Recommended Mods For TTW? Im new in the Modding for TTW

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Recommended Mods For TTW? Im new in the Modding for TTW

Post by TThelKiller7890 » Sun May 26, 2019 12:53 am

Can you tell me what mods are incompatible or don´t needed for TTW because i am starting a new Setup for my new modern PC and.. Well...
I forgot what Mods are not compatible with TTW (some mods i know are compatible but i don´t know if they need a patch and if it is for 3.2 or not). If someone guide me for this please... im confused :?

Anyways, here is some of my mods then i used in an FNV Vanilla game:

Fixed Non-Animated Ammo Box
NV Animated Terminal Screen Saver
Animated Sleeping
Strip Wall Billboards
Legion Quests Expanded
Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI
Improved Transportalponder - Old World Blues
Helpless Falling
Lonesome Road True Faction Allegiance
Better Pickup Promopt
Clean-Deluxe NV
New Vegas Proper Re-Animated
Invisible Wall Remover
FPGE - Functional Post Game Ending
Alternate Loading Screens and Extras
Revised 1st person animations
Real Recoil
Keep Weapons and Equipment at the Fort
Longer Range Weapons and Realisic FOV
More Realistic Aming
DynamiCamera - an adaptive third-person camera
Iron Sights FOV (Zoom) Adjuster
Reload Animation Fix - Lever-Pump-Single action guns
HeroinZero´s Weapon Fixes
Vanilla Restored Audio Patch
Vanilla Hair - No Shine
Eddie Hears An Explosion
No More Doble Open And Close Sounds
Show Pickpocket Success Rate
A Golden Opportunity
Characters Expansions Revised
NV Gutsy Handy Animated Eyes
The Mogul Mausoleum - A Lucky 38 Overhaul
B42 Quickthrow - an alternative grenade hotkey mod
Wanderer Courier Soldier Spy
Passive Combat Music
FNV with 1 extra month of dev time
Main Story Alterations
Immersive Hit Reactions
Vanilla Intro Plus
Fallout 4 Styled Brotherhood Uniforms
The True Revival of Luxury - An Ultra-Luxe Overhaul
Music Extraction
Vendors Containers Respawn Fix
Swimming and Rebreather Restoration
Better Pause Menu
The Storyteller Companion
Ending Fixes
TTW- Dart Gun Fix
GNR Enhanced for TTW
TTW Unique D.C. Skins
Classic Arroyo Music for The Narrows
New Vegas Configator
TTW - Killable Children
Simple Hotkeyed Weapon Scrolling
Sticky Ragdoll Camera
Collision Meshes
Rainy Days (On-Demand Rain Mod)
Perk Per Level - Level Cap at 100
Removed Players Death Visual Effects
Realtime Player Death
Dynamic TimeScale and Realtime Menus for DTS
Interior Fog Remover
TTW General Oliver Hat Fix
GBMM - Gun Behavior Mod Merge
Unofficial Patch Plus
Wild Wasteland Checklist
Uncut Wasteland
Equipment Restoration Project
The Uncut Mods by Moburma including Freeside Open
Prerealease Restored
Uncut Wasteland
Fix for the Caesar Legion Armors
Gauss Rifle VATS Fix with no penalties
Container Sounds Fixes
Radio New Vegas Fix

That´s all and thanks :)

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Re: Recommended Mods For TTW? Im new in the Modding for TTW

Post by jlf65 » Sun May 26, 2019 1:51 pm

There's a thread on incompatible mods: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=6878

For compatible mods, if you don't find it in the mod release forum here, it's probably not compatible.

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