travel with nv companios cause crash with fast traveling and/or leaving cities after returing to capitol wasteland

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travel with nv companios cause crash with fast traveling and/or leaving cities after returing to capitol wasteland

Post by AwesomeChan15 » Mon Jan 30, 2023 6:19 pm

I returned to the capitol wasteland to complete the side/main quests of the f3 timeline with the NV companions (after almost finishing the perfect NCR run, have not done the final battle), but when I fast travel or enter and leave a building, it crashes when loading in wasteland
here's what mods I'm currently running
"+","Tale of the Two Wasteland",""
"+","Stewie Tweaks","d2022.11.15.0"
"+","ShowOff NVSE","d2022.11.15.0"
"+","JIP LN NVSE Plugin","d2022.10.26.0"
"+","SUP NVSE Plugin","d2022.11.15.0"
"+","JohnnyGuitar NVSE","d2022.10.26.0"
"+","Riot Shotgun Mods","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","T-51B Requisition","d2022.12.23.0"
"+","Hunting Revolver Unscoped","d2022.3.8.0"
"+","12.7mm Pistol Replacer - Desert Eagle","d2022.3.31.0"
"+","Stewie Tweaks Essentials INI","d2022.11.17.0"
"+","ISControl ESPless FULL","d2022.10.26.0"
"+","ShowOff INI","d2022.7.26.0"
"+","The Mod Configuration Menu",""
"+","MCM BugFix 2","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","UIO - User Interface Organizer","d2022.7.26.0"
"+","Enhanced Camera 1.4c","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","JIP Companions Command and Control","d2021.2.18.0"
"+","Universal Pip-Boy Customization","d2022.7.26.0"
"+","Sprint Mod FNV","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Armoed PA Gloves","d2021.5.4.0"
"+","Power Armor Visual Enhancement 4K","d2022.10.26.0"
"+","PAVE Plugin patch","d2022.10.26.0"
"+","PAVE Compatibility Plugins","d2022.10.26.0"
"+","T60 Power Armour","d2022.3.28.0"
"+","LegionGladPA TOTNW Patch","d2022.10.28.0"
"+","Legion Replacer TOTNW Patch","d2022.10.28.0"
"+","Titans of The New West","d2022.11.17.0"
"+","T-60 PA TOTNW Patch","d2022.10.28.0"
"+","PAVE TOTNW Patch","d2022.10.28.0"
"+","Tweaks for TTW - Titans of the New West 2.0 Patch","d2022.11.17.0"
"+","Titans of the New West Icons","d2021.11.27.0"
"+","Tweaks for TTW","d2022.11.17.0"
"+","TTW - Killable Children","d2020.11.2.0"
"+","Hit's Anims - Season 3","d2022.6.15.0"
"+","Blackwolf Backpacks New Vegas ver01d","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Hit's Anims - Season 1","d2022.11.17.0"
"+","Hit's Anims - Season 2","d2022.4.16.0"
"+","Ammo Crafting Schematics","d2022.3.23.0"
"+","Animated Sleeping (1st person disabled)","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Hit's Anims - Season 1 - Cowbow Addon","d2022.4.16.0"
"-","Just Vanilla Sprint","d2022.12.13.0"
"+","Root 'n Loot FNV","d2022.6.24.0"
"+","ACS - DLC Merged","d2022.3.23.0"
"+","Twice As Fast VATS 2.0","d2022.8.5.0"
"+","No Ammo Weight","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Helpless Falling","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Hit's Anims - Assorted Vanilla Patches","d2022.6.15.0"
"+","Airforce PA TOTNW Patch","d2022.10.28.0"
"+","Brighter Pipboy Light","d2022.3.3.0"
"+","Followers Robe","d2022.12.9.0"
"+","Boomers T-57c TOTNW Patch","d2022.10.28.0"
"-","Just Assorted Mods","d2022.12.13.0"
"+","The Strip Open","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Darkwood Falls - Final Version","d2022.1.15.0"
"+","Boomers - T-57c v1 0","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Legion Power Armors","d2021.8.21.0"
"+","Death's Last Whisper","d2022.10.26.0"
"+","Main File","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Freeside Open","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","MainCaesar Legion","d2021.11.4.0"
"+","Freeside Open Cut Music","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Populated Casinos","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Populated Forlorn Hope UPDATED","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Populated Strip","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Populated Wasteland v0_3e","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Sierra Madre Grand Entrance","d2021.12.15.0"
"+","Sink Bathroom","d2021.11.20.0"
"+","Stealth PA TOTNW Patch","d2022.10.28.0"
"+","Stealth Suit MK II Helmet in X13 facility","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Laser PDW V 1.15","d2021.2.23.0"
"+","Fallout Ammo Pack NV","d2021.11.4.0"
"+","Lonesome Road Flare Ammo","d2021.11.4.0"
"+","NV Monorail Project","d2021.2.16.0"
"+","Difficult pete","d2022.3.6.0"
"+","Lee Enfield","d2023.1.15.0"
"+","ballistaXTTW Add-On","d2023.1.16.0"
"+","Ammo Crafting Schematics Reloaded","d2023.1.16.0"
"+","Throwables Add-On","d2023.1.16.0"
"+","Casings and Primers Add-On","d2023.1.16.0"
"+","Hit - Happy Beeping - TTW","d2023.1.23.0"
"+","Followers-NCR Alliance fix","d2021.2.12.0"
"+","Hanlon dialogue fix","d2022.3.2.0"
"+","Legion Brotherhood Alliance","d2021.9.22.0"

can you help me pinpoint the cause of the crash?
thank you and have a good day

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Re: travel with nv companios cause crash with fast traveling and/or leaving cities after returing to capitol wasteland

Post by Awestriker007 » Thu Feb 02, 2023 11:36 pm

I dont think its safe to use The Strip Open. I could be wrong, but it fucks up a lotta things.
I tried putting a image of Joshua Graham saying "We cant expect God to do all the work" with glowing eyes here but idk how to do html so pretend that this is here lmao.

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