Looking to create a mechanical overhaul. What is possible?

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Looking to create a mechanical overhaul. What is possible?

Post by MEaglestoner » Sat Dec 26, 2020 7:22 am

Hi there,

I've always loved the fallout games, but I've grown bored and frustrated with the "gamey" feel of the Bethout games, and woeful lack of "realism".

Back in Fallout 2 the world wouldn't change depending on the player level. Guns and monsters wouldn't just pop into existence because you'd reached an arbitrary benchmark. The world was brutal, unforgiving, and if you travelled in the wrong direction from your home village you'd either die horribly or reap incredible rewards for risking the adventure. That's what I want to bring back to the wasteland, that sense of risk vs reward and the satisfaction of a dangerous adventure.

Below are a series of changes I'd like to make, but before I deep dive into GECK I'd like to know what is even possible to achieve if I were to use TTW as a base.
Please note that the calculations are mainly exemplary for what I'm trying to achieve, as I'll have no way to finalizing number until I start testing.

Code: Select all

DR and DT usage: 
- DR represents ability to resist kinetic damage. Blocks bullets, blunt melee, etc. Damage reduced by portion of penetration, up to 100% mitigation. 
- DT represents hardness of armor, protects against inferior damage. Threshold against all damage, penetrated by sharp weapons and AP ammo. Damage reduced by portion of penetration, up to 100% damage mitigation.
- Damage = WPNDAMAGE*100((DRPEN - DR)/100 + (DTPEN - DT)/100)
- Power armor should be immune to punching, baseball bats, 10mm pistol rounds, etc. in the same way a tank is, as it's designed to be a military armor platform. Heavy ordenance, energy weapons, high output weapons (miniguns and .50 cal rifles) should still hurt.

Weapon values:
- Energy weapons ignore DR. Laser weapons high range and medium damage. Plasma low range, medium damage, adds plasma burn and shreds DT.
- Conventional weapons more versitile with a higher damage potential. 
- Flamers ignore all DR and DT. Effected by fire resist. Use Explosive skill.
- Blunt melee weapons ignore a portion of DT. Top tier (super sledge) ignores all DT.
- Sharp melee weapons ignore a portion of DR. Top tier (katana or equivlanet) ignores all DR. 
- Ripper / chainsaw DOES NOT ignore DR/DT, but shreds it instead. Realistically, attacking armor with a chainsaw of any kind would just blunt and destroy it really quickly but there is an argument for tungsten carbide teeth overcoming this.  
- Gauss rifles use Gun skill. Ignore DT. Uses 2MM EC by default without its base explosion. Ammo variants include 2MM EC AP (DMG*.80, ignores DR), 2MM EC HE (1.3*DMG, explosive effect for bonus splash and limb damage). Uses Fallout Classic Weapon Replacer skins. 
- "big guns" are much less common.
- Almost all weapons are avaliable to all human enemies from player level 1, at different probabilities. Common for raiders to have low-tier weaponry. Talon company to use mid-tier weaponry. Enclave to use high-tier.
- Ammunition becomes rarer and acts as a balancing factor. e.g Gauss rifles will be more powerful than other weapons but ammo will be scarce so every shot needs to count.
- Use BLEED mod for changes to explosives. The explosive knockdown adds nice realism. Consider tweaking it for Power Armor.

Armor values:
- Use BONED as a baseline.
- Leather has high DR but low DT
- Metal high DT but low DR
- Combat has high both
- Power best of both, with other resistances. Should self support.
- Advanced / Enclave power armor should be renamed to X series. Advanced power armor = X-01, etc

Health system:
- Non scaling. Does not increase with level.
- HP = 100+(5xEND) + (Armor quality*CND)/5 where armor quality is a value determined by rarity and material, Min = 1 & Max = 5 (e.g basic raider = quality 1, encalve = 4, unique = 5)
- Limbs 80% harder to cripple
- Crippled limbs effect total HP if left untreated (like the One Body mod)
- Adamantium Limb perk removes limb damage entirely

- Remove sneak attack bonuses
- Make sneak more forgiving, easier to pass roll
- Check for stealth overhaul mods

- All creatures use same health formula as player, with diverse endurance values.
- Monster spawns are more location specific (have habitats) but will spawn from player level 1.
- Radscorpions appear in family groups. Evolutionary change to hunt more dangerous prey. Should be able to kill the little ones easily, but Yao Guai should get easily killed by the group. 
- Albino radscorpions should hunt alone, and be an equivalent threat as a deathclaw. Scale bigger. END 40 with higher DT/DR than deathclaw due to exoskeleton. Stinger penetrates DR/DT, poison damage applies.
- Deathclaws have 50 END and have slightly lower DT/DR as combat armour. Scale to be bigger. Ignore DT/DR, and do bleed damage. These are the apex predators of the wastes.
- Yao guai have 30 END and lower DR/DT than deathclaws. These should be a manageable mid-game threat, but still feel threatening.
- Super mutants have 20 - 35 END and natural DR/DT (but not too much). Remove all bonus weapon damage. Basic supermutants should be stronger, overlords should be weaker, and they should feel more consistent overall.
- Feral Gouls need to be more consistent. Revenants are massively overpowered compared to the others. Bring all ferals closer to a Glowing One in terms of health and power. Their biggest threat should be groups or Rad damage.

- Reduce item base costs
- Weapon CND has a much smaller effect on item cost, up to 30% of basecost. Cost = basecost + .3*basecost(CND/100). It's a scavanger economy, people will pay for broken weapons and items because they can use the parts. Therefore, item CND shouldn't have as much of an effect as it does. 
- Common ammo values are waaaay down, mainly to stop the economy breaking entirely within the first 10 player levels. 
Please let me know your thoughts as I'm pretty out of my depth here.

Kind regards,

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