Super Mutants not using weapons and only trying to punch me.

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Super Mutants not using weapons and only trying to punch me.

Post by wasdwasd12 » Tue Jan 09, 2024 2:02 am

So in my playthrough and Yes I have mods I noticed that super Mutants are not using their weapons only punching me I was wondering what could cause that I was just wondering???

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Re: Super Mutants not using weapons and only trying to punch me.

Post by Laclongquan » Tue Jan 09, 2024 6:49 am

One, or several mods, that modify SM weapon list and make them not using weapons.

Example Classic Fallout Weapon among others

Show your load order list so we can list which mod. Otherwise we can not help you.

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Re: Super Mutants not using weapons and only trying to punch me.

Post by wasdwasd12 » Sat Jan 20, 2024 10:21 am

Alright Sorry I did not get back to you sooner i been sick my City is having a huge Snow Storm >W<

BTW before replying to this i added a mod which mod fix it but Please still look at my load Order and see if anything might not be a good idea to have

"0000","+","Tale of Two Wastelands"
"0001","+","FNV Diagnostics"
"0002","+","Ani_AKSeries kNVSE Set"
"0003","+","AWO Caravan Shotgun Replacer"
"0004","+","B42 Quickthrow"
"0005","+","Cigarettes as Usable Chems"
"0006","+","Better Weapon Repair Kit Recipe"
"0007","+","BURN - Hardcore Fire Effects"
"0008","+","Classic Computers - FNV Edition"
"0009","+","Corn Flour"
"0010","+","Cursor Unilaterially Matched (NVSE) - Vanilla"
"0011","+","Easy Hacking"
"0012","+","FO76 Style Mutation TTW Patch V 1.10"
"0013","+","FO76 Style Mutations V 1.12"
"0014","+","FOV Slider"
"0015","+","Gear Lists - MCM"
"0016","+","Headshot Sounds Like In CSGO"
"0017","+","Helmet Overlay"
"0018","+","Iron Sights FOV (Zoom) Adjuster"
"0019","+","JIP Companions Command and Control"
"0020","+","JIP Improved Recipe Menu ESPless"
"0021","+","JIP LN NVSE Plugin"
"0022","+","JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating"
"0023","+","JohnnyGuitar NVSE"
"0025","+","Metro Carriage Interiors TTW"
"0026","+","More Cooking Recipes"
"0027","+","NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash"
"0028","+","NVDLC04 Ending No Rep Change"
"0029","+","perk every level no cap fixed"
"0030","+","Perk Sorter"
"0031","+","RE8 Scrap Replacer"
"0032","+","Reload Reloaded"
"0033","+","Root 'n Loot TTW"
"0034","+","SUP NVSE"
"0035","+","Sweet 6 Shooter Perks - TTW - NV"
"0036","+","The Weapon Mod Menu"
"0038","+","TTW - 3.3 - Dual Wasteland Street Lights"
"0039","+","TTW - Sink Recipe Overhaul"
"0040","+","TTW Cooking Revolution"
"0041","+","TTW Essential Caravan Merchants"
"0042","+","TTW radiation effect"
"0043","+","TTW RCM Plus 1.1"
"0044","+","TTW Reputations"
"0045","+","Visible Bobblehead Perks - TTW"
"0046","+","Better Hacking"
"0047","+","Cigarettes Replacement Red boxes"
"0048","+","Drug Synthesizer - Reloading Bench for Chems TTW version"
"0049","+","Edited Nostromo Terminal Sounds"
"0050","+","FNV Clean Animations"
"0051","+","FNV Clean Animations update"
"0052","+","Future Fallout Chems"
"0053","+","HiRes Water Bottle Textures and Meshes"
"0054","+","Hit's Anims - Season 2"
"0055","+","Hitmisc. - hitman47101's kNVSE Animations on Other Vanilla Weapons"
