The weather

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The weather

Post by wasdwasd12 » Thu Oct 21, 2021 12:36 am

Hello I am now using my phone to type this out so it's going to be a lot more informative.

I like Taylor too wastelands and everyone knows here I like adding mods to it I just wanted to open up a discussion probably for small talk I really do hope some people kind of talk or comment you know just to get a discussion going.....

I do feel one thing that really makes the game a lot better it's the graphical updates like adding a weather mod or adding an EMB or just something to kind of add a little bit more sharpness to the color you know what I mean guys.

So I was hoping people would share their load out when they kind of go into their ttw play style and play throughs..

So please everybody share with me what kind of graphical updates or whether updates do you have when you're playing the game do you want it kind of really crisp like how New Vegas kind of feel sometimes I sometimes just feel I want a mod to remove that green ugly tint from fallout 3.

I know that's one of the signature things about fallout 3 but what I'm going to capable wasteland I mean I know the bombs have dropped already but you know the effects of radiation kind of died down after about a good 10 to 12 years so I mean it just we shouldn't have a thickly green sky unless like dirt was pile really really high into that area of the sky creating like a nuclear winter sort of of thing.

But hey just if anybody has any time you know to take out your schedule and you're willing to share your load out or share a picture of your load out it just really would mean a lot to me I like to think that since I'm not on the discord I can have a good conversation with you guys here about small stuff

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Re: The weather

Post by Sinavestia » Sat Dec 11, 2021 2:37 am

I like cat girl mods.

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