Wanna give TTW a try, but the balance issue still bother me

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Wanna give TTW a try, but the balance issue still bother me

Post by spartan1096 » Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:23 pm

Played Fallout 3 years ago, never finished a full playthrough, now decide to pick it up and try TTW, but many people said that with the shared leveled list, NV items appear in FO3 area make the FO3 playthrough more easily, other people said NV perks also can be used in FO3 part, which make most FO3 enemies paper tigers,and the different combat and stealth system of FONV also contribute to it.

So my concern is are these claims truth? If so, are there any mods to fix them or make FO3 playthrough as challenging as original? (or more challenging than original)

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Re: Wanna give TTW a try, but the balance issue still bother me

Post by RoyBatty » Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:21 pm

TTW is a merging of both games into one experience. Fallout 3 part of the game was of course altered to present a challenge with the new vegas mechanics.

Few lists are shared, but items are distributed in a balanced manner. New Vegas supports Hardcore mode (basic needs) so things were added to make that viable in the Capital Wasteland where it would otherwise not. Crafting, weapons (that fit, no cowboy weapons etc) were added to the CW as well, there's is plenty of documentaion in the FAQ about all of this.

If you want a pure Fallout 3 experience, you're only going to get that playing Fallout 3 itself. Some people complain TTW is too easy, others complain it's too difficult due to adding DT to supermutants and things to offset the weapons having increased damage and ammo types as well as new chems and perks.

TTW is it's own experience, it's neither Fallout 3 nor New Vegas.

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