"0056","+","Improved Console (NVSE)"
"0057","+","JIP MiniMap"
"0058","+","Light Up and Smoke Those Cigarettes (and Cigars and Cigarillos)"
"0059","+","Light Up and Smoke Those Cigarettes (and Cigars and Cigarillos) dead money patch"
"0060","+","Splinter cell NVG activated sound replacement for Pip-Boy Light and Changing vision mode"
"0061","+","TTW New Vegas Speech Checks Rep patch"
"0063","+","Cowboy Coffee and Coffee Grounds"
"0064","+","Cyberware 2281 - B42 Quickthrow 3.1b Patch []"
"0065","+","Cyberware 2281 TTW patch"
"0066","+","Cyberware 2291 1.3.3"
"0067","+","Flour Retexture"
"0068","+","TTW 3.3 Fast Trouble on the Homefront"
"0069","+","BURN - Hardcore Fire Effects main"
"0070","+","CharGen Menu Unilaterally Matched"
"0071","+","Hit's Anims - Animation Fixes"
"0072","+","Main Title Unilaterally Matched"
"0073","+","NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix"
"0074","+","The Mod Configuration Menu"
"0075","+","TTW Crop Enable Parenting Fix"
"0076","+","TTW New Vegas Speech Checks"
"0077","+","TTW Radio Script Runner"
"0078","+","TTW Merged Collectable Quests"
"0079","+","Beer Whiskey and Wine 2048k"
"0080","+","Fallout New Vegas Vanilla hat fix"
"0081","+","FO4 Style Aliens"
"0082","+","Ghouls Inflict Radiation Damage"
"0083","+","HI-RES Chems and Health Re-Texture"
"0084","+","Hit's Anims - Season 3"
"0085","+","hitman47101's Hit kNVSE Animation sets - TTW Patches"
"0086","+","Pipboy Custom 3002"
"0087","+","Respawning Containers"
"0088","+","The HUD Editor"
"0089","+","The Megaton Walkway - TTW"
"0090","+","TTW Mod Conversion Repository Lone Wanders theme"
"0091","+","Weapon Mod Vending Machines - TTW"
"0092","+","WMVM Re-oganized TTW 3.3.1"
"0093","+","JAM - Just Assorted Mods"
"0095","+","ROOGNVSE Plugin"
"0096","+","Ani_Cyberpunk Malorian Arms 3516 kNVSE Set"
"0097","+","Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks (Interior Lighting for FNV and TTW)"
"0098","+","BLEED and BURN Scriptrunner Patch"
"0099","+","BLEED TTW"
"0100","+","Daily Vendor Restock"
"0101","+","DC Arsenal - TTW Mojave Weapon Distribution - Lore Friendly"
"0102","+","Exclamation Mark Error Remover"
"0103","+","Final Boss - The Ebony Warrior of FNV"
"0104","+","Fuckable Companions"
"0105","+","Hit - .357 Magnum Revolver Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0106","+","Hit - .357 Magnum Revolver Lucky Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0107","+","Hit - 10mm Pistol Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0108","+","Hit - 10mm Pistol Anim Set - kNVSE Vamilla Fire rate"
"0109","+","Hit - 10mm SMG Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0110","+","Hit - 9mm Pistol Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0111","+","Hit - Hunting Rifle Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0112","+","Hit - Hunting Shotgun Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0113","+","Hit - Sniper Rifle Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0114","+","Hit - Varmint Rifle Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0115","+","Intimacy Overhaul"
"0116","+","Intimacy Overhaul high res"
"0117","+","Intimacy Overhaul TTW Fuckable companions TTW patch"
"0118","+","Intimacy Overhaul TTW Paradison Main"
"0119","+","Intimacy Overhaul TTW patch"
