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Re: Where are the Legacy Mods for 2.9.4?

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:45 pm
by errineros
What you are doing is disgusting! You are trying to FORCE everyone to use TTW 3.x.
It is obvious to anyone who does proper research that TTW 2.9.4b is vastly superior (at this time) for modding.
Do you know how many great tutorials you broke by your actions? Do you care?
And Why, You claim its because stupid people can't Read. Well i can read and I need the files that you Hide!
TTW 3.x is a fine vanilla experience, But for modding its not ready. You have to know this!
Please do the right thing and release TTW 2.9.4b Mods (With Disclaimer for the "stupid people") so I and others can have the BEST TTW Modded experience! Go ahead and Zip em' up Please!
Yes, I'm asking Please Can I have the Mods? I promise not to mix 2.9.4b and 3.x Mods together!

Re: Where are the Legacy Mods for 2.9.4?

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:46 pm
by RoyBatty
A lot of those compatibility patches and conversions were done by me, and they are gone.

You'll just have to get over it. 2.9 didn't have those mods at first either and there was this same complaining.

Projects move forward, and things change. There are lots of really good mods for 3.2 and compatibility patches for it now too. These things take time, it's been just over a year since it's release. If you are so impatient, learn to mod and contribute to the community instead of coming here to complain like a child.

Couldn't care less about any guides.

Re: Where are the Legacy Mods for 2.9.4?

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:57 pm
by Death_Reaper56
I've never seen such entitlement before.Dont throw a tantrum because you cant get mods for 2.9.4.There's a reason nobody except the team has access to them.

Re: Where are the Legacy Mods for 2.9.4?

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:17 am
by Risewild
It's also true that quite a few of those mods made/converted to TTW 2.9 were broken, had/made errors and also broke 2.9. :shock:

Breaking tutorials? Most tutorials from back in the day were broken already, I have seen plenty of "great" tutorials telling people to use LOOT and Nexus Mod Manager with TTW. :shock:
Others recommend totally broken mods and mods with incompatibilities between themselves without offering any patch/fix for those.

Not to mention, that if a tutorial is from several years ago and recommends TTW 2.9, that means that it is outdated by a lot. For example I bet it will recommend Project Nevada, which is old, outdated and broken in quite a few places, while there are better alternatives now. I bet it will recommend NVSR, while NVTF is better now, it might also recommend NMM, which is so broken that even Nexus abandoned it years ago.

Modding isn't static, even for an old game like Fallout New Vegas. There is always new tools and improvements being discovered and made, new and more efficient ways of making stuff happen. NVSE is always getting better, same for it's plugins.

Modders can do amazing stuff today that would be totally impossible to do just 2 years ago.
Clinging to old tutorials will just penalize the game experience, since it will make the game worse than it can be, and in some cases it will break the game, even if the player doesn't realize it.

Re: Where are the Legacy Mods for 2.9.4?

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 3:47 pm
by falloutremasters
can i get marts mutant mod and EVE I would like to try converting them

Re: Where are the Legacy Mods for 2.9.4?

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 9:42 pm
by RoyBatty
Hmm, nope.