Radio mods for TTW322

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Radio mods for TTW322

Post by Laclongquan » Thu Sep 23, 2021 4:10 am

After two long runs back to back, I would recommend a few radios for people to use while wandering in Capital Wasteland and MOjave

1. Open Radio mod
This one give unlimited range to Black Mountain Radio, The Tops, and Ultra Luxe radio. You can hear about favourite pet Moe and classical music in Capital Wasteland, not just in Mojave.

if you complete Black Mountains quest and BMR is offline, you can use another mod call Black Mountain Radio Revived, or Black Mountain Archive radio, that will turn BMR back on.
One mod = 3 existing radio.

2. TTW patch of Tenpenny Tower Radio

it's okay. A combo of music and Tenpenny truisms. The problem is the truism is recorded not very smooth, so eh~

3. Mysterious Broadcast extended radio

This one make OWB radio changed into Mysterious Broadcast with 80 track. It's heard everywhere in Mojave and dlc, but not a peep in Capital Wasteland.

A must have, if not for its limited range.

4. Mojave Music Radio Extended

I use 100 tracks. Good stuffs~

5. Blues Radio mod

This shit is good, ESPECIALLY for the damp swamp of Point Look-Out. I would not be able to stand that area if not for this radio blues blasting in my ear. Its music selection suit PLO perfectly.

And of course, for warning, I disrecommend

5. Enclave Radio mod

This one use new DJ voice, more music. BUT. But coming from a picky listener like me, the new DJs sound trying too hard. I install this mod twice, each per run... Uninstall after 20 minutes listening, both times.

Maybe you are not like me and you will like this one. I dunno.

6. Conelrad
The most endorsement radio mod in "radio" search keyword. It sounds too soft/low for me so I uninstall. So yeah, it's more like my preference in sound setting ruin this mod for me.
Who know, You might like it. because after all it has most endorsement.

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