Some suggestions and help please

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Some suggestions and help please

Post by bullitmagnet » Sat Oct 12, 2019 1:03 pm

Hi, its been a while since i played fallout, or tried to, last time was on my laptop and while i managed to get it working it was... flaky, at best. so now im going to be installing it onto my computer and was wondering a few things and i hope that you lovely lot would be able to help me with it all.

first,Mof Managers. i used to use FOMM and that worked fine for me for the most part, but then there was the nexus mod manager and i found that easy in terms of organisation of mods but sometimes it didnt install things etc and now theres the vortex mod manager as well as another one i cant bring to mind while writing this. which is the best one to use these days?

Second, theres a few mods i know i want to use, gophers mods for example, but is burkes key included in the night vision mod? also would like some reccomendations of what mods to use this time round. there are some cavets to that though. i dont want things like marts mutant mod or any shader type mods (like sweetfx) but would like some beautification mods and things that add something to the game, immersion kind of things. I remember a fallout 3 mod that added more places to go into through the wastland but i cant recall what it is right now.

what are the MUST HAVE mods that you think should definately be in the list?

also any mod that makes it more stable would be a bonus :)

thank you!

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Re: Some suggestions and help please

Post by jlf65 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:26 pm

Mod Organizer 2 is probably the best at the moment, and is used by quite a few folks here, so it's easy to get help with. I use it myself - I used to use FOMM, but switched to MO2 for FO4 and decided to stick with it for TTW3.

I use Gopher's Advanced Recon gear, but the NV version, which works fine with TTW3. That doesn't include Mr. Burke's Key, obviously, but that's a simple mod to replicate - just go into FNVEdit, create an override for Burke's NPC entry into a new esp, and add Burke's key to his death inventory. FNVEdit is easy to use, and making small mods like that are super-easy, barely an inconvenience!

None of the Beauty overhauls have been converted for TTW3, but you can use Type 3 or 4 replacers for NV without an issue. Type 4 is basically Type 3 without the neck seams. I use it myself.

As for stability, be sure to install both TTW updates. The main TTW installer is NOT the latest version - the two updaters do that (be sure to install BOTH, not just the latest). Don't forget to update JIPLN to the latest version, install NVAC, and use NVTF (Tix Fix) instead of NVSR. That should clear up any stability issues.

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Re: Some suggestions and help please

Post by Risewild » Sun Oct 13, 2019 2:53 am

If you guys are talking about the cut Mr. Burke Key, TTW already adds that by default to him. ;)

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Re: Some suggestions and help please

Post by UsagiPyon » Sun Oct 13, 2019 3:00 am

I personally can't recommend enough, A World of Pain Mods is a must have for any of my playthrough.

1) A World of Pain for NV:
2) TTW A World of Pain for FO3:
^This need a minor "fix it yourself" in FNVEDIT:
- "Head' Tag for the security helmet (sideway bug)
- "Quest item/Persistent reference" check for AWChelk (missing body bug)
3) TTW A World of Pain Patches:

The following used to be my favorite but dropped them due to them not being updated, "bugs" treated as "intended" and or being too intrusive.
If you can look past them they are fun in a way:
1) The TTW Interior Project:
2) TTW Regulator:
3) Bleed:

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Re: Some suggestions and help please

Post by jlf65 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 12:48 pm

AWOP is too heavy for my system. I try it for a while, then turn it off. I still need more beef to actually use it. :lol:

I highly recommend TTW Interiors and TTW Regulators. Regulators does add empty camps everywhere that become targets of Regulator contracts, one at a time. So it's a little intrusive. If you ever run into a safe and footlocker combination in the middle of nowhere or an empty building, that's Regulators. My main complaint with it is it's not random. It's always the same every time. You do it a few times and it becomes even more boring than Moira's quests. It's not really a radiant quest system like Skyrim.

I've yet to run into anything I don't like about Interiors... other than it doesn't add enough interiors. I'm always looking for more interior mods. If Bus World doesn't get converted to TTW3 soon, I might need to work on that myself.

As to what I recommend: Stewie Tweaks NV, Just Vanilla Sprint, Just Hold Breath, TTW Street Lights, TRASCH NV, TTW Rivet City Merchants Plus, Med-Tek Trauma Kit NV, Limitless Stats NV, Gopher's Advance Recon NV series, Nevada Skies TTW, Clarity TTW - Dark Nights... there's a lot more you could try, but those are ones I tend to keep.

In the end, finding enough mods to try won't be an issue. What WILL be an issue is having too many plugins. There's a hard limit in NV, and TTW is even worse. You should not go beyond 135 plugins. The game rapidly becomes unstable, especially at higher levels. I recommend keeping it down below 120 plugins if you can. I'm currently using 113. Given how repetitive Regulators is, I'm thinking of dropping it to free up a plugin to try other mods.

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