttw

So please!!!! Would somebody look over this and estimate the work loads??

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