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Implementing an alternate start mod in TTW...

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2022 11:15 am
by Kangarus
How would I go about implementing a self-made patch for an alternate start mod, either for 3.2 TTW or for FO3, to work in 3.3.x TTW? I want to do an alternate start in TTW starting in DC. I can always use the Roleplayers Alternate Start for vanilla FNV and start in the Mojave instead, but I want to start in DC as a custom character rather than the birth scene and Vault 101.

How would I either disable the TTW choose a start script to make way for a custom script i.e. the Custom Beginning wasteland options, or get a FO3 alternate start mod to work with TTW?

Hopefully these hints and tips will benefit other modders as well, not just me. I've taken a look at the script and it seems simple enough, a little altering of the code here and there to get it to start with TTW's Capital Wasteland start in the case of a FO3 alt start mod (after properly porting it of course). Ultimately my goal is to RP a custom character starting in the wastes, such as a synth, a Chinese remnant, or maybe even a person who thinks he's Grognak the Barbarian.

I appreciate this is likely an extremely simple n00b question, but I am only starting out with scripting in TTW, so any help, videos or hints to know where to look would be appreciated. Eventually I'd like to make FNV mods of my own with the right training, but you have to take baby steps first, a little bit of self-made patches should be sufficient for me to grasp some of the basics. These patches I intend for personal use only.

Thank you for your time.