"0120","+","ISControl Enabler and Ironsights adjuster (now ESPless)"
"0121","+","More Perks Reimagined (Main)"
"0122","+","More Perks Reimagined (Patch)"
"0123","+","No More Explosions Blindness"
"0124","+","Nuka World Imports - a Nuka Cola Overhaul"
"0125","+","People of Paradiso"
"0126","+","Pointlight Flashlight (and Piplight)"
"0127","+","Prim's Eye Retexture FNV-TTW"
"0128","+","ShowOff NVSE"
"0129","+","ShowOff NVSEini"
"0130","+","Sound Extender"
"0131","+","The Living Desert - Travelers Patrols Consequences Increased Population and more"
"0132","+","TTW NVG Brightness Increase"
"0134","+","Vault Girl Bobble Heads - Official Release"
"0135","+","WMVM - DLC Support"
"0136","+","1. Consistent Pip-boy Icons"
"0137","+","2. Consistent Pip-boy add on Icons"
"0138","+","3. CPI - Mod Patches"
"0139","+","ACE - Ammunition and Crafting Expanded"
"0140","+","Ani_AKSeries Heffy 3rd Person Anims"
"0141","+","Anniversary Anim Pack - WMIM TTW Patch"
"0142","+","Another Ghoul Variant Mod"
"0143","+","Armor Scrubbers Remove Faction IDs"
"0144","+","ACE - TTW"
"0145","+","B42 FireMode - Selective Fire and First Shot Precision - ESPless"
"0146","+","Better Time And Needs"
"0147","+","Bottle Brahmin Milk NV"
"0148","+","Butcher Pete Complete - A Melee Animation Overhaul"
"0149","+","Clean Roads TTW or Vanilla"
"0150","+","Configurable essential followers and caravans TTW"
"0151","+","Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v4"
"0152","+","Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 - Apparel"
"0153","+","Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 - Framework Plugin"
"0154","+","Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 - Items"
"0155","+","Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 - Weapons"
"0156","+","Convenient Weapon Mod Vending Machines - TTW"
"0158","+","DC Arsenal - TTW Mojave Weapon Distribution Ini"
"0159","+","Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 - DLC's Items"
"0160","+","Dead Money Tweaks DMT x consistent pip-boy icons - Weapons and Apparel Icons"
"0161","+","DMT - Dead Money Tweaks - Complete Overhaul"
"0162","+","DMT - Dead Money Tweaks - Complete Overhaul Patches"
"0163","+","DMT - Dead Money Tweaks - Complete Overhaul TTW Patches"
"0164","+","DMT Assets"
"0165","+","DMT Main File"
"0166","+","Drug Synthesizer TTW - Replacer"
"0167","+","ELITE 45 Auto Pistol Animation Overhaul (kNVSE)"
"0168","+","EVP - B42 Throwables Patch - Glowing Stuck Axes"
"0169","+","Flamer fuel alcohol recipes"
"0170","+","FNV Mod Limit Fix"
"0171","+","Friends With Benefits Perk Pack"
"0172","+","Hit's Anims - Vanilla Fire Rates"
"0173","+","Iron Sights Aligned"
"0174","+","Leave No Witnesses"
"0175","+","Lime's Old Mormon Fort Overhaul"
"0176","+","LLPL - Low Level Point Lookout"
"0177","+","lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes"
"0178","+","Map Marker Icons"
"0179","+","Fallout 4 Power Armor Features"
"0180","+","NPCs Travel - TTW"
"0181","+","Nuka World Imports - a Nuka Cola Overhaul (Glowing)"
"0182","+","Nuka World Imports - a Nuka Cola Overhaul ttw patch"
"0183","+","NV Novac Apartment"
"0184","+","Realistic Stealth Overhaul ESPless"
"0185","+","Redemption UI Sounds (Red Dead Redemption Inspired Sound Overhaul)"
"0186","+","Rendezvous at Union (TTW)"
"0187","+","RNC - Quicksilver Flamethrower kNVSE Animation Set"
