What's Your Least Favorite DLC, and How Would You Make It Awesome.

General mod discussion and requests.
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it's also about nuclear

Post by Puppettron » Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:43 pm

it's also about nuclear mutant cannibals....  totally PL material

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Agree with Risewild.  I would

Post by thermador » Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:22 pm

Agree with Risewild on Anchorage and Zeta improvements.  I've only played Anchorage once in my life, and that was enough indecision

On Zeta, I would also debuff the aliens in Zeta and just add more of them, so you were fighting swarms.  Seems more realistic for little weak green guys.

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Missed risewild's post, I

Post by JaxFirehart » Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:26 pm

Missed risewild's post, I might have to implement some of those as mods...

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i suppose something might be

Post by Puppettron » Tue Sep 09, 2014 5:25 pm

i suppose something might be doable with the artillary guns, but that might be a bit difficult on my end.  i'm solving the complaint on the briefcases, actually.

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Maybe just require that all

Post by JaxFirehart » Tue Sep 09, 2014 8:46 pm

Maybe just require that all chinese in the area are killed and put some boss level chinese around so that it is easier for a non-shooter to blow up the towers. Though we really don't want to encourage MORE "gunz r da best".

After the guns are captured, certain areas get bombed as you approach, killing a chunk of the opposition.


Also, an implantable inertia supression field is on my todo list for PN-DC whenever I get around to it.

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Missed risewild's post, I

Post by Risewild » Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:08 am

Missed risewild's post, I might have to implement some of those as mods...

How did you missed that wall of text? cheeky

Maybe for the OA artillery one could use science skill to somehow hack the guns into shooting the chinese instead, it looks to me that the guns are not manned, they seem automatic, so instead of just placing the explosives one could get an option of place the explosives or use science skill to hack it and maybe each artillery has a science check higher than the previous by 5 points (for example, first artillery requires 40 science, second requires 45, third requires 50) and the more guns you hack the more efficient the artillery strikes would be in the future missions.


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Dead Money is my least

Post by RoyBatty » Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:40 am

Dead Money is my least favorite.

I would remove most of the cloud in town, remove the speakers, make it less maze like in the town areas, make the companions chatter less, not steal all your equipment. Remove the time limit on escaping the vault.

To counterbalance all that, I would add a lot more ghosts, and make them respawn quicker. Also make them harass you in the Sierra Madre after the first side quest, allow you to bring Christine with you into the vault and let her decide what to do with Elijah. Allow you to bring Christine back to Veronica. Add some unmarked quests, open up more interiors to explore.



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For FO3 mine is, well let's

Post by paragonskeep » Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:29 am

For FO3 mine is, well let's be honest they all have some issues. Point LookOut and Broken steel are my favorites and the others I do to get the weapons. Pitt could be awesome with the suggestions above (@puppet you know there is a hotel infested with trogs right?) and completely agree with TJ that The Pitt should have been open like PL. OA is a simulation so that may make it more of Fallout the FPS but it should have more options in the game play. Hacking the guns would be cool, but you'd need to change their direction to fire on the Chinese. I would like to see the aspect of stealing a Chimera tank for R&D aspects instead of just destroying the depot. Zeta feels somewhat like an alien survival game, but not. I have no problem with the toughness of the aliens, I normally bring Eugene or another ballistic weapon and grenades due to the Aliens energy resistance. I agree that the spoils should include the suppression field but also one of the portable shield generators. I think you should have the option to have Paulson as a follower afterwards due to him not knowing anything of the world below anymore and agreed to have the death ray similar to the Euclid in NV. Broken Steel should have had an option to join the Enclave starting back with Eden in Raven Rock, I know there's a mod by Lawlder that does something along these lines but haven't tried it out. I would like the aspect of taking over the crawler instead of destroying it. I mean isn't the BOS purpose to gather tech? I know that would be a hell of a fight but still. Bringing Zeta up to the BOS would also be cool. Elder Lyons would flip and Rothschild would never shut up but. 

On the FNV side Honest Hearts needs more everything. It just seems short and boring and if it wasn't for Graham's armor and gun I wouldn't bother. DM I already play with a couple things to change it.(I use a mod to keep your gear I know it's against the spirit of the mod's story but Elijah wants you to succeed why would he strip you of your gear. And the ability to return to DM)  OWB I like how it is, just need option to bring companions once complete. 

