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Re: Xuanlong ammo type

Post by Laclongquan » Wed Mar 15, 2023 4:31 pm

Xuanlong is an accessible machinegun at all time. You can follow main quest and get it early for the plentiful 5mm you looted already.
Otherwise you would need to wait until high level for assault carbine and minigun to appear in the hands of hostiles.

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Re: Xuanlong ammo type

Post by Risewild » Wed Mar 15, 2023 10:42 pm

To add to Laclongquan's post, Xuanlong and Wanda use 5mm ammo in TTW for a few reasons:
  • The get more use for that ammo type.
  • Keeps them balanced for TTW's difficulty, since TTW uses both DT and DR, so the inherent -10 DT of the ammo type is invaluable.
  • This makes them a more viable weapon compared to the "normal" variants.
  • TTW has a lot of 5.56mm automatic weapons already (thanks to having both FNV and FO3 weapons) while there's a distinctive lack of 5mm automatic weapons.
In FO3, only the minigun uses 5mm, while in FNV only the minigun and the assault carbine use this ammo type. In comparison, in FO3 there are 3 weapons that use 5.56mm, the Assault Rifle, the Chinese Assault Rifle and the Infiltrator, while in FNV it's used by the 5.56mm pistol, light machinegun, marksman carbine, service rifle, and varmint rifle.

So in past TTW versions, there were only 2 weapon types using 5mm and a whooping 8 weapon types using 5.56mm. This creates a problem with balance and ammo availability, also due to using both DT and DR, the "normal" ARs and CARs get outclassed quickly, making these two unique weapons a bit useless by the time the player might find them. The simple change of ammo type helps prevent all of these problems and makes the game feel more balanced, it also adds a touch of making the uniques feel like unique weapons, instead of just same-y compared to the normal variants of these weapons.

You can change the ammo type back using the GECK or FNVEdit if you so desire.

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