"0188","+","SIGMA - Melee animation overhaul - Chapter 1 - kNVSE"
"0189","+","Start with the Educated and Comprehension Perks"
"0190","+","Stewie Tweaks INI"
"0191","+","The Mod Configuration Menu MCM Bugfix"
"0192","+","The Pitt Expansion v2.5b TTW3.3.2"
"0193","+","TTW - Bypass Tranquility Lane"
"0194","+","TTW - The Lone Courier's Dialogue 1.4"
"0195","+","Universal Item Sorter"
"0196","+","MCM Unilaterally Matched"
"0197","+","USSA EMU SUIT NV"
"0198","+","Zooming Scope"
"0199","+","2K Art Loading Screens"
"0200","+","Gory Explosions"
"0201","+","Hit - Millenia Animations - Part 1"
"0202","+","Wasteland Cusine"
"0203","+","Universal Pip-Boy Customization"
"0204","+","Official Pipboy Readius - New Vegas Edition"
"0205","+","Old World Readius Retexture"
"0206","+","Fallout 3 Unique items Overhaul TTW 3.3"
"0207","+","Fallout 3 Unique Items Overhaul Patch"
"0213","+","Ghost MW2019 Armor (Jawbones)"
"0214","+","S6S Perks and Tammer Weapon Pack Compatiblity Patch"
"0215","+","Anim patch for tammer Tammer's NIF-Bashed Weapons"
"0216","+","FNV Dr. Quarton's Laboratory v1.8"
"0217","+","FNV Vlad's Weapon Depot v5.14"
"0218","+","TTW Capital Armaments v5.14"
"0219","+","Hotline Miami Mask Mod"
"0220","+","Depth of Field Fix - NVSE"
"0221","+","STARS TTW - Sweet's Total Armor Rework System"
"0222","+","ADO - Armor Damage Overhaul"
"0223","+","JIP Localized Damage Fix"
"0224","+","No PipBoy in Power Armor"
"0225","+","Hit - Power Armor Pip-Boy Anim"
"0226","+","Tranquility Lane Pipboy Glove and Custom Race Fix"
"0227","+","Wasteland Soldier - NV Edition"
"0228","+","Wasteland Soldier Redux NV"
"0229","+","aMidianBorn NV Book Of Water"
"0230","+","Book of Steel - Compatibility Edition"
"0231","+","Tammer's NIF-Bashed Armor Mega-Pack v4.8"
"0232","+","NivSpiceofLife-V 1_2"
"0233","+","Deus Specs"
"0234","+","The BLACKJACK Pack"
"0235","+","Power Armor Visual Enhancement 2K"
"0236","+","DogTooth Enclave Officer"
"0237","+","Unique Troublemaker Outfit-Nightstalker Set"
"0238","+","Classic Fallout Metal Armor"
"0239","+","Metal Armor MkI"
"0240","+","Classic Fallout 2 Metal armor Mk II"
"0241","+","Veronica Outfit Replacer"
"0242","+","Classic Combat Armor Replacer Redux"
"0243","+","Classic Fallout 2 combat armor Mark 2 (remastered)"
"0244","+","Classic Combat Armor Replacer Combined (TTW)"
"0245","+","Tribal Power Helmet - Definitive Edition"
"0246","+","Courier Duster Replacer"
"0247","+","GP-5 Gasmask"
"0248","+","NCR Commando"
"0249","+","Ballistic Skull Mask"
"0250","+","The Lone Wanderer - TTW and NV"
"0251","+","Waster Gear - TTW - FNV"
"0252","+","FO76 backpacks"
"0253","+","Canvas Backpacks - FNV - TTW"
"0254","+","Petal Gasmask"
"0255","+","DVA - Distributed Variety Armors - Hats Headgears Accessories"
"0256","+","Classic Fallout Tesla armor"
"0257","+","Arsthetiu's Armoire - A Nif-Bashed Armour Collection"
"0258","+","Searchlight Firefighter Outfit"
"0259","+","Mercenary Wanderer"
"0260","+","Classic Tesla Armor"
"0261","+","Fallout Revelation Blues Mega Armor Pack"
"0262","+","Fallout Tactics Brotherhood Metal Armor Integration"
"0263","+","Fallout The Odyssey Mega Armor Pack"
"0264","+","KORs Pistol Harness"
"0265","+","Geonox Riot Armor - Female Version -"
"0266","+","Geonox Riot Armor"
"0267","+","AKIRAMORI Tactical Gloves"
"0268","+","Altyn Helmet - Retro Tactical Headgear"