Lonesome Road I've never played so I can't speak on it yet. 

The suggestions given above are awesome this is just my 2 cents. IF someone wants I can try to put together some lore following stories for the given DLC's so it would be some contribution since I have no modding skills. 

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My least favorites?

Post by rylasasin » Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:56 am

My least favorites?

Actually, why don't I just go over all of them and what I hate about them, from Most hated to most liked.

  1. - Dead Money: It was a close one between this and Operation Anchorage, but Dead Money wins out. Basically, while there is slightly more exploratory opportunity and freedom than Operation Anchorage, it makes up for this in terms of hatability by being downright irritating. The "remove all your weapons" thing is annoying, the fact that you're basically railroaded from start to finish is annoying, just like anchorage. However, unlike anchorage which has no exploration so to speak of, Dead Money has it but actively punishes you for exploring via pink clouds an radios. The lack of healing items is also annoying. Finally, unlike Op Anc there is no real payoff at the end. Seriously, at least with Operation Anchorage you get... 

    1. A Suit of Free T51B power armor, and the training perk to boot

    2. A gauss rifle (which at the time was kinda a big deal. Not so much now but still)

    3. A Chinese stealth suit.

    4. Lots of ammo, grenades, etc.

    5. other stuff I forgot to mention.

    Meanwhile with Dead Money you get.... what exactly? You get a better version of the Gauss rifle (which if I wanted it badly enough I could just console code it and be done with it). And that's about it really. What a ripoff!

    Oh there's some gold bars in the vault. But oh, if you grab those, you'll be overencumbered and you won't make it out of the exploding vault in time. So no reward for you because "Begin again" message being hammered into your skull.... yeah F*** You.

    Unfortunately there really isn't much that can be done about dead money. My only advice would be: make the end payoff worth it. I went through hours of teeth grinding irritation and all I got was this lousy shirt. And a holorifle. And a crappier version of an armor I can get much easier and with  more functionality in OWB (which is going to be at the bottom of this list), and a shitter version of the LMG if I hunt for it that eats rarer ammo. And maybe a gold bar or two.

    Woop de friggin do.

    Like maybe if you look around the bunker you can find something that gives you the location of one of Elijah's stashes, which has some experimental weapons (including a "Holo Canon"... basically a prototype holorifle that's mixed with a tesla canon instead of a grenade rifle. Bigger and does more damage but eats MFCs like no tommorow) as well as some other stuff.) And/or maybe the ability to generate a hologram companion.


  2. Operation Anchorage.

    Here's the short version of everything that's wrong with Operation Anchorage in just one sentence:

    It's basically trying to cash in on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare craze by sticking all its elements into in a game that's not designed to be Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

    If I wanted to play a game that was extremely linear and railroaded you down a predetermined path rather than letting you shandify your experience and wander all over the place letting you do god-knows what instead of doing the main questline, then I would just pick up and play call of frickin duty. Or go play some SMOD Realism.

    When I play fallout or TES, I don't want to be railroaded down a linear path. I wanna wander around, loot everything I can until there isn't anything left to loot, go into every building until there is nothing left to see, get every item I can, do everything in the wrong order, all that good stuff. In OpAnch there just isn't any of that. 

    Not to mention if your specialty is energy weapons and your gun skill is crap... well... you're basically screwed. Again, Call of Duty syndrome.

    Unlike Dead Money though I didn't find it irritating. Just... incredibly boring. When I play these sorts of games, I don't want to be stuck with doing the main quest and nothing else. And also unlike dead money the payoff is at least having to shlock through poor man's call of duty.

    How to make it better? I... don't really know. It's kinda cursed from the get go. Maybe make it more energy weapon friendly? And do what fook did and give some of the op-anc loadouts some emp proof T45 PAs?

    Also make the reward/simulation gauss rifle unique like it was supposed to be unlike the generic gauss rifles you encounter in the Mojave: Same stats as the original, but only takes 1 MFC per shot like the original. It could be explained that this gauss rifle is the original Chinese one, while the Mojave ones are imperfect copies.


