Bullet Sponge Super Mutants ttw 3.2

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Re: Bullet Sponge Super Mutants ttw 3.2

Post by UsagiPyon » Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:14 pm

I guess it comes down to playstyle too. Players who tends to just run and gun without thinking/planning will have trouble with the Super Mutants. I ran past the mutants/ants/raiders when running towards rivet city for the INT bobblehead at level 2, then anchorage DLC for the goodies and PA training.

Now that my character is at max level not even the Overlords are much of a challenge that I have to remove BLEED mod and unequipped the Chinese stealth armor to make them last longer. Oh and completing challenges to get perks like "Set lasers for fun" helps alot too.

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