"0269","+","Wasteland Seeker Armor"
"0270","+","WW2 M1 Helmets"
"0271","+","Psycho Armor and Mask"
"0272","+","The Road Warrior Armor"
"0273","+","Wasteland Stealth Armor NV"
"0274","+","Bone Harvester - Tribal Cannibal"
"0275","+","Modern Gunslinger Armor"
"0276","+","Salvaged Armor"
"0277","+","Classic Leather Armor Replacer for Leather Armor"
"0278","+","Classic Lightweight Leather Armor Replacer"
"0279","+","PipBoyOn Node Fixes"
"0280","+","PipBoyOn Node Fixes SMIM"
"0281","+","PipBoyOn Node Fixes TTW"
"0282","+","Tesla Armor Mods x consistent pip-boy icons - Classic Tesla Armor Icons"
"0283","+","A World Of Pain 6.94"
"0284","+","Rambo Returns"
"0285","+","D.C. NPCs TTW"
"0286","+","Two Wastelands Redesigned - TTW - Project Beauty and NVR2"
"0287","+","Stinger - Energy Drink for the Wastes"
"0288","+","Hair Patcher Two"
"0289","+","Fatigue Overhaul - Non-Lethal and Pacifism Redone"
"0290","+","Dogmeat in Springvale (Man's Best Friend) - TTW 3"
"0292","+","Death Throes - Reactive Ragdolls"
"0293","+","Ink Spots Intro Main Menu"
"0294","+","Special Candy Bars"
"0295","+","Wolfmeat Replacer TTW"
"0296","+","VGU Armor Sets (Nano Suit and Halo)"
"0297","+","MW2019 Technician Gloves"
"0298","+","MW2019 Roze Virago Update"
"0299","+","Wave Radio-TTW Verison"
"0300","+","CONELRAD 640-1240 - Civil Defense Radio"
"0301","+","Larger Packs - Spawn Multiplier"
"0336","+","TTW 32 Caliber Weapons Pack"
"0337","+","Vz61 Ver1dot1"
"0338","+","Call of Duty Zombies - Ray Gun"
"0339","+","Craftable Fire Bombs"
"0340","+","FireBomb Explodes on Impact - Honest Hearts DLC"
"0341","+","ICBRifle - Rocket Automatic Kalashnikov"
"0342","+","Throwing Recivables Reforged"
"0343","+","[Titanfall weapon pack"
"0344","+","Operation Anchorage MW2RWP MP5K"
"0345","+","Operation Anchorage Khvostov Assualt Rifle"
"0346","+","Operation Anchorage Remington 870 Shotgun"
"0347","+","Operation Anchorage M60-M60E3"
"0348","+","Operation Anchorge Snow Owl Sniper Rifle"
"0349","+","m110 sass sniper rifle"
"0350","+","M24 sniper rifle"
"0351","+","Steyr Scout"
"0352","+","USP Match"
"0353","+","Light Machine Gun Replacer (BOCW Stoner 63)"
"0354","+","B42 Bows"
"0355","+","1911 - Midnight"
"0356","+","Call of Duty Grunt Weaposn"
"0358","+","Grenade Machineguns Reborn - Weapon Overhaul"
"0359","+","Malorian 3516 - The King's Rebel Path"
"0360","+","Malorian 3516 12.7 pistol replacer"
"0361","+","Malorian Arms 3516 TTW DC Plugin"
"0362","+","Space Force Blood Dragon Weapons (zeta)"
"0363","+","Arsenal Weapon Overhaul - Laser RCW"
"0364","+","AWO - BAR and FND (optional automatic rifle replacer)"
"0365","+","FN SCAR Mk17 Mk20 Project"
"0366","+","Hawkmoon (Captain Sidearm MZ DLC TTW)"
"0367","+","Infinite Warfare Weapon Pack"
"0368","+","Lee Enfield Mk 1 Rifle"
"0369","+","Millenia's Homemade Borz - 9mm SMG Replacer"
"0370","+","Patchy's Doggone Law Dog TTW"
"0371","+","VIP - Military and Advanced Automatic Rifles - a BAR and FND Overhaul"
"0372","+","B42 Bows Crafting"
"0373","+","B42 Bows x consistent pip-boy icons - Bows and Perk Icons"
"0374","+","Tammer's NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack v5.14"
"0375","+","KA-BAR - melee and throwable"
"0376","+","Swatt Master A Point Lookout Weapon Unique"
"0378","+","GaussPistol TTW D"
"0379","+","AWO Marksman Carbine Replacer"
"0380","+","C.A.R and OUR Friends"