  3. Mothership Zeta

    Okay, a little confession. I had a hard time putting this at number 3. Mostly because... I actually like it. Though mostly for superficial reasons. Those being: 1. the Mothership Zeta Crew mod, and 2. The fact that there's cool sci fi/alien weapons not to mention a TON of loot on the ship. 

    However, I'm trying to remain as objective as possible here, and since both of those are pretty sub-par reasons (one of which doesn't even have anything to do with the DLC itself, but rather for fan content made around it).

    Thing is, while zeta has more of a payoff than Dead Money (and less irritation) and has more exploratory options than Op Anc... it's not really that good of a DLC on its own, and without Zeta Crew its not really worth playing even as an energy weapon nut.

    It's boring. the few characters you encounter are are boring/annoying, the fights... okay they can be good at times but most of the time it's petty repetitive.  Though I did LOVE the "raider generator". Not to mention the scenery gets old real fast.

    How to make it better? Well... Nyon pretty much took care of that already. All we need is to make it so zeta crew works problem free and we'll be good for it. 


  4. Broken Steel

    While I could sum up Op Anc's problems in just one sentence, I could sum up Broken Steel's problems in just one single word:


    There is really nothing memorable about this (other than the death of Deus-ex prime). There really doesn't feel like much of a reason to go on the main quest, and again, there really is no real payoff. On the other hand there wasn't really anything that made me hate it either unlike the above 3, and it was nice to be able to continue after the main quest instead of having to avoid it like the plague (even though I usually do that anyway), plus it's nice to see the result of said main quest.

    Don't really see how you could improve it any.


  5. The Pitt

    Pitt has its problems. First of all, usual railroading, and the "take all your crap away" cliche. Not to mention the fighting pit is GOD AWFULLY ANNOYING. thankfully it's short lived. Not to mention it's offset by the steel yard. I honestly enjoyed exploring every last nook and cranny hunting down those bars of steel a lot more than I did the main plotline. I had fun with this... until I wound up finding every last thing I could and killed every last Wildman. Then I grumbled because "I have to go back to the main quest now. Dammit."

    Way to improve? More options for the questline. Ability to get your stuff back early. Ability to bypass parts of it (namely the pit fight). Basically, I wanna do things my own way and not feel like I'm railroaded into doing it the way the game designers wanted you to experience the quest and no other way.


  6. Gun Runners Arsenal.

    .... Really? I'm wondering if I should even include this. It's basically a weapon pack. Theres no quest no plot no story whatsoever... Just lots of guns.

    And I am completely fine with that. Oddly enough. 

    Yeah it's not much, but hey at this point the official DLC storyline was already done with, and they didn't even plan on making another DLC. So instead of just leaving it there they decided to give us one last little treat to send New Vegas off on.

    Only way it could be better is if these weapons could be found in the wastes on enemies instead of just bought. But there are already plenty of mods that do exactly that.


    However, this here marks the middle point. From where I separate the "bad" dlcs from the "good" dlcs.


  7. Point Lookout. Exploration is great. The main quest was... interesting. Enough to hold my attention. Though I can't say I cared much for the location, but what can you do?

    How to make it better? Well, point lookout reborn does that already.


  8. Honest Hearts: Everything that Point Lookout did right this did right. Except the scenery was far more beautiful and diverse. It's not on the bottom though because Tribalism is not really my cup of tea.

    The only real thing I found annoying was Walking Cloud. She was kind of annoying IMO, and I kept looking for a way to get Follows Chalk back.

    Improvements? Only one. Allow me to recruit Follows Chalk and send Walking Cloud back to Daniel.


  9. Old World Blues: Some people hate this, and I honestly don't see why. It's got technology, it's got exploration, it's got shandification... what more do you want?!

    0.  Lonesome Road: Didn't play, no opinion.

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so... your complaints with DM

Post by Puppettron » Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:42 pm

so... your complaints with DM are "i don't know the difference between punishment and risk/reward challenges" and "unlimited money is not a reward"

also "light armor with sneak on it is inferior to med armor with sneak, a couple of stat boosts, the medical armor script, and a robot voice that doesn't shut up"

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