"0381","+","B42 Melee Bash"
"0382","+","B42 Optics - ESPless"
"0383","+","B42 Optics reticle variety"
"0384","+","B42 Optics TTW Patches"
"0409","+","I Found Those Who Care - New Ending for Veronica (TTW)"
"0410","+","TTW 3.3 Project Nevada Super Mutant Weapon Fix"
"0411","+","Vanilla UI Plus (New Vegas)"
"0412","+","4. Vanilla UI Plus Patch"
"0413","+","Forno and VK's Vault Girl Interface Patch Compendium"
"0414","+","Forno and VK's Vault Girl Interface Patch Compendium Cyberwear Tweak"
"0415","+","Forno and Fluffle Puss' Sexy Vault Girl Perks 0.8"
"0416","+","CFEE - A Complete Companion Overhaul"
"0417","+","CFEE - A Complete Companion Overhaul No DLC Blockers"
"0418","+","Tribal Style Loading Screen Animation Replacer"
"0419","+","Ties that Bind Main"
"0420","+","Ties That Bind Patch"
"0421","+","VK's Nevada Cowgirl Set"
"0422","+","VK's Commission Shares - Tina Armstrong's Cowgirl Outfit"
"0423","+","LD's Containers Respawn"
"0425","+","Unlimited Beards"
"0426","+","Character Preset Menu"
"0427","+","NVWO Akimbo Framework"
"0428","+","Wicked Pistols Pack"
"0429","+","Akimbo 10mmPistol Add-on"
"0430","+","SIGMA - Akimbo Ranger Sequoias - kNVSE"
"0431","+","SIGMA - Akimbo revolvers - kNVSE"
"0432","+","B42 bash patch"
"0433","+","B42 Quickthrow patch"
"0434","+","Akimbo 9mm Pistol"
"0435","+","Akimbo 9mm Pistol bashed patch"
"0436","+","Hog Weapon Pack TTW"
"0437","+","Underbarrel grenade launcher"
"0438","+","Cookable Foods"
"0439","+","Cookable Foods TTW patch"
"0440","+","Bullet Time Improved - a JAM addon"
"0441","+","Deus Ex Weapon Spread"
"0442","+","RX - 9mm Pistol Advanced Customizing"
"0443","+","Kid Mode Simulator"
"0444","+","Hitman Suit NV"
"0445","+","DRAC'S Akimbo Panzer Hounds"
"0446","+","NV Compatibility Skeleton"
"0447","+","UIO - User Interface Organizer"
"0448","+","True Weathers TTW"
"0449","+","Climate Control NVSE"
"0450","+","Climate Control - Rain"
"0451","+","High Resolution Screens"
"0452","+","3D Rain"
"0453","+","Climate Control - 3D Rain"
"0454","+","Cloud Shadows"
"0455","+","Cloud Upgrade NVSE"
"0456","+","Interior Rain"

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Re: Super Mutants not using weapons and only trying to punch me.

Post by Laclongquan » Sun Jan 21, 2024 6:49 am

First, do you know how to use FNVEDIT? Because that's the easiest way to figure out WHICH several mods of yours affecting SM weapon list.

First suspect I can see is Tammer nif weapon pack. it certainly would mess with SM weapon list.

But there's might be others. Really, we cant say more clear because that list is too bloody bloated.

Where to check: on the top left corner there's the editor id. Type in one of those below line to see which mods affecting (the word, not the one inside [])
Supermutant4WeaponGunDC [LVLI:1000CD17]

Supermutant4WeaponSpecialBDC [LVLI:10007C3F]

Supermutant3WeaponGunDC [LVLI:06092C54]

Supermutant4WeaponMeleeDC [LVLI:1000CD1B]

Supermutant1Grenades20 [LVLI:0003BC6A]

Supermutant4WeaponGunDC [LVLI:1000CD17]

Supermutant4WeaponSpecialBDC [LVLI:10007C3F]

The error would be one of those SM get spawn with those weapon list, get added a weapon that they dont have anim to operate.

You do the check is your best bet, because nobody can give better data from that soup of a load order list of yours.

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